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  1. So what is everyone finding to do during this unwanted winter break? CL has given some insight to what she is finding to do, the rules vary from place to place and we all have to follow them, our latest rules have just come into play and now I can't visit Dot, but I'm hoping to set up FaceTime, that will help pass some time. Much of my time is still spent moving snow still, but I'm getting to work on my old vehicles, and inside trying some wood carving. Cooking and baking is still low priority, but is improving. Another fun project I'm doing is colourizing old family photos, what a difference, brings life to them. Hope you are all keeping safe, (and out of trouble!) Vic
  2. The orange juice bottle was a squared off rectangular bottle, my first experience of a spirit level! thanks to my creative dad. Wasn't that juice nice? bit nicer than the cod-liver oil the rest of our family had....
  3. Not that they are in isolation but nice that I'm allowed in to get her settled into her new home, still without phone, TV or any communications, Yes this may change at anytime and could last a long time. This way I'm still making many of her meals, and doing much of the housework. Dot is the only recent resident. Yes there is still some compassion amongst this chaos. Stay healthy everyone.
  4. Pine lodge quarantine, day 3, No one in, no one out....... except Vic can still visit Dot! ahhh nice eh!
  5. I noticed the post office location behind the people when did it move further up the street? The pram! the transport of the day, we have seen them full of bairns, yes top and tail or full of groceries, or a combination of both, even seen a bag of coal but not at the same time as the bairn. Parked at the front door, hat, mitts and harness on while mom got her housework done! different era. Did anyone see a dad push a pram in those days? (no prams in the club I suppose)
  6. Nice one, even looks period correct from when she lived there, around '49 '50, thank you Foxy.
  7. Thank you so much Canny lass, Yes Doreen confirms it was Heppell's that donated all those stotties just over 70 years ago, said she call still smell the bakery!
  8. Thank you foxy, Dot said just below the red fire/burglar alarm is where the archway would have been, #1 Phillips yard, her first home! (that was the registered address on both hers and sisters birth cetificates) Thank you all. (Dot will be moving into a local seniors lodge this Thursday, )
  9. Thanks Alan for posting the pictures, Doreen is sure that is the area of the archway to Phillips yard, (behind the inserted picture)
  10. I think that would be quite conclusive that it would be the same Phillips, I think the cafe now on the corner would have been the bakery that Doreen remembers (them passing the reject Tea cakes and stotties across to #1Phillips yard) Doreen remembers an archway to the yard and stairs that led down to Bacci's, a few neighbours names she remembered were Kathleen Parr, Sheila Saint and Jimmy Bower, before she moved about 1948 to Hollymount Square, yes near good friend HPW! Thank you Alan, Keith and Canny lass.
  11. CL, Most of our family started at 4 years old, I believe you had to be 5 by the end of the school year, or summer holidays .
  12. Is Phillips Yard, Market place still there? I haven't been able to find any reference to it, it was around in 1944.
  13. Sorry Alan I should have noticed #13 should be Jackie Mabon, (often called Dagless)
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