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A teenager is due to appear in court charged with arson and explosive offences following an incident in Northumberland.
The 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will appear before magistrates sitting at Newcastle Crown Court on Saturday following the incident in Glanton.
Shortly before 9pm on Tuesday, the Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service called police to a blaze at an address on South View.
Officers attended and say a number of potentially hazardous substances were found inside the property.
A cordon was put in place and four nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution.
A 17-year-old male was arrested and an investigation was launched.

A shocking video has emerged of a sickening street fight between a teenage gang and two adults in Northumberland.
The video - which has been shared widely on social media - shows the conflict spill out from a bus into the road on Ravensworth Street, Bedlington, on Friday night.
The start of the clip shows an heated argument between a man stood outside the parked Arriva bus and the youths inside the vehicle at about 11pm.
After a brief period of time, the man puts down a bag and steps on to the bus when the violence ensues.
The fight quickly moves back to the pavement, and the footage shows five teenagers kicking the man several times as he lies on the ground.
The violence then moves into the street itself, where a woman has joined the fight and the man is thrown to the tarmac twice.

Two men have made their first appearance in court charged with attempted murder after a gun was allegedly fired at a van.
Mark Exley and Christopher Embleton were arrested following an incident in Kingston Park.
At about 7.45am on February 22, police received a report that a gun had been shot at a white van as it waited at traffic lights on Windsor Way.
Nobody was injured and the driver of the van was able to flee the scene before later contacting police.
Officers launched an investigation and a number of people were arrested in connection with the incident.
On Tuesday, Exley and Embleton were brought into the dock at South East Northumberland Magistrates' Court in Bedlington, both charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Two men have been charged with attempted murder after a gun was allegedly fired in Newcastle.
At about 7.45am on Friday, February 22, police received a report that a gun had shot at a white van as it waited at traffic lights on Windsor Way in Kingston Park.
Nobody was injured and the driver of the van was able to run off before later contacting police.
The alleged shooter was also seen by witnesses getting into the passenger side of a blue Rover 75 Saloon and being driven away.
This vehicle was quickly abandoned and burnt out on South Benwell Road.
A police investigation was launched immediately and extensive inquiries have taken place to identify those responsible.

Northumberland-based QualitySolicitors Lawson & Thompson is offering Wills at no cost* to people aged 55 and over as part of an award-winning Will Scheme partnership with Barnardo’s.
The exclusive partnership means those who do not already have one in place can have a simple Will professionally written that captures everything from final wishes and organ donation preferences, to basic inheritance and tax planning, at no cost to them.
In return, those taking advantage of the offer will be asked to consider leaving a legacy gift in their Will to Barnardo’s. The scheme has already seen over 3,500 people take part and a huge £16.8m pledged in future legacy income for vulnerable and disadvantaged children throughout the UK since it began in 2010. The money goes towards research and services for young people and families who have a disability or who have experienced poverty, sexual exploitation or domestic violence.
Research by Unbiased has shown that around 60 per cent of adults in the UK do not have a will.[1] The top reason people keep putting it off is that they plan to make one when they are older. Earlier research from the Citizens Advice service showed the number of people who are dying intestate (without a will) is rising; queries rose to 3,747 in 2015, up from 1,522 in 2011.[2]
QualitySolicitors Lawson & Thompson Partner Tim Barker said making a will is not something people should put off.
“A will is the only way for people to legally have their say in how their estate will be handled and distributed,” Mr Barker said.
“Having a will not only provides reassurance for you, but it provides clear direction and protection for any loved ones you’re leaving behind.
“We all think the worst won’t happen to us, but committing just a few hours now means no one would have to take that risk.”
Barnardo’s Senior Will Scheme Client Relationship Manager, Sue Westbury said the partnership with QualitySolicitors is invaluable. 
“The support and engagement from participating member firms continues to result in very significant numbers of pledges which will help us to plan for the future,” Ms Westbury said.
“Barnardo’s currently has three strategic aims – to build stronger families, to make safer childhoods, and to ensure positive futures for the children, young people, carers and families that we work with. We currently operate 1067 services across the UK helping over 301,000 people, and this wouldn’t be possible without the legacy income that we currently receive.
“Barnardo’s would like to say a huge thank you to QualitySolicitors Head Office and all the member firms who participate in the scheme.”
The law surrounding estate planning and administration is complex and there are risks involved in having a Will that is not properly drafted, signed or witnessed. Using a solicitor reduces these risks and gives people reassurance that they will be protected if something does go wrong.
By taking advantage of March Will Month, people aged over 55 years can have a professionally written will for free. To take part, simply call 01670 530 700 or visit www.qualitysolicitors.com/lawsonandthompson to book an appointment.
*Applies to simple single or mirror wills only for people aged 55 and over. For more complex wills you will be charged our usual fee with the discount being applied to the final invoice.
[1] Unbiased, ’31 million UK adults at risk of dying without a will’ (2 October 2017) https://business.unbiased.co.uk/press-releases/31-million-uk-adults-at-risk-of-dying-without-a-will-2-10-2017.
[2] BBC News, ‘Making a will: Sharp rise for intestate queries’ (19 May 2016)

