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Bedlington Car Parking Review


Northumberland County Council has launched a review of car parking policy across the county.

The first step in the review is to ask residents, businesses, community representatives and anyone who has an interest what their views are on the key principles of car parking policy through a questionnaire.

Councillor Alan Armstrong, executive member for highways and transport at Northumberland County Council, said: "The questionnaire we have just published is the first step in our review of car parking across the county, and I would urge as many people as possible to express their views. We are very aware that there are currently different policies across the county, and we want to establish a single framework within which local conditions in each area can be considered objectively."

As part of the review the council is also considering a range of factors including current usage levels, current charges, known traffic management or congestion issues, local parking schemes such as residents' permits, tourist areas and equality and social inclusion.

In the past Bedlington residents have expressed concern over the removal of the free parking they currently have access to.

The new Northumberland County Council inherited a range of different parking arrangements from the former district and borough councils, and made an early commitment to carry out a comprehensive review of all parking arrangements.

From the inception of the new council an annual parking permit was extended so that it could be used across the whole county, and the impact of this will also be looked at. A concessionary permit is also available to the over 60s and other qualifying groups.

The questionnaire is being sent to a wide range of organisations and is also available for residents to complete at customer information centres and on the website at http://www2.northumberland.gov.uk/survey/car_parking.htm .

The closing date for returning responses is Monday 7th September 2009.

A second phase of public consultation will take place once a county-wide policy has been drafted.

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