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Street light scheme scheduled for completion

Northumberland County Council’s ambitious scheme to replace more than 40,000 streetlights across the County will be completed by next summer.

Northumberland County Council is entering the last few months of a three year project to replace all Northumberland’s street lights with more efficient LED lights and 16,000 columns which are reaching the end of their life in an ambitious scheme which will ultimately produce overall energy savings of around 64%, the equivalent of around £1.3m a year.

To date, the scheme has seen around 32,000 new units installed, with a detailed programme for the rest of the works taking the project to completion for next summer.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet member for Environment and Local Services, said: “These lights have made a great improvement in many areas, improving both driver and pedestrian safety, as well as delivering good levels of energy savings.

“This has been an extremely ambitious project which has presented a number of technical challenges, which our teams have been working tirelessly to overcome to complete all works.

“We appreciate people’s patience and support during the project so far and we are working closely with our contractor to ensure that the remaining works are carried out swiftly, with minimal disruption to the residents of Northumberland.”

For further information and to view the programme of remaining works in each community, click here

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It may save the council some money on their lighting bill and reduce light pollution but the new lights are awful and if I was a vulnerable person I'd be extremely nervous walking on my own on Alnwick Drive/Dunstanburgh. The lights brightly illuminate the area directly beneath them but they only cover a small circle of ground making tiny islands of light in the dark rather than lighting the street as the name implies.

On Dunstanburgh one of the lights near us is effectively in a tree and thus illuminates the top of the tree and virtually none of the street. It means that effectively there is a very long stretch with no lighting at all. Not great considering the number of schoolkids using the street.

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