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Vile thug spat at paramedics who had just saved his life and made death threats


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Despicable Kieran Ditchburn spat at two paramedics who had just saved his life and threatened to kill them and their families.

When the ambulance men revived him after he took a drugs overdose, the thug reacted with disgusting aggression instead of gratitude.

He spat in the face of one of the paramedics, leading to an anxious six month wait to see if blood tests showed if he had contracted any diseases.

A court heard Ditchburn also repeatedly punched his mother and taunted the ambulance crew by asking what they were going to do about it.

He then spat at two police officers.

The 21-year-old had been given a suspended prison sentence just weeks earlier for spitting at police while claiming to have coronavirus and calling medical staff offensive names.

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