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Tree re-planting continues at County Hall site

Work to re-plant around 150 trees in the grounds of  County Hall in Morpeth is continuing - with the help of local young people.

The council has already undertaken work to re-plant trees along Queen Elizabeth Avenue on the open space area at the front of County Hall, to restore this attractive tree-lined footpath which is heavily used and enjoyed by both staff and local residents.

Now members of the local 6th Morpeth St Aidan's Brownies have joined councillors and staff in the planting work.

The planting scheme will retain the existing colour theme by replanting with the original varieties of purple leaved Norway Maple and Golden leaved Sycamore.

Additional  trees will be planted on the open space in front of County Hall and in the quadrangle at the centre of the building that is used by councillors and staff.  Tree species will include oak, lime, maple, wild cherry, silver birch, rowan and alder.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Local Services and the Environment, said:  “We fully appreciated the level of public concern over the felling of the trees and have listened to the views of local residents.

“Workers have been busy removing the stumps of the felled trees and replanting new ones in the County Hall grounds and the area is already looking better.

“We’re delighted that local young people have been getting involved with the re-planting and helping create a green legacy for the county’s future.
“The work also demonstrates our commitment to  remaining at and improving the current County Hall site.”

The trees were cut down in January as part of plans by the previous administration to build a retail park, new first school and 200 homes on the land.

This scheme was halted by the County Council’s new administration.

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