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  1. Thanks CL. Tricky ones this week. Looks like I need to add a spoiler plugin to hide other peoples answers. 

    1. Anne Boleyn

    2. No idea

    3. Soup

    4. Oxford

    5. 9 if a US/modern interpretation billion. 12 if the older British definition (million million)

    6. Don’t know

    7. Don’t know

    8. Vodka martini 🍸 (shaken not stirred)

    9. Disraeli

    10. Don’t know

    11. Six

    12. Don’t know

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  2. I have been working on some changes to the website that will be going live in the next few weeks. This is mainly to simplify the experience and refresh the look a little.

    While I'm working on it I thought I would try and gather a bit of feedback.

    Does anybody have anything they find particularly annoying in the current site or any other things they feel are missing that should be available?

  3. Hi Vic

    We’re keeping in touch over skype/FaceTime/zoom/whatever is in fashion on any given day. 

    There was an online Ceilidh organised by my fiancées friends and last Friday we had a group quiz night. 

    We’re coping well so far but I miss having a garden. Both the domestic and beer types. 

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  4. Found this in the loft;


    @threegee tells me it is Mr Weeks who has a connection with the mines and was an owner if not the original owner of Lairds House when it was built in 1777.

    Does anybody have any more info? I thought it might interest others or at least serve as mild amusement if nothing else.

  5. The following was sent in via the contact us form from Yvonne...



    Almost thirty years ago our family moved into Nedderton but, regretfully, only stayed for four years as my husband changed jobs which then took us to Hull.  I shall be moving again in the foreseeable future so am trying to clear out items I have not looked at since we moved into this house twenty-two years ago. One of the items I have found is a typed transcript entitled "A Northumbrian Childhood", dated November 1967 and dedicated to "Alan".  It was written by Eric G Boll and is 51 pages long with the opening paragraph being, "I was born in the Northumbrian village of Nedderton in 1905..."

    I wondered if there is a local history or archival group who would like to save this document for future generations?

    Ever hopeful.


    @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) 

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