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  1. This was a typo, I meant kilos. I totally forgot about coming in to check out what everybody has been talking about, was pleasantly surprised to see many new posts to read through. What happening to all the pubs??????? Mind you can anyone get to them in all the snow anyway??
  2. happy birthday I hope the hospital experience is a good one
  3. Hi Joe thank you for you kind words. My little girl entered the world on July 22nd her name is Moe (Moet) Luna and she was a lovely healthy weight of 3359kg and shes still doing well! I am not, it was a 3 day labour which ended in an emergency C section. I then got an infection in the wound and the doctors opened the first layer of the c section wound, I have had an open wound since then, they dont want to sew it up because of fears of contracting another infection. So it closing slowly by itself, its going to be months before Im back to normal and then after its healed I will have to go under the knife again for cosmetic surgery. One thing I have learned is babies are the best pain killer in the world! xxx
  4. Happy Birthday Ms Hair!!!!! We share our birthday once again!!! The difference is this year Im 30 today and over 40 weeks pregnant! This has thrown the spanner in the works for some festivities as I thought she would have came by now, no such luck. So looks like baby wont be shareing our birthday MS Hair! Have a great day!
  5. I love my mac, when it works!!!!! The opperating system is better than windows (I personally feel), but the hardware is terrible. My 3 year old i mac has taken to shutting down randomly by itself!!!!! And thats not to mention the 3 fried hard drives, the last being replaced by myself rather than sending it to the shop to be fixed. Im still a mac lover but now I have a windows lap top as well so I dont need to rely on the mac. All good...has anyone else seen this on the grapevine?
  6. Well a shout box may have attracted more people, but it would run the risk of never having anyone in it, there is nothing worse than an empty chatroom....boring
  7. You guys felt a little one, Japan has huge ones and recently I was in Bali and felt a massive one, very scary.
  8. Well I dont need a whole new head thats for sure :lol:
  9. I really want a nose job, have been thinking that way for ages. Dont know if I would do it unless money was no object, after all there are so many other things to spend money on. Its different for everyone, and I think everyone feels different about trying it out.
  10. My goodness who kicked your dog????? I had to re read this entire post trying to work it out?????
  11. Im not sure what this means??????? :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:
  12. Happy new year from Tokyo.......keep warm over there in blighty!!
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