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Bedlington Has a New Residents Group!

Keith Scantlebury


The reputation that Burnside has had over the last decade or two has not been the best, to say the least. Things have improved significantly over the last 12 months or so and it is our intention to build on that and make it an estate that people wont be ashamed to admit to living on.


There are many good people living on this estate and they have had to suffer the stigma of living on Burnside because of the way a certain few chose to lead their lives by disrespecting their neighbours and environment and, in doing so, tarring everyone on the estate with the same brush, things can only change for the better.


---- neighbours pulling together ----

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We have our first Cheque. We are now waiting for some other people to pull their fingers out so we can get some more.

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The Residents Group is still growing strong. We had a quiet time re organising events etc over the past 18 months because of all the renovation work on the estate . Plenty planned for next year.


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