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  1. Bedlington Carnival

    A Fun Filled Day For All The Family!! Including the following: A Fun Fair Craft Stalls Food Stalls Free Balloon Modelling Face Painting Full Live Entertainment hosted by Paul Grant and staring a Little Mix Tribute Band!!! Visits from Princesses and Super Hero's FREE ENTRY NOT TO BE MISSED
  2. Visit Bedlington

    A brief intro to Bedlington heritage and a walking tour can be found in the leaflet in the following post which inevitably covers a small bit of terrier history too.
  3. Havannah drift mine, pit 6

    I fixed the rotation

    You probably caught an advert just as it was going into rotation or an advert the ad network decided wasn't appropriate between it displaying and you clicking it. I wouldn't worry, probably just an anomaly. Some of the adverts currently in rotation are served by Google automatically but we'll be phasing them out in favour of local business advertising over the coming months.
  5. Councillor Robinson - May 2017.

    Thanks for the updates as usual Malcolm
  6. The crane is up at the Old School site.
  7. Petty Vandalism

  8. Petty Vandalism

    and allegedly now released them without charge due to age.
  9. EE have today added a new 4G site near Netherton Lane. If you notice better service in this area this is probably why. If you're getting bad service here from another provider it may be time to switch.
  10. Plans Submitted for Micro Pub in Bedlington

    Only registered assistance dogs are allowed in Wetherspoons.
  11. New train service for Bedlington

    For a group actually trying to make train services a reality visit ABTRA
  12. I'm tired of waiting for reinstated rail services in Bedlington. I'm setting something like this up. Who's with me? ?
  13. Petty Vandalism

    The police have apparently arrested a suspect.
  14. Petty Vandalism

  15. From Dark Justice It seems like the Police are becoming more and more stretched...