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  1. i'm actually quite a fan of the Commy! Cheap drinks, good banter, gigs occasionally. Meh
  2. Ok i'll admit now i've not read 100% of this topic, only up to Toby's second post. But anyways, I'd just like to say, that when i was younger, i was quite the opposite of you Toby. I say younger, i mean when i was 15 - 18. I had loads of mates, i was always hanging about the streets, and i will admit i used to knock about with some troublemakers. I went to all the 6th Form Socials, I organised them back in 6th Form. I was drinking before i was 18. I was rarely in the house, even though i did have a playstation/internet or whatever. The one thing i did have, was respect for other people. ...I've never done anything like harrassing or taunting people, i've certainly NEVER done anything like Jester is describing, i personally think it's absolutely disgusting. I'm not a 'somebody' but i do look down my nose at scum like that. I actually caused quite an uproar on the bus not so long ago when some youths were firing spitballs across the bus, which resulted in me telling them to grow up (only being 20 myself) and another elderly man telling them they were 'the scum of the earth', in which i strongly agreed. They were really upsetting some elderly passengers and i was just filling with anger. I had no where to hang about, nothing to do but wander round with a group of mates, sit at the doctors, or down the front street...but i never resorted to all of this. What i'm trying to say is that i don't think it's about not having anywhere to go. It's about how they're brought up, what principles they live by, not being taught to respect others, not being taught to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. If someone is brought up to belive that doing this sort of thing is 'funny'...then...that's what they're going to do. I had one hell of an upbringing, i was taught right from wrong, i was punished for my actions, but i was also taught to think for myself and learn from mistakes. I really do hope you get this sorted Jester! There's just no call for it.
  3. Heh, thank you guys :D i won't be in Bedlington tonight, heading to ashington for a few sneaky drinks. Weyyy.
  4. there were a good few people withthem up in ashington last week too! it'd drive me mad.
  5. rachael

    Gaming League

    bejewelled: http://www.popcap.com/games/free/bejeweled...d_pcweb_en_full or online games: http://www.popcap.com/allgames.php?p=online
  6. I like it. Contemporary. and thanks for putting the St George's Day Charity Event in the features!!
  7. rachael

    Gaming League

    I just can't get past medium on GH. My little finger cramps up anyway, why don't we have a game that we can all have access to? something simple like bejewelled, tetris, bookworm, or something along those lines? easily screenshotted.
  8. He's right canny bless him he won't know what's going on if someone told him we were talking about him on here haha i know him from when i was in school!
  9. http://www.ashleysschoolofmotoring.co.uk/s...s__gallery.html second photo down is Sam
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