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  1. Many happy returns Canny lass, hope you have a great, warm day...
  2. Please excuse the topic drift! Our number plate /vehicle registration is very different system and only our military have Canadian number plates, each Province issues their own, totally different plates completely, (most provinces only issue a rear plate) issued to the car owner and stays with that owner and not the vehicle, each year a fee is payed for a year/ month sticker, that is all you can affix to a plate. Two of my vehicles have personal plates and two have vintage plates, I used to have the Northumberland red yellow stripped flag/ bumper sticker on one truck.
  3. "to give everyone a sense of national pride once again." I don't think what is allowed or not presently allowed is his Mr Barnes's argument he just would like to fly his "COUNTRIES" flag with pride while not breaking any laws and encourage others to do the same. I am proud to be British but have no pride in being European! just as I am proud to be Canadian but not North American!
  4. It was also hotmail that I had a problem using!
  5. Happy new year everyone, wishing you all the best wishes for 2018.
  6. Merry Christmas Brian and to all our forum friends.
  7. Loved them both. The orange juice bottle was very "square" my dad taught me the wonders of a spirit level using one of those! Ah! the things that you remember that mom and dad passed on. Sorry for the drift from the Alma Inn. (I couldn't resist before I forgot!)
  8. Hmm just wondering what you do with all your spare time! Frustration must be the worst part of the job! But satisfying knowing you make a difference,
  9. Thank you Ex Bedlington, Has to be me, Ill have to work on it.
  10. No live web cam here for a few days, is it just me?
  11. Not much hair to work with now but that little bit still keeps the noggin warm, I don't usually wear a hat but have warn a tuque this week on my daily walk, -18c, (keeps the lugs warm too!)
  12. Thank's Eggy, I always subconsciously associated it with Atlee Park! I don't think I have ever visited it but it will certainly be on my list should I make it over again.
  13. I'm torn between Ridley Park and Gallagher Park, hmm, exactly where is Gallagher Park?
  14. Same here, it always connects after hitting the refresh symbol, often there is no live webcam but no error showing, and I thought this was only because of my operating skills! or lack of them...
  15. Happy birthday Andy, enjoy your day.
  16. I'm not familiar with any of those shops but it is good to see some progress to the redevelopment, I just hope the localsl will support them enough to keep them there! we often don't appreciate what we have until it's gone. Our family owned supermarket changed hands this week and prices are up already.
  17. Beloeil, Quebec, Dawn, thats way over the other side! it does have chemical and explosives industries so I'm sure there will be plenty records etc, you may have a problem with as they will probably be in French, Wikipedia has a lot of information that would be the best starting point. Approximately how long ago would it be your researching ?
  18. My wife said she performed in a concert there (Eileen Snowden's Dance school) lots of steps just to get in the hall! Welcome Dawn.
  19. I just missed the incident but did see the police responding, (8pm here) yes more cameras would help identify these louts! We have the technology!
  20. Just by chance I was watching the webcam I didn't see the incident but was watching the kerfuffle just afterwards and the three police cars arriving, pitty this camera wasn't being recorded!
  21. If the "nightlife" is the cause of the vandalism then it would be good to see it curbed! Noise is not acceptable when it disturbs others, its disrespectful, vandalism isn't acceptable, ask all of those volunteers who beautify Bedlington! I hope the town centre is not relying on drunken louts for its viability.
  22. Rich, I'm not sure what your suggesting, sounds like you think the restaurants, pubs etc are responsible for those doing the vandalism and that the vandalism is preferred to the new residents! I dont know who these new residents are or what the use of the Manor is, yes it will be interesting to see what negative effect that will have on the front street especially the economy.
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