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  1. My great grandmother was a Mary Jane Clayton who had a son John with a Henry Ord. Any relation? There is a house next to the pub called Ord House
  2. Help, I'm a Clayton descended from John Clayton of Bedlington. His father was John Clayton son of Mary Jane Clayton of Bedlington and Henry Ord of West Woodburn. His mum was a Hannah Maddison from Blyth. Her dad was Jacob. My Mum was a Patricia Anne Burke-Casey who lived in Bedlington in the 40's and 50's who's mum was Julia Gladys Burke and who's stepdad was John (jack) Casey. Does anyone know anything about any of these people or John Angus who my Mum was seeing before my dad.
  3. I'm Honor from a family of Bedlington Clayton's who descended from Woodburn Ord's, Scottish Border Connor's and my Dad's mum was a Blyth Maddison. Does anyone know anything at all about any of these families. I'd be grateful for any info at all as I'm trying to do a family tree for my children. Many thanks
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