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Planning to Build Two Houses at Humford Mill


an issue raised by our colleagues at Bedlington Matters and Ann Pattison, an ex Humford Mill resident, MAN4B hopes that the new Strategic Planning Committee will grasp another opportunity to flex its recently acquired muscles.

Why? Because permission has been applied for to build two ‘executive’ style homes in the middle of Bedlington Country Park.

Like many, MAN4B is appalled that this application has even been submitted. To apply to build within an area designated as both a Local Wildlife Site and a Local Nature Reserve, particularly 'executive' housing which is out of the reach of the vast majority of Bedlington residents, is insulting and offensive to our community.

This should be seen and dealt with as what it is - a money making exercise at the expense of the wildlife which has been present in this habitat for hundreds of years and also to the thousands of people who love, care for and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Country Park.

Please visit the NCC Planning website – type ‘Humford’ into the search engine and see for yourself. If you are as incensed as we are please add your objection to the many already there.



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Hi   I spent many wonderful hours at Humford as a child and young teenager and it should be left to be enjoyed for generations to come.

   Iv'e seem it many times in places Iv'e lived all over the UK, once initial  permission is given, it opens the floodgate for others, both individuals and speculators,to jump in and make a fast buck.I currently live about 60 miles north east of Aberdeen so am unable to make any contribution.  To those who live in the community now I would say protest until you are blue in the face. once approved, a precedent has been set and you will lose something which is precious..

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Welcome to the Forum Brian.

Your comments are 'spot on'.

You live in a beautiful part of the World.

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