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Bedlington Base for County Radio


SNRG, the company with ambitions to introduce local community radio to South East Northumberland is significantly more upbeat about its prospects of success following recent steering group meetings at Bedlington Station.

The group, which had previously earmarked a central Ashington location, have now secured an offer of studio space in Bedlington. SNRG is now moving forward with their fund raising effort to secure the additional capital necessary for equipment.

Whilst the company has made no formal announcement regarding when it is likely to broadcast, and an announcement may be some time away, Bedlington.co.uk reporters note a flurry of activity over recent weeks.

Company spokesperson John White, a Bedlington resident himself, said "We are determined to get this project off the ground and based in Bedlington!"

The group is set to broadcast a hybrid of music and speech content with a large community remit in its programming.

Chairman Colin Heathcote, said "Synergy will be a genuine community resource. We believe we can play an important part in the regeneration of the area through the promotion of social and economic development activities via the entertaining and powerful medium of radio."

More information can be obtained from john.white@snrgroup.co.uk, or via their website www.snrgroup.co.uk.

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