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  1. Can we look forward to some pictures in the Galleries? Vic
  2. Happy birthday Mr P.N. Vic
  3. As this is a site for Bedlington I presumed the content of the gallery would have to be of local interest (the Bedlington area) which means exiles who use this site would not usually be able to post or contribute in the gallery! and therefore couldn't be a Contributor, if that isn't the case then what is expected content of the gallery?
  4. The "New look" is coming along great, I like the idea of the random pictures of Bedlington but was wondering what does others see as the picture / view that represents Bedlington to them?
  5. The main reason that many of the people who register and do not post is because of a few immature people who constantly attack, belittle or are just downright rude! I believe most visitors to the site wish to discuss Bedlington, its people, past and present and the world affairs in general, at present I certainly would not recommend to my children, grand children or G, Grand children visit this site, which is their mom's birthplace, and where I lived for several years. I like to look at the gallery and read some of the normal posts but there are the few who choose to make it more like a porn site, I'll keep visiting and appreciate the good side of the site. Vic
  6. I agree with you Joe, but it would be a pity to lower the standards of the army for the likes of him, if the likes of Wayne would only stop believing what they read about themselves and look at their actual behaviour and performance they could become great performers!
  7. We haven't been back to Bedlington for a few years, where is this shop located? Vic
  8. Merry Christmas Joe and to all of the readers at home or abroad. Vic
  9. We certainly have had our share of snow already, 5-6ft and its -35c, tyres are square and oil like molasses. Vic
  10. Thanks for passing that on Joe, I often heard the stories of these raids from my parents, bombs on Blyth railway station etc, I was born at the end of that war ('44) and I never realized how close I was to it all. BTW who is going to win the Labour day game? Vic
  11. But Joe there isn't a lot of choice of hockey teams right now! I have been trying to post some REAL pictures but they just won't go.
  12. I have a few other home pictures if you need them, but the stepping stones are almost submerged!
  13. Oilers v Flames in 5 minutes!!!!
  14. No we didn't get much coverage of the series until we beat the US, then media were quite exited, Mexico put and end to the coverage. The mercy rule say games will be stopped after five innings when a team is ahead by 15 or more runs and after seven innings when a team is ahead by at least 10 runs, this is usually for armature sports.
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