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  1. Happy Birthday Keith, have a good one...
  2. happy birthday Brettly, hope you had a great day....
  3. Club Domino, my favorite subject as a few people on here already know. Right I'll start at the beginning. As a little kid aged 6 or 7 my Aunt came from Co Durham and took me and my two sisters to see a movie at the Wallaw. I think the movie was "The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery" Only movie I ever saw there. Then the place closed and was remodeled to be The Domino as we called it. Big night club that was just up the street from where we lived as I lived at 15 Kings rd. My Mom & Dad used to go there all the time. I remember once they went with my aunt's and uncles and they were being very secretive but excited about the act the night before. The act was "Dicky and Dotty". I soon figured out it was a semi nude act where the guy "Dicky" all he had on was a hat to cover his parts and I think the girl "Dotty" had fig leaves covering her parts. Ask the older folks, 60 70 yr old's, they will remember. Another time my Mom said "I lost my false eye lashes in my drink" She said that to me just last week.. As kids we would play in the parking lot beside the side doors, before they put up the big fence and me and Peter Hall (Alan) as I knew him then got asked in to see the act in there make up room, that happened a couple of times although we didn't have a clue who we were meeting, we soon got bored of that. Next they built the big fence at the side of the building so one day we were going to the shop and there was a bull from one of the farms down opposite Grange Park was wandering the street in front of The Domino so I thought I'll get it to chase me into the fenced area so opened the gate took off my red top I was wearing and went up to the bull waving my red top at the bull, sure enough it came after me, I ran into the fenced area had my sister close the gate behind the bull and I climbed the fence red top still in mi hand and we went home. My sis said should we tell anyone, no I said. I was maybe 10 yr old. Eric and Paul Emmerson were with us that day. Then there was the Saturday afternoon kid dances. This was the highlight of my younger days. Me and my good friends, Peter Hall, Eric Emmerson, Robie (David Robertson) used to go and they used to have a dance competition every Saturday and I used to dance my heart out and used to win all the time and the girl who ran it used to give me a box of chocolates and would ask me for a kiss when she gave me the chocolates. That was the best, I loved it. CYMPIL IF YOU CAN REMEMBER HER NAME CAN YOU PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME WITH HER NAME. THE GIRL WHO USED TO RUN THE DANCES..????? and I'll fill you in more then......You will be quite surprised....LOL...Then we moved to Canada in 1973. In 1977 or 78 we went home for a holiday and it was xmas time and I went to The Domino on New Years Eve, I met a guy who was on sick leave from the Army as he got knifed in the stomach by a young kid in Northern Ireland and it just turned 12 midnight so I said to him lets go give New Year kisses out and me and this guy went around and kissed every girl in the place. that was a great night..so I have many great memories of The Domino. Too bad it's gone now....
  4. I miss the Dominno, Saterday afternoon dances for the kids
  5. happy birthday Monsta, hope you had a great day
  6. TonyC


    Happy Birthday Vic
  7. Well I love the royal family and can't wait ti see the wedding and will be going to see them if they come to Toronto after they are married like I saw Prince Charles and Lady Diana in the early 80's.
  8. Very important day of the year for me. I wouldn't miss it for nothing. Although the one I went to was in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada my heart went out to all our Men and Women of the armed forces all over the world.
  9. After taking the test my speed is 12 mbps. my internet provider just doubled the speed on mine for no extra cost
  10. Hello Monsta and all mi predict the premiership mates, are we in it this year. I am anyway although missed todays games. Got mi predictions in fo the morn wi the toon ti win 2-1. Man U's gannin doon. Howay Newcastle.
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