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    Answers to last week's quiz: 1. 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey 2. Goose Green 3. George Harrison 4. Queen Victoria 5. Gypsy Moth 6. A Christmas Pie 7. Hunter’s moon 8. France 9. 15 10. Beach Boys 11. Dutch 12. Montreal Another quiz tomorrow!
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    Yes thanks Malcolm. I nearly fell of my chair just now when I noted that Bedlington is getting a slice of the £47m kitty for "shovel ready projects" announced to bounce back from Covid. Lets see it put to some good use now.
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    I remember the glove factory. I met my future wife in the middle sixties when She worked there. She didn't really like working there doing machine work making gloves. When we were courting around 1967 we used to babysit for Audrey Howie and her husband. Cannot remember his name sadly. They were both kind to us. Of course time has gone on since and we have our 52nd anniversary on Monday. She left in 69 to join me down south when I was serving in forces. We used to meet up in sixties at the railway tavern when it was a disq. Great night out. I remember Dot Temple and my wife's friend Margaret Stewart. She was instrumental in us meeting. Those times long gone. Regards
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    Hi Katie my name is Karen eaglestone i worked at the glove factory
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    Thanks Vic! All out of quarantine now, feeling a bit washed out but the first one infected will be back at work next week, she thinks.
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    @Canny lass - @Bedlingtonian - I asked Ellenor for the approximate year of the photo . Ellenor says she struggles with dates and her responses to my questions have been :- Ellenor Owen Alan Edgar A little bit older than me just be guessing AnnAustin 4 sorry but I'm sure someone will recognise a few on fb Ellenor Owen Alan Edgar Alan I started infants early 1944 & by that photo I say it was probably 2 yrs earlier not much more the few I can recall my age then would be Sheila Tatlock Ellen Lynskey Kathy Gregg
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    Symp, it was Beattie and Simm Engineering.
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    The asbestos never got us ... we're both still 'fighting fit'. Mind, he still smokes! I've been thinking about those redundant boilers and I'm sure they were heated by combusted coal dust blown into the furnaces - I recall big blowers as part of the tackle. I doubt gas would have been used as this pre-dated North Sea gas so enormous quantities of Town Gas would have been needed. Maybe there's some 'old timers' out there who'll confirm.
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    Symptoms - You're a STAR🌟 That's fantastic - just what I was after. I would assume that someone made arrangements with the NCB so they left this building but demolished everything else - probably the company you're referring to. You can just imagine a use like that for a former colliery site and building. Hope your brother was never affected by the asbestos exposure ! Once again Many Thanks. Gary
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    It was used as engineering manufacturing company that produced nuts and bolts, and other fittings. How do I know this? My old man knew the boss and arranged for me and my brother to have a holiday job there during the school Easter hols of 1969; It was arranged that I could use some of the facilities to finish off my A'Level Engineering project - a racing kart (some folks call them go-karts but this was a serious bit of kit). I bent the tubular chassis there on their pipe bending machine and welded it together with their oxy-axcetelene gear ... the school didn't have this type of tackle. Anyway, what i recall was banks of multi-chuck automatic machines producing bolts in their thousands, turning the hexagonal bar stock to size, threading and then parting-off ... the finished items cascaded into metal bins for fork lifting away. Whilst I worked on my kart my brother got the job of stripping the asbestos lagging off three (it might have been two ... memory fade) huge boilers using a hammer, saw and crowbar. This was 1969 and well before H&S at Work Act ... no protective gear apart from a mask and dust everywhere. So these boilers play into baths theory. I can't recall the name of the firm.
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