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  1. Petty Vandalism

  2. From Dark Justice It seems like the Police are becoming more and more stretched...
  3. Petty Vandalism

    More last night unfortunately...
  4. until
    Let’s Talk Taboo!…so we can focus on Prevention Target Audience: Anyone who works with or has a responsibility for protecting children and young people. This includes parents and guardians, volunteers in community groups, safeguarding professionals, etc. Registration: 9:30 – 9.55 am Agenda for the Day 10am Short introduction to Day – (including Video Presentation from Dame Vera Baird) 10.10 am –Andy Woodward - the first former premier footballer to disclose the football abuse scandal now EAUK Director of Sport 10.25 am - Marilyn Hawes, Founder and CEO of Enough Abuse UK 1:00 Short Refreshment Break 1:30 pm – Raw Production Film Control (90 seconds) followed by Introduction to CSE Prevention in Northumberland - Patrick Boyle 1.40 pm - First Time Free Prevention Drama & Workshop Open Clasp Theatre Company 2.30 pm – Partnership Project NDAS, Police, Health and Education – Justine Clephane 2.40 pm – West End Women & Girls Peer Educators 2.50 pm – Little Big Butterfly – Young Women’s Film Academy Project 3.00 – 3.30 pm – Close and Evaluation About NDAS NDAS is a registered charity that provides comprehensive support to those experiencing or affected by domestic violence or abuse. Women, men, young people, older people, people with disabilities, gay, straight, bi, trans; we don't discriminate about who you are, we try to help anyone affected by domestic violence or abuse. Our main aim is to protect and empower all service users by providing flexible and professional support throughout Northumberland.
  5. Gallery Albums

    Should be sorted now.
  6. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    Well spotted . Jimmy Millne also lost an L. Hopefully they'll be corrected in the second revision.
  7. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    Here's the heritage leaflet... Bedlington CA Leaflet p.1.pdf Bedlington CA Leaflet p.2.pdf
  8. Twinkle Toes Social Dance

    Twinkle Toes Social Dance is a friendly and open event for anyone with an interest in dancing. It is not a class, nor is it a lesson; it is a place for people to come together and share their skills and experience. Perhaps tonight you will learn how to foxtrot... or perhaps tonight you will show someone how to salsa! There is no dress code, simply wear something comfortable that you can move in. You don't need to bring a partner either, but of course the more the merrier. Entry is £3.50, which includes participation in our weekly bingo game, with a great prize to be won every week.We have a great venue which is fully accessible, a very reasonably priced licensed bar, and it's a great way to stay active and make new friends.
  9. Happy Birthday Foxy

    Happy birthday @John Fox (foxy) Have a good one.
  10. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    Some of the walking tours I've done (in larger cities) have operated as free but with donations encouraged. People are often willing to donate and the guides are then motivated to be engaging and humourous as opposed to being monotonous and scripted. I'm not sure if that model would work with smaller groups but "just another idea"
  11. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    Sounds like a fantastic idea to me. Encouraging a bit of tourism can only be a good thing and Bedlington would be an ideal base for people to explore Northumberland/Newcastle from. Hopefully the hotel plans for Laird's House will go ahead too in the not too distant future.
  12. Petty Vandalism

    Yes. I live on the Main Street and most weekends after kicking out time there's at least a few idiots shouting, fighting and trashing the place. It used to be there would be a couple of police cars patrolling the street at this time, does this not still happen? I don't recall seeing any.
  13. Petty Vandalism

    Seriously, what is the point?
  14. Non Members - what topics can they see?

    Non members can see all forums but must be signed in to post, they cannot view the webcam.
  15. Waters/Kinley back in Bedlington!

    Rob and Chris will be playing some singalong covers that everyone will know, as well as some really nice proper emotional stuff that nobody will know... mostly the former though.Come see us!