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Shock after 'hundreds of mourners flout Covid-19 rules' at funerals


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A shocked onlooker claims huge groups of mourners gathered for two funeral in Bedlington.

Current Covid-19 rules forbid no more than 30 guests attending a funeral.

However, one local claimed hundreds came to pay their final respects at a pair of recent send-offs at West Lea Cemetery.

"I'm fuming that people think the rules don't apply to them," said the witness, who asked to remain anonymous.

"It may seem heartless to complain about people paying respects but I've lost members of my family during this pandemic who were only allowed six mourners.

"During lockdown I'm playing by the rules and just going out once a day for a walk and I'm used to having to step aside or cross the road to give other people space, but I don't expect to be seeing something akin to crowds coming out of a football match on a regular basis"

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