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Thug spat at two police officers and headbutted after claiming to have Covid-19


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Twisted Mark White racially abused and spat at police officers while claiming to have coronavirus and tried to bite nurses who were treating him in hospital.

In a sickening display of vile behaviour to emergency workers, White lashed out physically and verbally after being arrested and taken into custody.

He called officers disgusting racist names, headbutted one of them and spat at two while claiming he had covid - causing great concern and worry.

The 36-year-old lowlife, of Briarwood Cottages, Annitsford, North Tyneside, was even abusive to nurses who were trying to treat him after he was injured while being restrained.

He called one at a police station a "fat s**g" then when taken to hospital he tried to bite nurses' hands and threatened to assault them.

Newcastle Crown Court he has previous convictions for attacking police officers and his victims described him as "vile" and "pathetic".

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