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  1. Oil and gas is formed by the fossilized vegetation from the past, before various the ice ages, tropical fossils have been recently found up in the arctic that tells me we have been through more than one cycle of global warming and cooling. Around here we have dinosaur footprints in the rock being exposed from deep down in the open pit mines, , and were on the top of a mountain! I picked up fossilized things at Cambois. (while picking wiliks.) Britain was once covered with trees, man came along and settled there, it's called progress. This tells ME that this has being going on for millions of years and I don't think we will stop it, we can do our best to make the best of what we have and adapt! If that graph was extended backwards what would it show? Vic
  2. I didn't word it very well, I should have said the "global warming SCARE" theory, I do believe we are going through normal global warming that has been happening since the Earth was formed and most significantly the last ice age, if we weren't then we would still be in the ice age! I don't believe we are the major cause of the warming, that being said as we are only caretakers' of the Earth I do believe we have do our best to look after it, without putting myself in the poor house I do my best. Houses on stilts, they have been doing that for centuries, and Santa is too smart to leave his heater going, especially with cost of heating these days. A great subject for another debate. GGG "helicopter!" now that is the way to get around.
  3. Not when it comes to buying a car! I'll leave that to the politicians and engineers, (I don't buy into the "Global warming" theory) I do buy green and recycle just about everything! Vic
  4. What kind of car do you drive? But what kind would you LIKE to drive? Vic
  5. Off topic a bit, I worked on the construction of Vauxhall motors at Elsmere Port! about 1964, (also work on Blyth Power Station) makes you feel old when.... Vic
  6. If there is a deer around then it could very well be a wolf you heard, they do have a very distinctive howl, wolves are not a problem here just now it's the cougar! Vic
  7. I now know what is ASBO is, and I think it is a great idea, I wish we had it here. This young lady is certainly in the right place to get the help she certainly needs, I hope she gets it before being released back into society for her sake as well as the general public. (but I doubt it!) IMHO I still don't think that this type of forum is not a good place to name names, the discussion about ASBO, violence, crime and criminals etc is great and I welcome it as I see lots of it, (that is violence and crime) Vic
  8. I'm not sure what the point of this discussion is, if it is the merits of ASBO (I'm not sure what ASBO is!) that's alright but I really don't think printing here the unfortunate situation that this young lady is in is in the best interest of anyone. Poor taste. I believe her name and picture should be removed! Vic
  9. Why are they knocking them down? is there a redevelopment plan? I thought those houses were private! Vic
  10. What is the count of pubs closed or closing? Is it the same in all other towns like Blyth, Cramlington and Ashington. What is causing them to be closed? Bad management. Is it the economy, or just the way we live, (alternate entertainment like TV, communications mobile phones, travel, how many don't have a car etc) In the past the worse the economy the more the pub flourished now it appears we are retreating into our homes! Vic
  11. Happy birthday. Enjoy your day. Vic
  12. Happy New Year everyone, good health for all in 2009 Vic
  13. Merry Christmas everyone and all of our best wishes for 2009 for you and your families. (how is the weather in Calgary and the Hat?) Vic
  14. A belated Happy birthay Pete, and a Merry Christmas. Vic
  15. Happy Birthday, and a Merry Christmas.
  16. As an ex-season ticket holder in the seventies I'd like to wish Blyth great success, this kind of run really helps put the North East on the map, in a positive light! and helps them bring in some money! I hope it reflects well on their league play!!! Vic
  17. Way to go Blyth, As an ex-season ticket holder I wish I were around Croft Park for these cup games (not so sure about the league!) Good luck and GO BLYTH! Vic
  18. Please accept our condolences Joe. our thoughts are with you and your family. Vic
  19. Happy birthday Tony. Vic
  20. "The Office - for simply being very UNFUNNY, a waste of electricity, and allowing Gervais to continue to perpetrate a 'comedy' con on the Nation." The U.S. version of "The Office" makes the U.K. version look great! Vic
  21. The only software company I've had problems with is Norton, the original program was just fine but the "upgrade" when renewing was a disaster, it took over month to get my 'puter back to normal. I'm running the free AVG 8 on this laptop and Norton on my desktop, also Spybot Search and Destroy and AD-aware 6. Vic
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