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Charity Hair Cut


Many kids and teens across the country suffer from either a form of cancer or from alopecia. As a result of treatment for cancer, many children will suffer hair loss as a side effect, although many kids handle this incredibly well, it can still obviously be an upsetting and perhaps traumatic experience for some.

The charity, The Little Princess trust, works to create a special wig for any child who is suffering from hair loss retaliated to these illnesses. Each child gets a free wig, personally tailored to them, they get these wigs for the duration of their treatment. These wigs can help give confidence back to a child who's already gone through an awful ordeal.

On the 1st of July Amy Eastlake, local resident and sixth former at St Benet Biscop RC High School, will be cutting off her hair to donate it to the charity so that they can use it to make a wig for one of these children in need. As well as this she is also hoping to raise at least £350 for the charity, as that is the typical cost to make just one of the specialised wigs. Amy has an online My Donate page and has so far received £202 in support of her cause.

Donations on the page are accepted until the 1st of October this year.


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I've shared this on the Bedlington.co.uk Twitter & Facebook accounts for you.

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