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  1. Bedlington Timeline

    It took a while but it's back up and running now.
  2. Foggans Yard

    There's two topics with references to Foggan's yard I can find (excluding yours )
  3. There was a Kwik Save in there at one point.
  4. Happy Birthday Canny Lass

    Happy birthday @Canny lass
  5. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all.
  6. Bedlington Terriers FC - 'Pitch in your support'

    I promoted the link through the Bedlington.co.uk social channels too and in the next newsletter.
  7. Happy Birthday Andy

    Thanks Brain I had to check the calendar there for a second, I thought the year had passed me by.
  8. Dog found wandering in Bomarsund 04-11-2017

    Replies to topics in this forum have always needed approval. It's open to guests posting and people tend to forget they're posting in public and give out sensitive info.
  9. Can anybody recommend a Bedlington plumber?

    Thanks HPW. I’ll give them a try.
  10. Does anybody have any personal recommendations for a plumber to repair a gas central heating boiler in Bedlington please? Thanks
  11. Shared through the Bedlington.co.uk Facebook page.
  12. Access problems

    Should be fixed now
  13. Happy Birthday Andy

    Thanks Guys.
  14. Bedlington Timeline

    No, it's still around but the 3rd party code used to power it needs updating.