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  1. Have a good one Andy. Happy birthday.
  2. Nice to see your coping CL and things are improving, we are having similar problems here in GC, luckily my health is the better of the two of us and hopefully things will improve, like yourself living rather remotely adds another dimension to growing old. Wishing your hubby a full recovery and return to normal ageing! if there is such a thing! Regards, Vic
  3. Tanner each way on Piggott! (whatever he was on)
  4. Two posts up Bill, (I was always better with my hands than words!)
  5. Bill, Flight conveyors are usually two parallel driven chains connected with "flights", steel plates that drag / scrape the coal along to a chute that the coal drops into, (this coal is the fine wet coal that has been recovered, (not lumps) if the chute gets blocked or “plugged” the operator would try and unplug it (with his shuul) while it was running rather than stopping the conveyor and bring the whole operation to a halt.(centrifuges ,belts, screens and filters). No not AFC belts or related to the Flygt pump company,( I hated those pumps!) Vic
  6. Bill, those flat conveyors were called "Flight conveyors" yes very often unguarded and quite deadly, usually left unguarded for operator convenience to enable unplugging. =($ PRODUCTION!)
  7. Bill, a very good explanation of the coal preparation, if it was similar to the plants i'm familiar with there was another two important processes, one to recover the expensive magnetite and one to recover the fine coal washed off the screens. The magnetite was recovered using a large drum that was an electromagnet on one side, as it turned the magnetite clung to the upward turning of the drum but dropped off the downward side which wasn't magnetic, and recycled. The fine coal washed off the screens was mixed with more water and an added flocculant, a chemical that created lots of bubbles when injected with compressed air, the bubbles were skimmed off and then flowed through a tank that had large wheels made up of metal mesh screen panels, large vacuum pumps sucked the fines onto the screens and then scraped off and diverted onto a conveyor then dropped into a centrifuge that spun out most of the water. All water used went to settling ponds. Not a lot of waste.
  8. HPW I just received a MP.4 copy of our 9.5mm wedding cine, first time we have ever seen it, 57 years later.
  9. Happy birthday Foxy, hope its a great day!
  10. Sorry CL I thought it was a sarcastic dig at football players! I hope your normal bright outlook returns soon, I'm confident the banter here will certainly make a difference, hopefully for the good!
  11. Names, dates and places would certainly help jog a few readers. 🙂
  12. It's back already, now that's what I call service, thank's again Andy. Bedlington is looking good.
  13. Maybe a coincidence but I've lost the webcam!
  14. It worked for me Andy, thank you, and thank you Alan for bringing this up! after months of trying to fix something I know nothing about I should have asked months ago.
  15. And I thought it was only me Alan! I bought a ACER Aspire laptop that has the same problem,(Windows 10, I hate it!) all of the other devices are running just fine (though my Toshiba Satellite with Vista is developing a few problems! ) My Acer came with McAfee, now expired, I blamed it for the problems and have been unsuccessful at trying to remove it, I have even considered subscribing to it to see if it resolved the problem. Looking forward to see if Andy has a resolve!
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