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  1. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) I'm working on gathering info to go with these photos but everyone please feel free to comment if you have any insight.

    I also have a private album here with other family photos from Lairds House and elsewhere around Bedlington going back to 1893 that I'll move over to public albums once I've sorted through them for any with public interest.

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  2. Netherton and Nedderton are two separate areas that are very close to each other (at least currently). There may have been some changes in how each were called over the years but I'm sure the historians on here can say if that's the case.

    Bedlington - Google Maps 2018-04-27 17-00-18.png

    If you zoom in on the present day Google maps you'll see the area I marked above is labeled as Netherton

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