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  1. 1. Harry Potter was brought up by his aunt and uncle at which address? (House number, street, town and county required). 2. Where was the first land battle of the Falklands War? Moody Brook 3. Which of the four Beatles was the youngest? 4. Who was known as the Widow of Windsor? Queen Victoria 5. What was the name of the boat in which Sir Francis Chichester circumnavigated the world 1966-67? Gypsy Moth 6. What did Jack Horner eat in a corner? Christmas pie 7. What is the full moon following the Harvest moon called? 8. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to America from which country? France 9. How many players are there in a hurling team? 15 10. Who had a 1966 hit with Good Vibrations? Beach Boys 11. From which language has English borrowed the words brandy, decoy and landscape? 12. Which Canadian city was originally called Ville-Marie? Montreal
  2. They all are blue or is that purple like your hat! hmm!
  3. They do look familiar, I will have to dig real deep into my subconscious to get clearer image!
  4. Salmiak, is a European Fisherman's Friend candy, it contains ammonium chloride, and it reminds me of a sweet I used to get when I was just a bairn, anyone know what it was called then, I don't know anyone else that can eat them! and they aren't available in Canada so my son brings them when returning home.
  5. Definitely Little Imps, my late brother's favourite.
  6. 1. On what date does Halloween fall? October 31 2. In which Scottish town was James Watt born? Greeock. 3. How many metres in a mile? 4. In which Dickens novel does Thomas Gradgrind of Coketown appaer? 5. Spanish flu, 1918-1920, claimed 50 million lives. Where did it start? China. 6. In which year was the Apple iphone launched? 2007 7. Which Harrod’s boss became Chairman of Fulham FC? 8. Who said, after winning the Grand National, “Sex is an anti-climax after that”? 9. By what name is polytetrafluoroethylene better known? Teflon (PTFE for plumbers) 10. What was the name of the raft which Thor Heyerdahl used to sail from Peru in 1947? Kontiki 11. Which country invaded Kuwait in 1990? Irak. 12. Which British cathedral has three spires?
  7. Way too adventurous for me, Pizza, spaghetti and lasagna (preferably home made) is the only "foreign" food I eat, the Kam Tong (early 60s, upstairs near the arcade in Blyth) was the only ethnic restaurant I was in (yes I was slightly inebriated ) No fish, fruits or nuts for me, except roast chestnuts!
  8. I haven't progressed that far Alan!
  9. 1. In which 1984 film did Sean Connery return as James Bond after a 13 year gap? 2. What in the building trade is called ‘harling’ in Scotland? Plasterer/Mason 3. Who was the first woman to participate in the University Boat Race? 4. In which country was Salman Rushdie born? India 5. What sort of creature is a pipistrelle? Bat 6. Helleborus niger is better known as which perennial plant? Buttercup 7. Which animal is Canada’s official emblem? Beaver 8. Which word meaning ‘divine wind’ describes suicide missions of Japanese pilots? Kamakaze 9. Who, in the bible, was the youngest son of Jacob? 10. Which letter of the Greek alphabet is the equivalent to T? 11. The 1969 Eurovision Song Contest ended in a four-way tie between France, UK, Spain and which other country? 12. What is Magnesium Sulphate called when used as a laxative? Milk of Magnesia
  10. Where were the Tea Rooms? would they be the cafe in the arcade?
  11. 1. Who was the first American to orbit the earth? John Glenn 2. Who was the ‘fastest mouse in all Mexico’? Gonzales 3. With which branch of medicine is Mesmer associated? 4. What colour is a moonstone? Blue 5. Which Irish county is Blarney in? Cork 6. What do deltiologists collect? 7. What type of tree is a Pirus Malus? 8. What is a labret? 9. A pearl wedding celebrates how many years of marriage? 30 10. In which town do the Flintstones live? Bedrock 11. Which football player advertised Brut in the 1980s? 12. If B is Bravo and N is November, what is S? Sierra Now time for Google!
  12. I find if it comes out easy it was a flower, if it is tough then has to be a weed!
  13. I'm pleased all is well during these tough times, no cases of covid in Grande Cache so far, everyone being very responsible and respectful and I get to visit daily, only noticeable changes are with the social distancing while in public areas. It isn't so much about the quiz it is more about the company! and the banter. Please resume posting!
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