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  1. Happy Australia day, Hope all is well with you, stay safe Brian.
  2. 1. Seismograph. 2. Peru. 3. Hydroponics. 4. Michael. 5. The Sound. 6. Potato Pete, Doctor Carrot. 7. Vanessa Paradis. 8. Queen Victoria. 9. Prism. 10. Men. 11. 20th. 12. Harold Macmillan.
  3. 1. In which year was the wearing of front seat belts made compulsory in England? 1968 2. Pertussis is the medical name for which infectious disease? Whooping cough 3. Which Spanish singer was a goalkeeper with Real Madrid before a car crash ended his career? Julio Iglesias 4. Which bird was once known as the Halcyon? Kingfisher 5. What was the first name of the silent film star Fatty Arbuckle? Roscoe 6. In which American state is The Garden of the Gods? Colorado 7. If one, two and three are Cardinal what are First, Second and Third? Ordinal 8. By what name did Frances Glumm become better known? Judy Garland 9. At which battle of 1798 did the boy stand on the burning deck? Aboukir Bay 10. In which year was Hong Kong handed back to China? 1997 11. Which metal provides an outer protective layer when iron is galvanised? Zinc 12. The berries of which evergreen tree are used to flavour gin? Juniper
  4. He opens it by himself CL, after taking the suet cake from the end section, but he didn't go in for that.
  5. I love the technology! now to plan the walk I would have been on if I hadn't started this plan! I feel fitter already.
  6. Happy birthday CL, I hope you are having a great day, (and not shovelling snow!)
  7. 18 Time to say goodbye, Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman
  8. Happy new year everyone, and thank you Canny lass for our Friday quiz. 1. What is often referred to as ‘the green-eyed monster’? Jealousy 2. In which English county is the Isle of Purbeck? Dorset, 3. Iguanas belong to which reptile family? lizard family Iguanidae. 4. Who composed the opera The Bartered Bride? Bedřich Smetana, 5. Who is the patron saint of messengers? Gabriel 6. What was the town of Mechelen in Belgium once famous for? Wood carvings, lace and tapestry 7. Who was the first US President to be awarded the Nobel Peace prize? Theodore Roosevelt 8. Which British boxer lost to Joe Louis on points in 1937 when fighting for the World Heavyweight Title? Tommy Farr 9. On which day of the week is a child who is said to be “loving and giving” born? Friday 10. What did Sir Lancelot’s adultery prevent him from doing? (Keep it clean)! Finding the Holy Grail 11. What is Gneiss a type of? Metamorphic rock 12. Which footballer was the first player to be sent off playing for England? Alan Mullery
  9. Happy new year everyone, wishing you and your families the best of health and happiness for 2021.
  10. 1. Mince pies 2. Reuter 3. 1.8 milliseconds 4. USA 5. 4'6" 6. Polar bear, bearded seal, walrus, and moose, 7. Shake hands (right handed) 8. As a possible Hermaphrodite who knows? 9. Over 70 items are listed! 10. Redheads 11. Proto-Germanic 12. India 13. “Thou shalt "NOT" commit adultery”? Book of Exodus 14. Which language could “would” King George 1 not speak? English 15. False, was preserved in a cask of brandy, or rum, 16. Carl Diem, the chief organizer of the Berlin Games 17. Robert Devereux, the second Earl of Essex 18. 17.5 miles 19. Ohio 20. Vomited
  11. Too late to learn John, find a teenager, or be like me and reck everything! I usually figure it out eventually but never sure how. Merry Christmas.
