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  1. yes Newcastle, thats the score i wanted 2-1, good start ti this weeks predictions
  2. This week I have Newcastle ti win 3-0
  3. TonyC

    E (96).jpg

    Do you remember the Italian ice cream shop, the white building in the middle. They made the best ice cream. I used to spend a lot of time their, it's an indian take out now. Well it was when i was in Bedlington Station in 2004.
  4. I was having withdrawl symptoms last week, glad it on again, i have Newcastle to win 2-1 too
  5. Happy Birthday Cympil, hope you had a good day
  6. TonyC

    Happy Birthday

    H B Fourgee, hope you had a good one.
  7. Yes HP, Thanks for the welcome, for setting this up and for bringing some excitement into my weekends.
  8. Happy Birthday BB, hope you have a good one.
  9. Happy New Year to everyone, hope you have a great year.
  10. Happy Birthday Mate, hope you have a good day.
  11. Congratulations, what a treasure.
  12. TonyC

    E (99).jpg

    yea thats Kings rd, where a used ti live.
  13. TonyC

    E (277).jpg

    we have a monument similar to this in the town I live in, if anyone wants ti see it just say and I'll post it.
  14. Great picture, a little blury but brings back good memories fo me.
  15. TonyC


    tha used ti be a public toilet just past the road on the left, is it still their. me and mi mate were on the roof of it and we were picken dandilian and wacken them and they med a poping noise. we thought it was great til the police came. he thought we were trying to look in the girls toilets. so we had to help him get on the roof so he could see what wi wo deiin. he let wi go like.
  16. TonyC

    Hows The Weather

    So not many trips ti Blyth beach than.
  17. Went outside this morning to find first winter storm of the year. It took me 30-40 mins to scrape the ice off the car. We have about one inch of snow at the minute and its going to snow all day.
  18. TonyC

    E (136).jpg

    Me and my Dad were fishing when I was a kid 9-10 year old some 36 odd years ago, on this side further up the pier on the rocks at low tide and got surounded by water. my dad threw me over his back and waded through waist high water to safety, when the search and rescue helicopter arrived. We then waved off the helicopter. So thank you to the search and rescue men and woman for there quick response.
  19. TonyC

    E (293).jpg

    This plaque is on Blythe beach at the old air raid look out bunker site.
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