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Synergy Makes Expansion Easy


Keith Fitzsimmons, the co-owner of Synergy, first approached Stelios in December 2010 shortly after the launch of easyGym, with a view to opening physiotherapy clinics at the easyGym sites as a complementary service. More than 18 months later the CEO of easyGym, Paul Lorimer-Wing confirmed that he wanted Synergy to be its Physiotherapy partner.

Keith, who has so far invested £90,000 in the easyGym openings, said: "I launched Synergy in 1999 and opened the Bedlington clinic in 2002. Since then I have expanded the business, opening in Carlisle and in Gosforth, with a total of seven physiotherapists and two administration staff "“ so we are a successful business. But I saw this as a great opportunity. EasyGym has been a pleasure to work with and is eventually looking at opening 50 sites across the UK "“ so this is an extremely exciting time for us."

Synergy is fitting out the clinics - which are a minimum of 160 sq ft and each employ at least of two physios "“ with top quality furniture and state of the art equipment.

Keith has also invested in a bespoke online booking system, developed by Newcastle based web developer Jump, that allows real time booking, giving greater choice to patients and saving Synergy time in administration.

He said: "The clinics at EasyGym sites are open seven days and longer hours than normal physio clinics are "“ from as early as 6.30am in some places "“ so therefore we needed a realtime booking system that enabled patients to make their appointments online, and pay for them at the same time.

"We are also looking at expanding the services offered at all of the sites to incorporate sports nutritionists, podiatrists, and even sports doctors."

Paul Lorimer-Wing from EasyGym said: "When Synergy approached us we saw a great opportunity to develop complementary services at EasyGym sites. Keith has done a great job in developing those services and opening well equipped clinics. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership."

Synergy, which won the Rio Tinto Business of the Year award in 2008, has also recently been asked to provide physiotherapy services to the stars of the X Factor during some parts of their UK-wide tour, including the recent shows at the Newcastle arena.

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