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    Hi Eggy! A can mind of a few groups, but not the Dinosaurs. Might have been after I got married and stopped gaaning ti thi Clayton. Sorry nae help this time. Aal dae a bit asking aroond me aad marra's. Me Wife has had an op. on Friday gone ti hae two new plakka joints put in her hand, so aam caring for her intensely. If a dinna post owt for a while, ye knaa aam not deserting thi forums!
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    Two more I have not seen published.
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    Pic 1, 3 John Fraser 6 John Hammerson 7 Michael Gibb
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    Images of Bedlington + dogs, off the TV, posted on Facebook by Simon Williams last night and I think the show is repeated at 03:30 tomorrow morning but that is just a guess. If I'm right the show is :- Britain by Bike with Larry & George Lamb. Judging by the images I think this is the attempt to break the Guinness World Record - March 23rd 2018 - by the Bedlington Terrier group/club - most number of Bedlington Terriers in a park or on a beach?
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