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  1. 1. Of which instrument was the sackbut a forerunner? Trombone 2. Which Riviera fishing village was an independent republic from the 15th to the 17th century? Genoa 3. What are young grouse or partridge called? Poult 4. Who invented the steam turbine in 1884? Charles Parsons 5. What is your philtrum? The groove between the nose and upper lip. 6. Arch, whorl and loops are all part of what? Fingerprints 7. Which fruit was discovered by Christopher Columbus in Guadeloupe in 1493? Pineapple 8. Which s
  2. Vegreville is predominately settled with Ukrainian immigrants, mainly farmers, and the pysanka being their traditional way of decorating Easter eggs, the area is well known for its heritage preservation, music, dancing, singing etc and like many other small towns they like to advertise their clams to fame by erecting a large symbol, which also happens to be a wind vane! Grande Cache has a Grande Cache!
  3. It's permanent CL, nicely located in a park not too far from the highway making it a good rest area for travellers.
  4. I have the same problem on both my reformatted Macbook pro (Safari) and my newish Acer (Windows) I changed to Google Chrome on both and can now get the Bedlington website.
  5. 1. Second Boer War 2. Thrushcross Grange, 3. The Cannon family 4. Goldie 5. 22 6. Patella 7. Silicon 8. Zephyr 9. Polio 10. Barbra Streisand 11. Yearling 12. Telephone
  6. Yes Alan that is how we decorated most of the eggs, hand painting the rest of them. My dad was quite an artist and he would paint pictures mostly the three crosses etc, he even made "Humpty Dumpy" eggs, plastercine limbs and sitting on a match box, my wife won a wrist watch with one at "the Club" or Grapes! These are about 35 years old, and come out each year.
  7. Not really confused, but I never did get past the noun, verb and adjectives rules! but I learned just enough to be understood (usually)
  8. Chocolate! we used to dye or paint our paste eggs! then exchange them them within the family then have egg japping contest at tea time, (pointy to pointy and blunt to blunt ends!)
  9. 1. Ukrainian Easter egg 2. The Easter Bilby 3. Dairy products 4. Peter Carl Fabergé's 5. Pre-Christian goddess in England, Eostre, who was celebrated at beginning of spring. 6. Fertility and rebirth, Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus, from which Jesus resurrected. 7. Queen Elizabeth I 8. Germany 9. President Hayes 10. Establish Easter Sunday as the Sunday following the second Saturday in April 11. No 12. 40 days 13. 16 oz 14.
  10. I can relate to your predicament CL, Although our restrictions generally are not as severe as in many countries, Canada is having the same Covid problems, Politics, 10 Provinces 3 Territories all working separately and with not enough vaccine, all setting different priorities, I've had my first shot but the second one might be four months!, I look forward to doing the Friday night quiz over BREAKFAST. (the rest of the day can just wait!) thank you for the challenges you set. 1. Domesday Book 2. Cambria (Cymru.) 3. Otter 4. Abdomina
  11. Well done Malcolm, you can look back and see what you have achieved and be very proud of yourself and of the others who helped make these things happen. Many people will enjoy and benefit from these achievements and not be aware of the efforts you went too, but we know! Thank you.
  12. 1. Oil 2. Leicestershire 3. Coracle 4. Sundew 5. Paul Gascoigne 6. None 7. Mae West 8. Florence Nightingale 9. Zinc 10. Walk on the moon. 11. Prince Harry 12. Porsche 550 Spyder
  13. My wife's grandfather came from Walsingham Norfolk, he was born 1868 but I don't know when they moved to Bedlington, He lived in the "old Hall"
  14. Thank you Pete, a great day.... shovelling snow! well spreading it and breaking up ice, the are rivers opening and lakes still solid, it'll be a while before we see the grass!
  15. 1. Massachusetts 2. Orion 3. Joseph Carey Merrick 4. Baritone 5. 9 6. UB40 7. Belmopan 8. Cornwall 9. Urdu 10. Parrot 11. Australia 12. Gopher wood
  16. 1. The end of suffering 2. Jane Taylor 3. Scatterbrook Farm. 4. Big Daddy, 5. Wilfred Pickles 6. Jerusalem 7. Ambrosia 8. Blackburn 9. Apple 10. Parish church 11. Trinity College, 12. International orange.
  17. 1. 4 2. France 3. Water beetle 4. The Everly Brothers, 5. England and France, 6. Black morello cherry. 7. Standing Jumps 8. António de Oliveira Salazar 9. George Orwell 10. Existence 11. Toto 12. Small intestine
  18. Oh! I don't go fishing now the kids are gone, just go and look, Two local lakes, most regulars have tents or huts, even caravans, parked all winter on the ice. No floors in the tents or huts, seats, heaters etc, beer coolers not necessary! drive your truck or car anywhere you think the fish might bight. When the kids were kids we had snowmobiles, we'd travel through mountains, find a lake and drill hole and fish half the day. No computers or video games in the days. Family day February 15th, families go for the day, no fishing license needed, lots of prizes for sizes, age groups e
  19. 1. Cheviot hills 2. Chicken 3. Lacrosse 4. Pontefract 5. John Galsworthy. 6. Lord Nelson 7. Capuchin monkey 8. Lawyer 9. Kenny Dalglish 10. Lithosphere. 11. Clock 12. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  20. Spent most of my Friday shovelling and blowing drifted snow, after a couple of weeks of temperatures as low as -40c, Windy and snowing right now, a balmy -6c. But the Family Day ice fishing derby went well.
  21. 1. Prunella Scales 2. Vauxhall Cavalier 3. STS, Space Transportation System, (Shuttle) 4. Tower of London. (Mint Street) 5. Hydrogen 6. Diana Dors 7. May 6, 1960 8. Airliner, Boeing 747 9. True 10. Stethoscope 11. Little john 12. Right
  22. And the height appears a little bit higher from the school.
  23. Good meeting, yes the preamble unnecessary, (why use two words when I'm more important if I use ten!) Matthew did an excellent job of his presentation and response to questions. Would be nice to see some goals set to ensure some progress! Seeking public input is a great necessary step.
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