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  1. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Frealnorthumberlandmurky.blogspot.com%2F2022%2F07%2Fconservatives-stop-parish-council.html%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3QYM_nckmpEJIL-HCB7EN1f94dgW7S8GZ9cPI063aE2fx2CE-qZjudupM&h=AT2H2lfLZWScGT_sadUBjpJ-0bXq78dyCHnxw369egbhwpQ3UzhOCWMRvPCw-NDKMH5V7dkMqXrv5Q6jhfm1_zHCeF9sN87ufuqNAzXckXnrgLTlLewxLx8OxKiyDCLo4gV5I3tvm3KPGdRUo-yVFck&__tn__=%2CmH-R&c[0]=AT1RAzMEsZdsB_1qW2CLyCX1HnJPbkFipxl7YHz9-E1Kqyy0bT6s54ja7sKQ-JJ7Xq71D4xN1UhOgJMMAk-XFjXAca6RMbpWjfaPFYnrS7wwHs7pICPbU9jEnFX94Yx6niX__EBycIwEIebT5RvVNdhg0CMXJXRG1TZwN8-4YevzkNaK2DbLG73fhH_SbKGt5w2avh2cFaxV8XY7hDo
  2. In my opinion "Best value" is not giving in too what most believe to be justice! Best value would be seeing obvious justice. regardless of the cost.
  3. Good meeting, err hmm err but it em err is err a bit draw out with err hmm err to much er poor speaking! it could have been over in an hour! "Affordable" homes definition was again brought up.
  4. Good meeting, but I enjoyed the first half of the meeting better. What incident was the second half report about? and what was the connection to the care home and the lack of communications. It appears to be storm related!
  5. Ah! I wish I had watched this one first, a much better understanding of the issues. As Councillor Wearmouth mentions checks and balances I still don't understand what extra checks and balances have been put in place that every large organization always have! and who wasn't following them. I do like the recycling initiatives that are being put in place. But make it simple or it won't happen.
  6. Very interesting! I would hope some realistic time frames be attached to the recommendations, and more open accountability of those in the top positions.
  7. I still have some of that asbestos!
  8. Happy Anzac Day , Lest we forget. (ANZAC cookies by CL)
  9. I didn't know of it but thought I had read about here a few years ago.
  10. And thank you from me, it's been a very interesting and testing time for most people but your quiz has been a great distraction from covid, and a great learning experience ! I thought I was past that! I hope you have a great summer and enjoy catching up with your friends and family. Thank you.
  11. The world’s biggest chocolate Easter egg was 34 ft tall and weighed 15 873 lbs. Where was it made? Tosca (Italy) In which Beatles song will you find the words “I am the egg man, they are the egg men”? The walrus Virtually all Fabergé eggs were made under the supervision of the famous Russian jeweler who gave them their name. What was his full name? Peter Carl Fabergé What is the Sunday before Easter called? Palm Sunday, Which governor of the Roman province of Judaea presided over the trial of Jesus? Pontius Pilate, At Easter, on the day before Good Friday, the British monarch distributes small silver coins known as what? Maunday money Which comedy group wrote and starred in Life of Brian? Monty Python How much did the most expensive hot cross bun cost? £155 ($218) In the USA, the Easter Bunny delivers Easter eggs. Who delivers them in France? Flying bells What is the name of the fruit cake decorated with marzipan balls which is traditionally eaten in England at Easter? Simnel cake What do the marzipan balls, mentioned in question 10, represent? 12 Apostles The first Easter eggs were dyed red to represent what? Christ’s blood The date on which Easter falls is determined by what?Sunday after full moon Which celebrity was made into a chocolate for the first time in 2015? Benedict Cumberbatch. Good Friday honours which of the following: crucifixion day, resurrection day or the day of the last supper? Crucifixion day In which country is Easter celebrated with a massive water fight? Poland There are many egg-shaped sweets. Which of the following is illegal in the USA:Cadbury Creme Egg, Kinder Surprise, Whoppers Robin Egg? Kinder Surprise What was the purpose of the Easter Act of 1928 (in the British parliament? Regulate the date of Easter Has Patti Smith ever recorded a song called Easter? Yes What is the purpose of the ‘crocodile skin’ pattern that appears on some chocolate eggs? To disguise any imperfections. Why do we paint Easter eggs?To mark the end of the period of penance and fasting,
  12. Argentina Vermouth Eva Braun Basketball Animal Cumbria Vengeance, Moriscos Drone Nessun Dorma Battle of Trafalgar Scorpio
  13. Towns will look like they did 200 years ago when the railways opened up the country, there were only essential shops and businesses, but will have to add traffic! I had too Google Ann Summers!
  14. Delinquent owners, rental properties etc, Our bylaws allow the Council to bring in a contractor to clean up a property, be it for unkept gardens, from weeds's etc to wrecked or abandoned cars and put the bill on the property taxes. The front street could be kept looking good even if only on the outside. I wouldn't regulate the use of the buildings but definitely the looks.
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