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  1. Sorry Alan I should have noticed #13 should be Jackie Mabon, (often called Dagless)
  2. There's a policy against a drop off / pick up point! I think it is time for a policy change, in todays environment it is very important to get our children to and from school safely.
  3. My wife Doreen lived in 1, Phillips Yard, (before moving to the Holy Mount!) somewhere at the market place, very close to a bakery! yes lots of yards, but rarely marked on maps, the postie must have good local knowledge!
  4. Oh no! has it gone? I've tried several times and means still nothing!
  5. NO SNOW! I think we have yours here, getting tired of shovelling, no big falls but loads of 6"- 12" falls, and its -39c
  6. Happy birthday CL, remember it's just a number!
  7. Happy new year to all our forum friends, wishing you all good health for 2020. Vic & Dot (Doreen HPW!)
  8. I miss the live streaming webcam! ☹️ but appreciate the still pictures 😁
  9. Hi Pete, Yes the deer are still regular visitors, (even though our bylaws prevent us from feeding them) 🙄 and the lakes have enough ice for fishing 🐟
  10. Hello Brian, nice to see you are back and and hopefully on the mend! like a few of us that 'age' thing is catching up, CL, HPW and myself are a few who are, and families are going through "the golden" years, life changing! We got another foot of snow last night and -10c I was wondering if you would like some to help cool off! We are not sure yet where we will be spending our Christmas but would like to wish you and our forum friends a very Merry Christmas and a healthy 2020 Vic & Dot
  11. If that is Ian Lavery he's got a big gob! loudest wins! bad hairdo guy didn't have the answers , unprepared ! Boris is more entertaining. Interviewer was terrible, would that be a BBC guy?
  12. Sorry for your loss, nice to see you back and in better health, I enjoy the Brexit banter but don't hear many of the issues, really all we are told is the Irish border is the main stumbling block, lots of rumours but very few facts.
  13. Have a good one Andy. Happy birthday.
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