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    Fixed. Good spot, thanks for letting me know.
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    Alan.."We gotta get outa this place"...[The Animals 1965-ish?] for number 11..!...[till a think o sum mair!] A went for me quaataly hair cut [it's aalwis the same one...growws owa me eye..!]..last Thorsdi...Leanne was off work ill wi Flu. She has a luvly natured bonny lass helping her oot caaled Kirsty. She was very pleasant and chatty,and did a great job wi me owld heed.Five stars again ti Todds Barbers. It's a bonus ti just gaan ti hae a luk at thi montage of pics of aad Bedltn on thi waal! No 12 ..."Stay" [Hollies...1960's] No 13...thinkin......!!.......still thinkin'!.......
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    Extract from the pdf leaflet :-
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    Just got my eye on that @Canny lass, it has now been deleted!
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    I couldn't agree more, HPW! You don't have to wait for Stakeford lass to remove the post, you can report it to admin - just click on "report post" at the top right corner of the offending post and ask for it to be removed. It's such a shame when personal differences are taken up on the site and it doesnt do anything positive for the good name of Bedlington.
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