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Bedlington Students Conquer the Alps


A group of enterprising students from Bedlington High and Ashington High Schools have completed a gruelling ten day expedition in the Swiss Alps.

The team of 9 students and 3 staff completed part of the challenging Chamonix to Zermatt Walkers High Level Route, one of the oldest walking routes in Europe.

The team covered over 90km and had a total ascent of just over 5700m, almost the height of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The team began their training over 8 months ago, developing their fitness, leadership and teamwork skills.

Team member, Kay Shiel spoke about the training. "It was tough, we worked hard to develop our fitness because we knew that the trek would be demanding. We also developed our language skills and first aid skills, we were ready for anything." The team had to battle through two tough days of snow on the route, but were well prepared.

Team leader, Will Close-Ash was confident that group would make it. "It is a demanding trek, not many young people will ever put themselves through such a tough trip, but I think that all of these young people should be proud of their achievements, they did very well."

The team completed the trek to raise money for charities and collected over £3000 for a wide range of local and national charities.

Author "“ Will Close-Ash

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