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Residents encouraged to have their say on highways

Local people are being asked for their views on the county’s highways and transport services – from the condition of roads and footpaths to the quality of cycling facilities.

Their answers will be compared with the views of other members of the public across England and Scotland, thanks to the National Highways and Transport Public Satisfaction survey.

Northumberland County Council is one of 112 local authorities to sign up to a standardised survey that will ask members of the public exactly the same questions, whether they live in Norfolk, Nottinghamshire or Northumberland.

The survey, which is being run for the tenth year, is the largest collaboration between local authorities offering the opportunity to compare results, share in best practice and identify further opportunities to work together in the future.

The questionnaire will be sent to a random sample of at least 3,300 of the county’s  residents from 19th June, followed by a reminder, with local and national results to be published in mid-October 2017.  Since the survey is based on a sample, residents that receive a copy are being urged to take part.  

Residents that receive the questionnaire can complete the survey online if they prefer, a short  link will be printed on the front of the questionnaire and they will be required to enter a code before completing the questionnaire.

The results will enable the council to find out what people in Northumberland think about these important services.

The County Council has been doing the survey since it started and the feedback sits alongside other engagement it carries out via town and parish councils to help it determine and prioritise future works and improvements.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services, said: “As one of the country’s largest counties with over 3,200 miles of road, we fully understand the importance of maintaining and improving our network.

“This survey is another way for us to get a greater understanding of residents’ views on a range of transport and highways issues and enable us to work together to improve the lives of our many communities.

“Residents views are extremely important to us so I hope very much that people are able to find the time to fill it in and let us know their thoughts.”

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