  12. 1. White Christmas 2. i) Iceland. ii) Italy. iii) Spain. iv) Denmark. v) Germany. 3. Turkey. 4. 808, (178 actual legs) 5. Cupid 6. Ebenezer 7. Michael Caine 8. Krampus 9. Jingle Bells 10. Home alone 11. Tiny Tots 12. Albus Dumbledore. 13. Scottish Reformation, (split from Catholic Church.) 14. Justin Trudeau 15. Norway 16. George V 17. Clement Clarke Moore 18. Christmas, Merry. 19. Reindeer, named Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen 20. Professor Hinkle
  13. Merry Christmas everyone, best wishes to you and your families, I hope you all stay safe and healthy.
  14. 1. Land of Nod 2. Limestone 3. Exchange currency 4. Hungary 5. Crewe Alexandra 6. DNA 7. Gorky Street 8. Left foot 9. Anchor. 10. Liquorice 11. Special Processed American Meat. (spiced ham) 12. Sherlock Holmes
  15. 1. What is the name of the vertical bar dividing the panes in a window called? Muntin bar 2. Which rock group was called The Detours and The High Numbers, prior to 1964? The Who 3. What name is commonly given to the Hippocampus? Seahorse 4. Which letter of the Greek alphabet is equivalent to ‘G’? Γ gamma 5. In what year did the IRA bomb a hotel in Brighton during the conservative Party Conference? 1984 6. Bluto is the arch rival of who? Popeye the sailor man 7. Which writer was imprisoned as a result of his relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas? Wilde 8. In which sport has Ard Schenk been a world champion and record holder? Speed skating 9. Who played the headmaster in Carry on Teacher? Ted Ray 10. How many cubic centimetres are there in a cubic metre? 1,000,000 11. From which island did Bonnie Prince Charlie row a boat to the Isle of Skye? South Uist 12. Which of Mr Pickwick’s friends married Arabella Allen ? Nathaniel Winkle I’ll bet you didn’t know ….Finally, I did know that. But I only knew one quiz answer! The Silverstone racing circuit is built on abandoned RAF runways.
  16. It would be interesting to hear the reasoning why it took 6 months, was it scheduling, staffing, costs or just the booking system? And not anther person! (you must win a lot of games! sorry!) A posted monthly usage report would be nice and possibly encourage more use.
  17. I believe most people liked the old front street we once knew but if we look at the history of front streets we can see that it has changed and won’t return as we fondly remember them. With the inventing of the steam engine (partly thanks to Bedlington) produce from all over the country and later the world became more available for local sales and hence the front street grew as we knew it. Then along came large box stores like Woolco (yes I helped build them!) and as people became more mobile one stop shopping became the latest (cheapest and convenient ) way of shopping. I see the front streets still having a few essential fresh foods (smell that bakery!) or personal services etc but not all of the shops we had, I see more leisure, parks, recreational and meeting areas, but the pandemic situation may dictate otherwise. The front street brought people out of their homes and together, electronics and technology is putting many back into their houses (TV, Internet and shopping) How do we get people out and together? I don’t know. But I’m sure it won’t be the old front street shopping. In my humble opinion.
  18. 1. Jenny 2. KLM 3. Dresses 4. Contamination with human waste 5. 8848 ft 6. Midway 7. Convenient transportation (1/5 gallon) 8. Oil 9. 10 then 7 10. Floyd Patterson, NY Yankee Stadium 11. Wireless Fidelity 12. Babur,
  19. 1. In a game of snooker, which colour ball is worth 5 points? Blue 2. In which novel did Michael Henchard sell his wife for five guineas? The Mayor of Casterbridge: 3. What do we call the loss of water from the leaves of plants? transpiration. 4. Who had a hit in 1972 with the song Sylvia’s mother? Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show 5. If A is Alpha and T is Tango what is M? Mike 6. True or false: Glyndebourne Opera House is in East Sussex? True 7. In which country is the Vosges mountain range? France 8. What do the initials C.G. stand for on an Ordnance Survey Map? Coast Guard 9. How many standard bottles are there in a Nebuchadnezzar? 20 10. Which is the only bird that can fly backwards hummingbird 11. If a person is lapidated what happens to them? Stoning 12. Whose legendary horse was called Lamri? King Arthur
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