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  1. Vic Patterson

    Problems with webcam?

    CL, When I connect I have to be fast! Going from "Info" to web cam or it's gone!
  2. Vic Patterson

    Problems with webcam?

    I see the camera is working again, a nice clear picture but frozen! (at least for me it is) it is updated each time I reconnect, now we see the new street lights and flower displays, thanks those who have worked on the system.
  3. Vic Patterson

    Where Are The Flowers In Bedlington?

    Thank you foxy, what a beautiful display again, so lucky to have all those volunteers putting in lots of time to keep Bedlington looking so nice.
  4. Vic Patterson

    Where Are The Flowers In Bedlington?

    Are the flower pots out around the town as usual? they are a great attraction created by many dedicated townsfolk.
  5. Vic Patterson

    Playground for a school in the area.

    Moved up into second place.
  6. Vic Patterson

    Happy Birthday Foxy

    Happy birthday Foxy, hope it was a good day.
  7. Vic Patterson

    WBTC website Account suspended...

    Appears to be working for me!
  8. Vic Patterson

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    No Moe I don't have a problem with what you are saying other than it may just be a little bit exaggerated ! but not being there (and still no web cam!) I wouldn't comment. Yes Saturday night yobs are a very big problem and could be discussed at length but I think discussion is about Bedlington dying, I don't live there and I haven't been able to visit for many years, I don't think it's dying but it is changing and it in a perfect world it should be up to the residents how the changes are made. How do the businessmen see what the changes should be?
  9. Vic Patterson

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    Moe, I didn't recognize you without the accent! I was just wondering, you keep saying your a business man, are you still in business? in Bedlington? would you consider your business successful?
  10. Vic Patterson

    Problems with webcam?

    Any update Andy?
  11. Vic Patterson

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    A while ago I watched a British program on television, it started when most villages had a butcher and a baker! then when the steam engine was invented and goods moved around the country and the world fast and efficiently, every town and village had all sorts of shops. Then along came the supermarkets and shopping malls (I worked at building Woolco’s) lots of parking and big selection of cheap goods, now the next phase is on line shopping, in our malls the major tenants are closing, not just moving, the smaller box stores having to specialize or close, gone are the days of front street shopping except for specialty or personal services. We have only a few basic shops here, its 180km (2 hours in good weather) to the next town with major outlets. Its a changing world.
  12. Vic Patterson

    Problems with webcam?

    T, still...
  13. Vic Patterson

    Problems with webcam?

    Sill nothing here! is it only me?
  14. Vic Patterson

    Happy Birthday Vic

    No worries! Thank you Brian.
  15. Vic Patterson

    Happy Birthday Vic

    But just as welcome Maggie, thank you.