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New 20 mph zone outside Stannington First School

A new 20 mph speed limit has been introduced outside Stannington First School following the safety concerns of  parents, teachers  and local councillors.

New 20mph signage has been erected outside the school advising motorists they are entering a reduced speed zone, while plans are in place to introduce double yellow lines and keep clear signs outside and around the school.

Young pupils have also been involved  in a competition to design a symbol and slogan to promote slow and safe driving  past their school.
The winning slogans have  been included on a banner which is now proudly displayed outside of the school.

Stannington First School is situated on Church Road and has  over 100 pupils between the ages of 3 and 9 years on its register.
The school has  worked closely with  local County Councillor, Eileen Armstrong, the parish council,  Northumbria Police and Northumberland County Council to secure the  20 mph speed limit.

Local county councillor, Cllr Eileen Armstrong said:
“ Stannington First School is very close to the road.  Parents and teachers were becoming increasingly concerned, about the speed of the traffic in the vicinity of the school  and justifiably so. The introduction of the  new speed restriction by the council  makes Church Road a safer place for everyone. ”

“ I would like to congratulate the winners on their designs for the new banner which will go a long way to help enforce this important message.”
Research has found clear evidence that decreased traffic speeds reduce collisions and casualties. Collisions happen less often and when they do happen there is less risk of fatal injury.”

Northumberland County Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services said:
“ Cllr Armstrong has worked hard with local people to get this scheme off the ground - it is a great idea and I’m sure it will be successful.”

View the full article at Northumberland County Council

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Hope it’s more succesful than the 20mph limit along Church Lane. From observations, only approximately 15% of drivers drive accordingly. 

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