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  1. Quote

    Bedlington Police - we are aware of the public interest in this incident in particular. We can't release too much as it's a live investigation. The investigation is ongoing and there has been no one charged at this point.


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  2. From Dark Justice



    At approx 22:13hrs a man in his late 30s who claimed to be a GP (General Practitioner - Doctor. We don't know if this is true yet. We will chase this up) from the Bedlington, Northumberland area has been caught by us after 4 months of online grooming of what he thought was a 13 year old child. At one point he said he liked underage girls and it aroused him the decoy being as young as she was.He ran for approx 3 miles but we pursued him on foot, he ran through fields leading us to the middle of no where which made it harder for the police to locate us, but they found us and arrested him and he is now in police custody.Once he has been through the system he will be named.

    It seems like the Police are becoming more and more stretched... 

  3. Some of the walking tours I've done (in larger cities) have operated as free but with donations encouraged. People are often willing to donate and the guides are then motivated to be engaging and humourous as opposed to being monotonous and scripted. I'm not sure if that model would work with smaller groups but "just another idea"

  4. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me. Encouraging a bit of tourism can only be a good thing and Bedlington would be an ideal base for people to explore Northumberland/Newcastle from.

    Hopefully the hotel plans for Laird's House will go ahead too in the not too distant future.

  5. Yes. I live on the Main Street and most weekends  after kicking out time there's at least a few idiots shouting, fighting and trashing the place. It used to be there would be a couple of police cars patrolling the street at this time, does this not still happen? I don't recall seeing any. 

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