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  1. Nice to see the quiz again, thank you CL it's greatly appreciated, I didn't get many answers before having to cheat! but it did get the grey matter working again. 1. What does the name ‘Spam’ (meat - not computer) stand for Special Processed American Meat. 2. Who was the World Darts Champion 5 times between 1980 and 1986 Eric Bristow 3. By what other name is a Dublin Bay Prawn known Norway lobster 4. Who said “The lion and the calf shall lie down together, but the calf won’t get much sleep” Woody Allen Which member of the royal family married Marina of Greece Duke of Kent 6. When politician Roy Hattersley failed, for the third time, to appear on ‘Have I got news for you’ his chair was occupied by what Tub of lard. 7. Which ex-England footballer is the father of a television weather forecaster Bobby Charlton. 8. What is the cube of 3 27 9. Which animal the scientific name Capra hircus Goat 10. How many British pounds in a hundred weight (cwt) 112 11. Which parasitic plant was sacred to the Druids Mistletoe 12. In a game of poker which is the best hand: flush, straight run or three of a kind Flush
  2. Good idea, I'd probably sponsor a tree for the Dagless family.
  3. Happy birthday Malcolm, have a gud un.
  4. Yes James Joyce is my sister-in-law, and now lives in Sparwood, BC, Colin passed away 2017, they moved here (Grande Cache) in 1969 when the mine and Town first opened, (I think it was still McIntyre Mines then! )then they moved to Kaiser Resources, Sparwood 1971, later spent some time in Collie Australia.
  5. We (Doreen Dagless) lived in #3, first house around the corner, the back gardens (leak trenches!) were next to each other. I think whoever was in #1 worked or owned one of the garages
  6. VISTA, It's back Alan, my son was able to re-install and get it working, I don't go on line with it now but do like my old programs that are much more friendly than newer ones. Now to save anything I can before it dies again.
  7. Seems logic to me. To follow a conversation I read the next posting, then it's answer, and so on, not the last posting and not understanding how the conversation arrived there! but as long as one understands how it is being posted then all is good! Could your "settings" be wrong or different? one for the experts.
  8. For me this appears to be the most logical way to follow the conversation! (But I do have difficulty moving around the Gallery especially closing pictures.)
  9. This is the contents of "The Geordie Cook Book, 9The other book has "Panackelty") I'm not sure if we are allowed to copy from the books without permission?
  10. Covid is looking good! and 9am and it's only 22c, rain forecasted around 2pm.I hope it is an inside wedding!
  11. I agree, anything above 22c is waisted on me, I'm in the garden 7am or 8pm watering etc, like the plants I wilt in the heat, otherwise it's put down the awning on the south window, and stay inside as much as possible. Tomorrow I've been asked to drive a wedding couple around town in my old T, I hope it has cooled down by then, July 1st should also be Canada day celebration but it was moved to Saturday (due to Covid) so that may be a parade drive! Luckily we have a very dry heat so it isn't as bad as in the east where it is humid, but this heat also causes the snow on mountain tops to melt and the rivers are high and if it rains we will have big floods! Now 52c is a bit too much, but temperature is a bit like age, just a number, it's how you deal with it! Eggy 20c at three in the morning was very welcome. On the bright side tomorrow in Alberta most of our Covid restrictions are lifted!
  12. Longtitude and latitude! Grande Cache is 53.8886N 19.1143W Those numbers are for Choppington west of the A1068 highway. And it's 37c right now!
  13. I must agree about the new potatoes!
  14. So true CL about learning about others, I feel I know the other regulars quite well now. I like to go through the questions I know the answers too, then I Google what's left, sometimes a know a lot of the answers but then most of the time I have to learn a lot! Having spent 25 years in gaol I met my share gangsters etc (and most of them were inmates!) Not being from Bedlington I thought I'd better leave this one to the experts! Then sometimes I'm left guessing, like #18 answer, was the 1.1 mile difference because the tide out when Eggy measured it? Thank's again. Vic
  15. You are not alone! We are also being governed by the same uncaring self interested politicians , I can't name a country that is being run for the interest of the average normal person who elected them!
  16. These are two I have, not sure where they came from, my father in law Bill Dagless used to live in #2, I believe it was the first window to the right of the lady by the arch.
  17. Happy birthday Foxy, I hope you're having a good one.
  18. I bet that is what's they said in Sleekburn too, I don't think its the ordinary people who are behind it.
  19. Behave yersell! nowt wrong with Blyth.
  20. 1. What would you expect to find in a pluvial region? High precipitation 2. Where is Rupert Bear’s home town? Nutwood 3. What is the surname of boxing brothers Leon and Michael? Spinks 4. From which country does the wine Johannisberger come? Germany 5. A nectarine is a cross between a peach and which other fruit? Plum 6. In what year did Salman Rushdie go into hiding? 1989 7. There are two Cleopatra’s Needles. One is in London, where is the other? New York City 8. Who sang the theme song to the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me? Marvin Hamlisch 9. Who in literature was haunted by the ghost of Banquo? Macbeth 10. Into which sea or ocean does the Mekong river flow? South China Sea. 11. Which European prime minister was assassinated in February 1986? Olof Palme 12. What were The Kinks dedicated followers of in 1966? Fashion
  21. 1. Drove (or litter.) 2. 1,500-metre run. 3. South Island 4. Paris. 5. Kettledrums 6. Kate Hudson 7. Brooker, Reid and Fisher 8. King of Scots Robert the Bruce 9. Julius Caesar 10. Cricket 11. Helium. (lithium, beryllium, and boron) 12. Apple
  22. Same here! but as of last week it doesn't recognize me and won't let me log into my Toshiba Satellite Vista, "The user Profile Service failed the logon, User profile cannot be loaded" It was my favourite computer as we spoke the same language ! most of my most important (but older) information is on it, I have most of the information on an external drive but my newer Windows and Apple just cooperate! 🙄
  23. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers, it seems no matter how prepared you feel you are it is still a shock, that is when friends and family are so important. Creating memories is very important, not long ago we called her sister Joyce, their first conversation was of a four year olds Christmas in Phillips Yard and an "incident" with a dolly that had a celluloid face! Creating and recounting memories is so important. We brought her bedridden mom Ruby with us to Canada, in a few years the dry mountain air enabled her to regain some mobility and was able to walk and attend her weekly "Bingo" 19 bonus years. Bonus memories for her grand children! Thank you again for you appreciated thoughts. Vic.
  24. It is with great sadness I have to announce the passing away of my wife Dot (Doreen Dagless) Patterson, after a long illness she passed away May 10th in the Grande Cache hospital (Alberta, Canada), peacefully, with her family by her side. Born June 9th 1944 and raised in Bedlington, Married in St Cuthbert's church September 5th 1962, she raised four children, Andrea, Keith, Angela and Amanda, and then moved to Canada 1976, where the family became larger gaining 10 grand children 7 great grandchildren . It has been many years since she was able to visit Bedlington but was able to keep in touch with several friends and school friends (Hollymount square, Westridge school), and fondly remembered the reunions She was pre deceased by her mom and dad, Ruby and Bill Dagless and her sister Jean Harrison. Vic Patterson.
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