Forced to lie in its own fifth, a starved puppy was rescued from a "putrid" fly-infested dump after being neglected by her owners.
The 10-month-old husky, named Missy, was found in Ruth Lane and Lee Kiernan's North Shields family home.
Old food was piled up on the floor and it was so high, RSPCA officer's struggled to open the door to rescue Missy.
When they did, the puppy was so hungry she "rushed " from her cage to eat some of the leftovers.
Both Missy and a white tabby cat named Cuddles were neglected so badly their former owners have been warned they could be jailed - despite their solicitor claiming they are "unsuitable" for prison.
Friday's sentencing heard how Kiernan told one RSCPA officer to "f*** off" before calling them a "cocky s****" for trying to check on the pet's welfare.

Assurances have been given that the proposed phased approach to a new passenger rail line in south-east Northumberland will not leave any towns out.
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling recently visited the county to take a ride along part of the route and hear more about the £190million plans for what's now being called the Northumberland line, linking  Ashington to Newcastle Central via Bedlington and Blyth.
It came as county councillors signed off on approximately £3.46m of spending to develop the next steps, with the aim of submitting an outline business case and proposal for the detailed design by the end of the year, and services planned to start in 2022.
During Mr Grayling's visit, council leader Peter Jackson said that while the total cost of the project is estimated to be £190m, it can be broken down into phases with a £90m first phase being 'perfectly achievable' given the 'billions being spent on HS2 and other projects in the south of England'.
This sparked questions from Labour councillors, who were concerned that the line will only be part-opened, but the Conservative leadership has now offered assurances that the phasing would simply hold back some of the infrastructure work and trains would still run all the way to Ashington.
Coun Deirdre Campbell, the Labour member for the Newsham ward through which the line will run, had described it as 'extremely concerning news', suggesting that perhaps the reason behind the dropping of the long-established Ashington, Blyth & Tyne name was 'because the supposed phasing the council leader refers to means it will not reach Blyth, never mind Bedlington or Ashington'.

Labour has continued its attack on cuts to council-tax support in Northumberland, as figures show how the reductions will disproportionately impact wards it represents.
From April, all households in the county will have to pay a minimum of eight per cent of their council-tax bill, following approval for changes to save £1million a year.
At Northumberland County Council's full meeting in January, members agreed a reduction in the level of council-tax support for working-age claimants from 100 to 92 per cent.
The change attracted some fervent criticism, but was passed by 31 votes to 26, with six abstentions, while an amendment to drop the cut as part of last week's budget debate was not put to the vote as it had already been passed the previous month.
Now, Labour has released information obtained under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, in which, they say, 'the unfair nature of balancing the county's books is laid bare'.
A breakdown of the number of people to be affected in each of the 66 council wards shows that there is a large discrepancy between different areas, much of it along party-political lines.

Changes which will mean increased home-care charges for some in Northumberland have been approved in the face of criticism from opposition councillors.
A number of amendments to Northumberland County Council's charges for care and support services for adults were given final approval at the full council meeting on Wednesday, by 36 votes to 26 with one abstention.
Setting out the "complex" recommendations which include six main changes to the charging policy for non-residential care and support services, Coun Veronica Jones, cabinet member for adult health and wellbeing, said: "I don't think any of us will be welcoming these changes, but in the overall financial context, I believe they are necessary."
But Labour's Coun Susan Dungworth said: "I don't want to get bogged down in what is a very detailed report, I want to focus on who it is we're talking about here and what we are talking about again is very, very vulnerable people in our communities.
"It's like the proposals that have already gone through this council in terms of reducing council-tax support, we are attacking the most vulnerable in this community, people who are already struggling."
To illustrate her point, she read out a series of consultation responses from those receiving the care that were included in the report to councillors.

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