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Bedlington Welcomes Lidl

Andy Millne

The tills were ringing yesterday as Lidl opened their brand new store in Bedlington to mixed but mostly positive reactions. The development provoked protests in May last year when a willow tree much loved by a group of residents was felled. Traffic disruption during the build also caused local residents to voice their anger across social media. The new store is now open however, and employing up to 40 locals.

Speaking on Facebook, local resident Marjorie Glass said, "Impressive. It was full of shoppers yesterday, in the midst of that nasty weather. Hope it's very successful and brings folks into Bedlington."

Lidl employee Donna Clark, after her shift said, "Can honestly say, after a 10 hour shift, I'm worn out! It's nice to know it's all been worth it and people are happy with the store and the efforts of all the staff today"

Others were optimistic but had reservations. Olive Maddigan said, "Just hope we don't lose morrisons as Lidl is great but some things in Morrisons are great too".

A new mini-roundabout was recently installed at the junction with Schalksmuhle Road with the aim of reducing congestion caused by the expected increase in traffic to the store and surrounding area.

It is hoped that with this new development and other proposals like it residents will be encouraged to shop within the town centre instead of travelling to supermarkets elsewhere.

Local media group DW-Media posted a short video of the new store to YouTube which will form part of their Bedlington development series.


Edited by Andy Millne

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On 2/24/2017 at 14:21, Keith Scantlebury said:

Shame they couldn't spell Lidl properly in the opening credit . They spelled it Lidil

I can't remember doing the credits for this :wacko:

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21 hours ago, John Fox (foxy) said:

Best thing we've seen come to Bedlington for a Generation.

You must have missed my visit last year then!

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Lidl have 'nailed' it.

A good shopping experience.

They need to organise our very own market place.

At least they would GOWI

Get on with it !

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