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  1. We did recently upgrade the software behind the website and a new "achievements" feature was temporarily enabled for testing. If you receive a notification that someone has replied to a topic/mentioned you there will be a direct link to that post in the notification. If you're seeing problems with this I'll need more info on what it is you are seeing, what is happening and what you would expect.
  2. Doctor Pit? If so, and comparing to other photos, I think they are standing roughly on the site of the current law courts.
  3. I can't confirm 100% but quite possibly.
  4. I think you’re correct.
  5. You’re a wizard Alan.
  6. Another copy dates this more accurately:
  7. From threegee. "The group of lads with one astride the car could include Philip Joyce, William Scott, and Bob? Mather?, Bill Orange, Billy Elliot - the Bedlington engineering/garages crowd who used to hang out together. Long before my time."
  8. From this photo of the same year... If this is the same person in both photos. I wonder if the c1930 photo could be a little earlier judging by the moustache colouring
  9. Thanks Alan, that makes sense with James D Millne, Elizabeth Millne and a young Jimmy Millne noted in the picture and @threegee’s notes on David Millne’s involvement with Church of Christ (https://www.bedlington.co.uk/gallery/image/2651-james-david-millne/) Yes feel free to share with Susan.
  10. Taken today 13/6/2021:
  11. Yes i agree. I don’t think it’s the same building. I do think it may be the same location though. There are some similarities between this stone building and one in Evan Martin’s photo and the other building with the two chimney stacks. i don’t know if reproducing Evan’s photo here comes under fair use or not but perhaps @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) has a copy or can confirm the location. In Evans photo this building could be further up towards the Red Lion than the Trinity church building in the Google image.
  12. Thanks @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) The trophy looks to have a shorter base and stem than the one in the Past Times group photo but that does look very much like it could be "Jimmy" Millne on the left. I haven't seen many side profile photos of him.
  13. Thanks @Canny lass a California thread is unravelling
  14. There's a photo in Evan Martin's "Bedlingtonshire" book from 1920 on page 14 that seems to confirm this is Trinity Church to the far right.
  15. Humford baths or A Pit?
  16. Yes this photo seems to confirm the gift shop as ?? Next to F.C. Carr and son.
  17. Thanks for the detective work. I don’t believe there are any direct connections but I did suspect it wasn’t Bedlington. There are quite a few letters with these photos so I’ll see if I can find any other links to America.
  18. The building with the ?? In your image is currently being fitted out as a bathroom showroom. I think that was Millne’s gift shop with Meadow dairy to the right.
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