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Four Isn't Bedlington's Fave!


Channel Four TV's recent A Place In The Sun feature on Bedlington meets with universal disapproval!

"It's a desperate place Bedlington; at least that's what it was made out to be on national television."

""¦maybe a campaign to ask channel 4 to redress what we see as a slur and ask them to do a better profile for Bedders?"

"All the town needs is a bit of investment, sort out the wasteland near Tescos, convert Elliotts garage and the church hall and the whole place will be looking much better. "¦ Nowt like sucking the life out of a town and watching it die whilst chucking money at a town like ashington!"

"Bedlington is class. Screw you Channel 4."

Join the discussion here: www.bedlington.co.uk/community/topic/1921-bedlington-on-a-place-in-the-sun/

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