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  1. Happy Birthday Vic

    No worries! Thank you Brian.
  2. Happy Birthday Vic

    But just as welcome Maggie, thank you.
  3. Has anybody noticed?

    Very true CL that is exactly how it happened, I would have made it quite clear that it wasn't me if I thought anyone was going to see it as being "the other me" I wouldn't really call them a culprit rather than the satisfied diner.
  4. Has anybody noticed?

    I don't understand that comment "we now know the alter ego of Vic Patterson" also " is this because of the culinary deviance of Vic?" I hope you don't think that it was me who ate the bird! I think you made a wrong assumption that it was me who ate them, not guilty.
  5. Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy birthday Brian, hope you have a great day.
  6. Todd's Barbers

    I've got a load of car parts but nowt newer than 1929.
  7. Happy Birthday Vic

    Thank you HPW, the boss is keepin canny, and envious of your garden, we'll see the grass soon (from the top I hope)
  8. Has anybody noticed?

    Two arrived here but there was no message attached, they were very tasty.
  9. Happy Birthday Vic

    Thank you Foxy.
  10. Happy Birthday Vic

    Thank you Malcolm.
  11. Happy Birthday Vic

    Thank you CL, yes the snow has been here long enough, we had quite a lot this year but it hasn't snowed for a few days and its quite a bit warmer, I even had a summer jacket on for my daily walk yesterday, but its still about six weeks away from seeing any plant life, the frost should out of the ground by early May thats when I plant the garden.
  12. Happy Birthday Vic

    Thank you Pete, it hasn't snowed for a few days now, it is forecast again in a few days, we have had daytime plus temperatures for three days now (+5c yesterday) and lost a lot of snow.
  13. Has anybody noticed?

    Out of curiosity when I was in our supermarket today I checked out the candy section, lots of Cadbury's, Hershey and many others chocolate products, eggs and bunnies etc but there was only one package that said Easter on it and that was one of the Cadbury's mini eggs packages. But alas they were completely out of hot cross buns, (I don't like them but the "boss" does)
  14. Has anybody noticed?

    Dyeing, dying, maybe both!
  15. Has anybody noticed?

    The Laverock hall road is the A1061 the road coming out of Blyth from Newsham, up to the roundabout that right takes you Bedlington, Horton and Three horse shoes and left to Seaton Delaval, straight over towards Shankhouse and Cramlington. I'm not sure what leaves would be used when dying the eggs, the yellow gorse flower was under the onion skin, tied with thread I'd guess the the leaves would have been also from the gorse bush!