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  1. Not sure how to judge "bad," Family violence, impaired driving and F.A.S. I see as the worst problems, I would think cannabis causes similar problems, legal cannabis is double the price of the illegal stuff, so drug dealers are still in business.
  2. Just because our PM is a pot head doesn't make it sensible ! How does it bring a good amount of money to the country? Look how much it will cost your health service, Police services (accidents, enforcement etc) and the effects of young brain development. Yes the government and producers will make/take a lot of your money, just like tobacco. Nah!in my opinion a bad idea.
  3. Happy birthday Canny lass, not sure when it was as I don't see the lists anywhere, hope your surviving winter so far!
  4. Any significance of the 12 shields and 13 shields on the plaques?
  5. Party time! Looking good Bedlington Happy New Year everyone
  6. Party time! Looking good in Bedlington! Happy New Year everyone.
  7. Great to see it return and nice to see the lit tree and street decorations. Thank you to those responsible for making it happen, Merry Christmas to all.
  8. HPW, Doreen hadn't heard about Lilian but did hear that Lynn Hayes had passed away.
  9. Hi Eggy, No we don't and Dot hasn't seen it before, but she recognized those she named right away, my print wasn't the best but I'll try and sharpen it to see if she knows anyone else.
  10. My wife Dot (Doreen to HPW) thinks she recognizes the following as, 21. Eileen Arye, 22. Lynn Hayes, 28.Linda Sanderson, 29.Doreen Dagless, 31.Ann Ellis, 34.Joan Wilkison, 36.Helen Tray, 37.Norma Cross.
  11. My guess would be a "spell correct" strikes again! so I'd insert something like "aboot"
  12. Alan, "What is a "rolley way man'? Also 1939". is answering the second question asked by CL, I think the answer Alan gives is for the #1 question scuffler, but I could be wrong!
  13. There is also a reference to a "scuffler" killed by a fall, but I cant find it. Scuffler, killed by a fall ...
  14. Canny lass, I found this in the" Durham mining museum- mining occupations". I'm sure HPW will have a better explanation ! also describe a "scuffler" A man whose business it is to attend to the rolley-way and keep it in order. It is also his duty to keep away the work, and see that no time is lost in getting the full waggons to the shaft and the empty ones in-bye again. His wages are about 2s. 9d. for 8 hours, or 3s. 4d. if he stands 12 hours (1849).
  15. Happy birthday, have yourself a great day Andy.
  16. Any updates Andy? Just wondering if we are going to get live coverage again, is the problem financial or technical? or a bit of both. I must say the picture is really clear.
  17. CL, When I connect I have to be fast! Going from "Info" to web cam or it's gone!
  18. I see the camera is working again, a nice clear picture but frozen! (at least for me it is) it is updated each time I reconnect, now we see the new street lights and flower displays, thanks those who have worked on the system.
  19. Thank you foxy, what a beautiful display again, so lucky to have all those volunteers putting in lots of time to keep Bedlington looking so nice.
  20. Are the flower pots out around the town as usual? they are a great attraction created by many dedicated townsfolk.
  21. Happy birthday Foxy, hope it was a good day.
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