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  1. Why was General Claus von Stauffenberg executed in 1944? Attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler. What is the capital of Qatar? Doha, By what name was tap dancer Luther Robinson known? Bojangles Which unit amalgamated with the Royal Flying Corps in 1918 to form the RAF? Royal Naval Air Service. From which country does the dish ‘enchilada’ originate? Mexico, Which word connects: crab, mite, monkey, plant and wasp? Spider. Which golfer won the 1997 Us Open? Ernie Els What was Charlie Chaplin’s middle name? Spencer Into which bay does the River Ganges flow? Bay of Bengal. Who was the male star of the film Lolita? James Mason Who plays against Celtic in an Auld Firm derby match? Glasgow Rangers Which country is served by Findel Airport? Luxembourg.
  2. Happy birthday CL, I hope it was a good one, and not too cold! Thank you Pete, on the balls usual.
  3. What is the highest British decoration for bravery? Victoria Cross Who or what is a fustanella? Skirt or kilt, worn by men. How many standard bottles are there in a Magnum? 4 Who was George Michael’s partner in the pop-duo Wham? Andrew Ridgeley. Tyto Alba is better known by what name? Barn owl, What is the name of the pilgrim in John Bunyan’s famous book? Graceless (Christian) Which chemical element has the symbol Ca? Calcium What is the popular name of the pyracantha? Scarlet firethorn Name the English landscape artist who painted The Haywain?John Constable What is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea? Cuba Which English football club play at Roots hall? Southend United Football Club Who was the first man to drive at more than 400 mph? John Cobb
  4. Left handed Used furniture salesman Boiled goose feathers, Nude 1911 112 Owl 88 All It is customary for the mother to take her babe from the breast and put her pipe or quid of tobacco in its mouth.” Perjury Canada, (Calgary.) False Afghanistan William Wordsworth Yes Silverstone, Goodwood, Thruxton, Snetterton, Castle Combe…... 120 Thomas Coryate Elton John
  5. Thank you Canny lass, your advise is noted! And a Happy new year to all our friends and families, and wishing you all the best of health, wealth and happiness but not necessary in that order! And if that Lotto does pay out I might see you in the new year.
  6. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Merrymakers going from one house to another with a wassail bowl in hand, singing traditional songs The Pagan festival of the winter solstice The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Button January 6, 1021 Flying Fish Cove A straw goat named Ukko East to West? Apart from being the world’s largest, what was unusual about the snowman named Olympia? Capricorn Santa Baby A cactus Female In Japan, Santa is said to live on the moon. True or false,, Miss Fanny Bright Theodore Roosevelt 1920s
  7. Bit of a tough year Brian but lucky to have okay health, enjoying shovelling snow, and more snow, and more s.... -25c but sunny. Merry Xmas.
  8. Nice to see you are still with us Brian and your health is improving, your name often pops up! Merry Xmas to you and your family.
  9. Congratulations Cl, a well deserved award for your dedication to our sanity, I certainly enjoy the quiz and can only follow the historic research, I must also congratulate all the other members for their contributions especially Eggy! Covid has had a very negative effect on everyone and I feel your contribution has had a very positive outcome especially during these difficult trying times.
  10. That didn't work too good did it! reduced size looked alright mom and dad about 1930 I think.
  11. It's very rewarding seeing the photos coming to back life again, I have also had some coloured using a Family Tree web site after I clean up using an Adobe program. All on my old Vista, I must try and use Gimp on the newer Windows! My dad is in the middle, and mom and dad about 1930 I think.
  12. Ahhh! I'm a bit like Eggy but NO fish or shell fish, cooked or raw, no spices, no seasonings, no fruit and only nuts are chestnuts (cooked) but I do cook meat and veg with salt.
  13. Eggy, I have tried Gimp but didn't install it, yet, and found it very understandable and after looking at the cost of the competitors like Photoshop etc will probably download it, and learn how to use. I have tried NCR for my video editing but no success yet, I had my 9.5mm wedding cine put on a disc and I'm trying to edit out some bright flashes. Some of the new technology I like such as using the finger print for filing in the passwords, I use it for everything except my banking! I have most important things on CD! (no 5 1/2 floppies) then memory sticks but now tend to use my external hard drive, makes it very easy to move between computers. I'm a bit leary of all the "cloud" technology, here we often loose the internet and if your information is "up there" and not on your computer? I'm all for adding what I want rather than trying to remove things I don't, but that is marketing.
  14. Same here Eggy, I got my Vista working again (my son did!) and have Windows 11 on my Acer, I only turn it on once a week, I just don't like it, I only use Vista for my photos as I'm using Apple for almost everything, Iphone, MacBook Air, iPad.
  15. micrometre Kidney Rossini. Elenor 12 Flower arranging; Wallis Simpson North Sea Private Joe Walker Pound Danish Three They had a weigh in a manger.
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