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  1. Why are they knocking them down? is there a redevelopment plan? I thought those houses were private! Vic
  2. What is the count of pubs closed or closing? Is it the same in all other towns like Blyth, Cramlington and Ashington. What is causing them to be closed? Bad management. Is it the economy, or just the way we live, (alternate entertainment like TV, communications mobile phones, travel, how many don't have a car etc) In the past the worse the economy the more the pub flourished now it appears we are retreating into our homes! Vic
  3. Happy birthday. Enjoy your day. Vic
  4. Happy New Year everyone, good health for all in 2009 Vic
  5. Merry Christmas everyone and all of our best wishes for 2009 for you and your families. (how is the weather in Calgary and the Hat?) Vic
  6. A belated Happy birthay Pete, and a Merry Christmas. Vic
  7. Happy Birthday, and a Merry Christmas.
  8. As an ex-season ticket holder in the seventies I'd like to wish Blyth great success, this kind of run really helps put the North East on the map, in a positive light! and helps them bring in some money! I hope it reflects well on their league play!!! Vic
  9. Way to go Blyth, As an ex-season ticket holder I wish I were around Croft Park for these cup games (not so sure about the league!) Good luck and GO BLYTH! Vic
  10. Please accept our condolences Joe. our thoughts are with you and your family. Vic
  11. Happy birthday Tony. Vic
  12. "The Office - for simply being very UNFUNNY, a waste of electricity, and allowing Gervais to continue to perpetrate a 'comedy' con on the Nation." The U.S. version of "The Office" makes the U.K. version look great! Vic
  13. The only software company I've had problems with is Norton, the original program was just fine but the "upgrade" when renewing was a disaster, it took over month to get my 'puter back to normal. I'm running the free AVG 8 on this laptop and Norton on my desktop, also Spybot Search and Destroy and AD-aware 6. Vic
  14. A belated Happy birthday Cympil. Vic
  15. Happy birthday Fourgee. Vic
  16. Hi Joe, We had our first snow on Labour day (September 1st) and again on Friday, most nights are down to -5c, our first deer were here September 6th, but are not really interested in our petunias! (I think they are hiding as it's hunting season!) As for Fall we are having a beautiful display right now (but the leaves will have to picked up shortly!) last weekend it was 25c and our youngest daughter was married outdoors in an park in Leduc, fantastic colours and still nice and warm, next day it was different! cold wet and windy.
  17. Happy birthday Malcolm, I hope goes well
  18. After reading of the devastation in and around Rothbury and Morpeth in the on-line Sunday Sun we saw some of Morpeth on our news, and it doesn't appear to be over yet, I see more of it on way about Tuesday, I hope you are all safe and dry, our thoughts are with you. BTW we had our first snow last weekend! Vic
  19. Congratulations Tokyo Girl, I hope your recovery continues favourably. The trials and tribulations of having children can sometimes be a great stress but as you get older you see the results of that effort, over the past month or so my children and grand children have been visiting and we have done so many things together, new fences, shed but most of all we have enjoyed being one big family! It's a days drive for them just to get here and it's been in the 30c, and then a day to get home, BTW I hope that wasn't really 3359kg! there has to be a decimal in there somewhere! Vic
  20. In the right location and under strict controls these areas are very valuable to the preservation of birds, animals, fish and all the other little critters! but is that the right area or just bad management? it would be nice to hear from a conservation officer! Because of the fire risk around this town in the past few years they had to create several fire breaks by cutting down lots of the trees that are creating a risk, that has changed the habitat of many of our wildlife, not all bad but nevertheless changed. Vic
  21. Well said Joe, Can we expect some pictures Brian? being that we (here) are in a very small town the Texas smokers here are more community owned, pit roasts are popular, but they take quite some time and effort, but worth it! all this talk has got me going, I'm of to light the BBQ! Vic
  22. Good luck to you and your partner, South Shields... it's almost on the outskirts of Bedlington! Vic
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