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Local Dog Found Mutilated


A helpless greyhound needed life saving treatment on Monday after it was discovered bound in electrical tape covered in blood with it's ears cut off. The dog, a black male greyhound, was found by a member of the public at the Bank Top in Bedlington and taken to a local veterinary centre in Morpeth where he is now making a good recovery.

"Lugless Douglas" as he has been nicknamed by veterinary centre staff is believed to be a former racing greyhound due to the horrific nature of the abuse. Racing dogs are often tattooed in the ears so they can be identified and it is thought that the perpetrators carried out this sickening act in order to remove this method of tracing.

RSPCA representatives have gone on record as saying:

"This is an horrific and sickening act of cruelty."

"It is clear this dog's ears have been removed by a sharp implement, which must have caused him unimaginable pain and distress."

"Thankfully he was rescued early and taken to safety, else he easily could have died."

"We just hope someone will now come forward with vital information to help us discover what happened."

The RSPCA also requests that anybody with any information to contact their National Cruelty and Advice Line on 0300 123 4999

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