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One Man Six Month Crime Spree Ends Behind Bars


A man who went on a six month crime spree across Bedlington is now behind bars, following a long-running investigation from Northumbria officers.

Local man Andrew Jackman, age 27, of no fixed address, appeared before Newcastle Crown Court on 1 September to face 20 separate charges committed between March to August this year.

Jackman has been handed a 23 month sentence, having been found guilty of all charges, for:


  • Driving while disqualified
  • Theft
  • Failure to surrender to custody
  • Making off without payment
  • Driving offences
  • Threatening behaviour

During the peak of his offending, Jackman stole an Audi A3 from a residential address in Bedlington Station and went on to use the car to commit multiple offences. He was also found slumped behind the wheel of another car in Guidepost, having been found intoxicated by a member of the public and was arrested shortly afterwards for driving while under the influence and without insurance or a licence. 

He was found to have repeatedly stolen from local shops and as a result in July, was handed a 12 month ban from a number of Morpeth premises under the Shopwatch scheme.

Chief Inspector Helena Barron said: “This was a reckless crime spree from a man who is best described as a habitual offender. Quite often we see offenders spiral out of control in this way when trying to fund a form of addiction and there is very little thought of the impact this behaviour has on others.

“His numerous driving offences could have led to serious injuries and his actions put our local community in danger.

“Jackman was a familiar face in Bedlington and was well-known to use bullying tactics and to intimidate residents and business owners. He brought about a culture of misery as he moved around the town and as such I hope local people feel reassured now that he has now been removed from our community for a considerable period of time.

"Getting individuals like Jackman off our streets to allow our communities to thrive is our absolute priority. ”

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