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  1. I bet that is what's they said in Sleekburn too, I don't think its the ordinary people who are behind it.
  2. Behave yersell! nowt wrong with Blyth.
  3. 1. What would you expect to find in a pluvial region? High precipitation 2. Where is Rupert Bear’s home town? Nutwood 3. What is the surname of boxing brothers Leon and Michael? Spinks 4. From which country does the wine Johannisberger come? Germany 5. A nectarine is a cross between a peach and which other fruit? Plum 6. In what year did Salman Rushdie go into hiding? 1989 7. There are two Cleopatra’s Needles. One is in London, where is the other? New York City 8. Who sang the theme song to the B
  4. 1. Drove (or litter.) 2. 1,500-metre run. 3. South Island 4. Paris. 5. Kettledrums 6. Kate Hudson 7. Brooker, Reid and Fisher 8. King of Scots Robert the Bruce 9. Julius Caesar 10. Cricket 11. Helium. (lithium, beryllium, and boron) 12. Apple
  5. Same here! but as of last week it doesn't recognize me and won't let me log into my Toshiba Satellite Vista, "The user Profile Service failed the logon, User profile cannot be loaded" It was my favourite computer as we spoke the same language ! most of my most important (but older) information is on it, I have most of the information on an external drive but my newer Windows and Apple just cooperate! 🙄
  6. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers, it seems no matter how prepared you feel you are it is still a shock, that is when friends and family are so important. Creating memories is very important, not long ago we called her sister Joyce, their first conversation was of a four year olds Christmas in Phillips Yard and an "incident" with a dolly that had a celluloid face! Creating and recounting memories is so important. We brought her bedridden mom Ruby with us to Canada, in a few years the dry mountain air enabled her to regain some mobility and was able to walk an
  7. It is with great sadness I have to announce the passing away of my wife Dot (Doreen Dagless) Patterson, after a long illness she passed away May 10th in the Grande Cache hospital (Alberta, Canada), peacefully, with her family by her side. Born June 9th 1944 and raised in Bedlington, Married in St Cuthbert's church September 5th 1962, she raised four children, Andrea, Keith, Angela and Amanda, and then moved to Canada 1976, where the family became larger gaining 10 grand children 7 great grandchildren . It has been many years since she was able to visit Bedlington but was able to keep
  8. 1. In which English county is Much Wenlock. Shropshire 2. How wide apart are the ‘tramlines’ in tennis. 35ft 3. How many syllables are there in a haiku. 17 4. Who is the patron saint of tax collectors. Matthew 5. Which organization has the motto ‘Courtesy and Care’.Automobile Association. 6. For which country did David Campese play rugby union. Australia 7. From which language does the word ‘shampoo’ originate. Indian 8. What is a chuckwalla. Lizzard 9. What did Shakespeare des
  9. 1. Which Japanese word (English spelling please) translates as ‘Empty Orchestra’?karaoke 2. Who could only play one tune – Over The Hills And Far Away?Tom, the Piper's Son 3. Off which group of islands would you find Bishop Rock lighthouse?Isles of Scilly 4. Which English monarch had a horse called White Surrey?King Richard III 5. Who missed the last penalty in the 1994 football World Cup?Roberto Baggio 6. What are the three ingredients of a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail?Vodka, Galliano and orange juice. 7. Whic
  10. 1. Of which instrument was the sackbut a forerunner? Trombone 2. Which Riviera fishing village was an independent republic from the 15th to the 17th century? Genoa 3. What are young grouse or partridge called? Poult 4. Who invented the steam turbine in 1884? Charles Parsons 5. What is your philtrum? The groove between the nose and upper lip. 6. Arch, whorl and loops are all part of what? Fingerprints 7. Which fruit was discovered by Christopher Columbus in Guadeloupe in 1493? Pineapple 8. Which s
  11. Vegreville is predominately settled with Ukrainian immigrants, mainly farmers, and the pysanka being their traditional way of decorating Easter eggs, the area is well known for its heritage preservation, music, dancing, singing etc and like many other small towns they like to advertise their clams to fame by erecting a large symbol, which also happens to be a wind vane! Grande Cache has a Grande Cache!
  12. It's permanent CL, nicely located in a park not too far from the highway making it a good rest area for travellers.
  13. I have the same problem on both my reformatted Macbook pro (Safari) and my newish Acer (Windows) I changed to Google Chrome on both and can now get the Bedlington website.
  14. 1. Second Boer War 2. Thrushcross Grange, 3. The Cannon family 4. Goldie 5. 22 6. Patella 7. Silicon 8. Zephyr 9. Polio 10. Barbra Streisand 11. Yearling 12. Telephone
  15. Yes Alan that is how we decorated most of the eggs, hand painting the rest of them. My dad was quite an artist and he would paint pictures mostly the three crosses etc, he even made "Humpty Dumpy" eggs, plastercine limbs and sitting on a match box, my wife won a wrist watch with one at "the Club" or Grapes! These are about 35 years old, and come out each year.
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