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  1. 1. In a game of snooker, which colour ball is worth 5 points? Blue 2. In which novel did Michael Henchard sell his wife for five guineas? The Mayor of Casterbridge: 3. What do we call the loss of water from the leaves of plants? transpiration. 4. Who had a hit in 1972 with the song Sylvia’s mother? Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show 5. If A is Alpha and T is Tango what is M? Mike 6. True or false: Glyndebourne Opera House is in East Sussex? True 7. In which country is the Vosges mountain range? France 8. What do the initials C.G. stand for on an Ordnance Survey Map? Coast Guard 9. How many standard bottles are there in a Nebuchadnezzar? 20 10. Which is the only bird that can fly backwards hummingbird 11. If a person is lapidated what happens to them? Stoning 12. Whose legendary horse was called Lamri? King Arthur
  2. Best Covid therapy ever, getting down and "fixing stuff " oil and grease everywhere, finding muscles you forgot existed! then the pleasure of achievement! I've just replaced the rear axles and added a couple of period safety features, very rewarding at the end of the day. White racing suit, naturally only way to show the oil and grease1
  3. No I don't have a period type hat but my friend has a Biggles type helmet with goggles, I very occasionally use a hat but these are what I use.
  4. Alan, The truck is in a tent style garage at the side of my house, unheated. The car is in my attached garage, heated. The ambulance belongs to my doctor and it is in his heated garage, He also has a 1915 touring he moved to another garage for the winter, I think his wife wanted an indoor space for the winter! I drive the car quite often but not in the rain!
  5. Is your OH a mechanic or mechanically inclined? quite a project, metal or fibre body planned?
  6. I started restoring Matilda 2006, just a rusty shell but that was the fun time, now I need another project, I do get to work on another T, 1917 Ambulance, The first project was Lizzie with my late brother, a 1926 Grain truck, its all in the chase!
  7. November 12 Lights on, Music on, just waiting for the chestnuts.
  8. 1. What is the highest building in the world? Burj Khalifa 2. By which name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio better known? Francis I 3. Who discovered penicillin? Fleming 4. In what year did the Titanic sink on her maiden voyage? 1912 5. Which pop group was formed in 1973 by amalgamating the two groups: Choise and Golden Hammers? Showaddywaddy. 6. What is the average life-span of a dragonfly? 6 months 7. Approximately how many breaths does an adult male take every day? 23,000 8. Which year did Arsenal move from Highbury to The Emirates Stadium? 2006 9. Who dropped a feather and a hammer on the moon to show that, without air, they would fall at the same speed? David Scott 10. How many players in a water-polo team? 7 11. In which country can you find Angkor Wat? Cambodia 12. In which James Bond novel/film do we meet the character Tee Hee? Live and Let Die Well into our snow season here, but not accumulating a lot in town.
  9. 1. Who was totally for non-violence but never received the Nobel Peace Prize, despite being nominated five times? Gandhi 2. What was the earlier name of Tokyo? Edo 3. What is the text of an opera called? Libretto 4. What name do we give to a group of donkeys? Herd 5. How many edges does a cube have? 12 6. For what was the Arc de Triumph, in Paris, built? Battle of Austerlitz 7. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on which island? Robben Island 8. What is C2H5OH? Ethanol 9. What year is represented here: MDCCLXXVI? 1776 10. Which Greek wrote The Iliad and Odysseus? Homer 11. For what is Ag the chemical symbol? Silver 12. Cedar is the national tree of which country? Lebanon
  10. I'm from Blyth and my wife from Bedlington, we still find many words we use differently. I used to work around the area and found I could easily recognize where people were from especially Blyth (port) Bedlington (pits) Morpeth (farming) Ashington ( pits) and later to all the country regions, localized dialects probably developed because most people didn't travel far from home or work. Yes we do adapt our way of talking in public more than we think, you have too or go hungry! our town is very multi cultural but heads turn when my wife meets up with her sister-in-law (also from Hollymoont) its not a conscious change but it definitely happens. You can not get rid of all your accent, you can usually pick up a trace in some words, an example was recently in the Trump impeachment farce, a key witness was from the N.E. The other night on a TV interview from a Nova Scotia University they talked to the Head, he sounded just like he had come from the match at the toon! Little ditties! how they are dying out, I can always find one to fit the occasion, has the kids laughing a lot, two four six eight...., round and the garden...! I hope we see HPW pop up soon.
  11. 1. What is the more common name for the clavicle? Collar bone 2. With which sport do you associate Michael Jordan? Basketball 3. Who was the last Saxon king of England? Harold #2 4. Which English playwright was murdered by his lover , Kenneth Halliwell, in 1967? Joe Orton 5. What nationality was the composer Edvard Grieg? Norwegen 6. Where in London would you see the White Tower? Tower of London 7. Which sorceress turned Odysseus’ men into swine? Circe 8. What is the Celtic name for ‘river’? Avon 9. Who said “We live over the shop”? Margaret Thatcher 10. Which Berkshire school did Prince Charles attend? Cheam 11. In which TV series did Jimmy Nail play a Geordie detective? Spender 12. Pomeroy, Von Schneider, Winterbottom and Sir Toby,were the dinner guests. Who was the hostess? Miss Sophie
  12. 1. Which former pop-star owned the company that made The Life of Brian and had a one line part in a crowd scene? George Harrison, 2. What can be upside down, ginger or Dundee? Cake 3. Which country hosted the summer Olympics in 1932? U.S.A. 4. What occupation is involved with stretchers and headers? Bricklayer. 5. On which river does Amsterdam stand? Amstel 6. What is the millionth of a metre called? Micron 7. Who is the prime minister of France? Jean Castex 8. What sort of drink is pekoe? Tea 9. Who had a pet chimp called Chee Chee? Dr Dolittle 10. Which Bridge on the River Thames has a central portion that can be raised to allow ships into London? Tower bridge 11. Which sports commentator talked of an ‘up and under’ and an ‘early bath’? Eddie Waring. 12. What is a dirndl? Dress
  13. 1. What does the symbol HB stand for on a pencil? Hard Black. 2. What is the motto of the BBC? Nation shall speak peace unto nation. 3. England’s best ever win at football was 13-0. Who were they playing? Ireland 4. In which year were cars first required to be registered? 1901 (U.S.A.) 5. In WW2, what was the codename given by Hitler to the German invasion of Russia? Barbarrosa 6. How many years are celebrated with a platinum anniversary? 70 7. What is the layer of rock immediately under the crust of the Earth called? Mantle 8. Which animal lives in a ‘citadel’ ? Mole 9. What is the name of the Queen’s residence in Norfolk? Sandringham House 10. Brassica Oleracea is better known as what? Cabbage 11. Who discovered the basic laws of genetics while analyzing peas in a monastery garden? Gregor Mendel 12. What does a Buck Rarebit have that a Welsh Rarebit does not? Egg
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