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  1. Andy Millne

    Bedlington FC Vipers crowned Filey Cup Champions (again!)

    Well done Vipers! 👍
  2. Andy Millne

    Problems with webcam?

    I've brought back a static image feed for now. The camera is quite popular even just amongst members so the video feed isn't sustainable with the current setup. I'm looking into a way to keep the video feed going but in the meantime refresh to see an updated view.
  3. Andy Millne

    Problems with webcam?

    It's going to be offline for a bit longer.
  4. Andy Millne

    Problems with webcam?

    Fixes bit it may be intermittent over the next few days.
  5. Andy Millne

    Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2

    Interesting, I've always known the area inside Netherton lane as Netherton... where Netherton social club is now.
  6. Andy Millne

    Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2

    Netherton and Nedderton are two separate areas that are very close to each other (at least currently). There may have been some changes in how each were called over the years but I'm sure the historians on here can say if that's the case. If you zoom in on the present day Google maps you'll see the area I marked above is labeled as Netherton
  7. Andy Millne

    Problems with webcam?

    Back soon folks.
  8. Andy Millne

    East Bedlington Community Centre

    Yes the site is free for anybody to advertise their events. I have contacted East and West Bedlington community centres in the past but never seemed to get any traction.
  9. Andy Millne

    Problems with webcam?

    Naaa it’s just the wrong kind of rain. ☔️
  10. Andy Millne

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy birthday @Brian Cross
  11. Andy Millne

    Support members

    Thanks for the support CL. We have editorial control over what advert categories show so I looked into what was being blocked and whilst adult content was not permitted there were some "sensitive categories" still enabled. Thanks for highlighting it and site sponsorship.
  12. Andy Millne

    Happy Birthday Vic

    Happy birthday Vic. Have a good one!
  13. Andy Millne

    Has anybody noticed?

    On the issue of two accounts. There are technical reasons why two accounts can be created without the user being fully aware of it. If a member creates an account using a regular registration process by manually entering name and email address etc. on the registration form then this will create one account. If they then later use one of the social sign in links (Sign in with Facebook, Google etc) then the site will try and identify an existing manual registration by linking the email address used for the initial registration with their social account. If there is no existing account using that email address then a new account will be created. It doesn't appear that there was any attempt to intentionally mislead people with two accounts nor am I suggesting anyone was implying such, I just thought I would clarify the situation.
  14. Andy Millne

    Westridge 'Remove' June 1964

    From Valerie Straker via Email.
  15. Andy Millne

    Bedlington Timeline

    It took a while but it's back up and running now.