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    November 2019. First up a site visit to Hexham at 10am Monday morning. Even with the traffic I made it in time and we all stood at the site entrance. This one was about developing a bit of derelict land at the entrance to Hexham. The real crux was the listed stone wall which will have to be removed and re-sited further back for a new roundabout and access into the site. The officers took us through the application explaining what was proposed. Took about an hour to get through and walk around. I can see this will be pretty controversial tomorrow night when it comes in front of our committee. Strategic planning this afternoon but first a presentation about a possible schools project in Hexham. We heard that and asked quite a lot of questions, it actually overran by about 30mins. Next was the planning meeting and we had an application for Bedlington to discharge reserved matters on the proposed new houses next to the Chesters. First were two applications related to the Hexham application. Both were considered as one but voted on separately. The first was about the new store and hotel which is being proposed as well as possible secondary retail offers. I just thought this hotel will dominate the site and its basically a square box pity we don’t see some imaginative design for it. We also considered this listed wall and its removal. It is to be re-sited around a new curve allowing vehicular access to the site but I pointed out that most of the stone which is to be reused is shot so new stone will have to be used and it won’t look the same. I asked planners to take the aesthetics into account when agreeing materials. There are also old bricked up tunnels under this road and wall which we all hoped might come back into use for pedestrians and cyclists. This application went through unanimously after hearing it had been a blot on the landscape for 30 years! Next came the Bedlington reserved matters application. I had asked for this to come back to committee even though the developer didn’t see the need! We had the scheme outlined by the planners and then had a member of the public speak about safety issues at the proposed junction and then the spokesperson for WBTC who had tabled several objections. The problem was that most were not specific to the application! However some were and needed to be answered. We then had members questions and I waited until the end before asking mine. I did this because I could only ask about matters pertinent to the application and those brought up by the planners and highways. I had to say I was struggling to contain my questions to the application only given the history and the planners knew exactly what I was saying! Because of questions and replies given earlier I started by saying what had really happened and why and explaining some of the reasoning other members had asked about. I then asked my questions, we had heard about a speed reduction, where was that proposed, trees were to be removed where abouts, the S106 agreement and how it will be delivered and do we have a definitive settlement boundary now? Each one was taken by several officers and it took quite some time to get through as we argued and debated back and forth, especially about the S106 infrastructure funding. In the end with only my vote against the application passed. Full council meeting today and again only questions off independent members tabled to the administration! Mine was first. I wanted to know about the build quality of these new social houses are are supposed to be building and used another council’s award winning scheme to illustrate how we could be doing them. Seems we are going to look into the build quality and running costs so I spoke about the project Northumbria University are currently doing with the North East’s very own George Clark, one of channel 4’s architect building experts, and could we get the recommendations and suggestions coming out of that to use in our own builds? No commitment but at least they know about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0ym88gG-Ng&t=1612s Again a ping pong match between the main parties each trying to score points over each other. Even the Lib Dems got into this one! Facilitated a meeting at County Hall today with a group of residents and the appropriate officer to see if solutions to their problems could be found. Hopefully they have and we will see some action soon. Remembrance Day and a full schedule today for me. I declined the NCC parade and instead attended the West Bedlington Memorial. First up was a scrutiny meeting at County Hall about the forthcoming budget amongst others. I had quite a few questions for this scrutiny meeting across all the subjects. I had read one paragraph over and over and it still seemed to me to be something other than what was promised. This was about a budget consultation but it only said the proposals would be presented and explained. It never mentioned anyone responding to the consultation would have their views considered and might ultimately influence any decisions made. As I said that’s a PR exercise not a consultation! This was disputed by the portfolio holder and I eventually gave him the benefit of the doubt, but I will closely monitor this consultation and see if anything coming up influenced any of the proposals in anyway! https://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/news/politics/council/call-meaningful-consultation-budget-ps10million-cuts-planned-northumberland-county-council-974817?fbclid=IwAR01_EPvFO-Mv5FzGgCZGtk7vILJsM4yWp3bNoZ1Y_j6QsZN-WLRdCJNhmQ After this meeting it was back to Bedlington for the Remembrance Day service at the Memorial and then up to West Lea Cemetery to officially unveil my new plaque. I had asked Sydney Graham to do the honours as he organises the Remembrance Day parade for our armed services and the Royal British Legion. He has also identified most of not all the war grave in this cemetery. Parachute Regiment veteran Bill Johnson came too. We had an all member Local Transport Plan meeting today and about a third of the councillors turned up for it. After an outline we then broke into LAC groups to go through each of our proposals. I registered my immediate concerns that none of my proposals had made it through into the schemes to be worked up. After checking my email trail the officer apologised and wrote them down again, this time into the approved schemes! We spent most of the allocated time with the first officer then had a swap as the technical officer came in and again I managed to get another two of my schemes into the mix. So from going from zero input I managed to get 5 schemes into the mix! I also mentioned something which bothers me personally and even though its not even in my ward I had to mention it. It was the road out of Bedlington up the Horton Bank, especially the adverse camber coming down this road towards the Attlee Park bridge. I was surprised this had never been mentioned but it was agreed this was something to be looked at especially when the officer emphatically agreed with me it is very dangerous! We then had an inclusive last session on things like plastic added road surfaces and after I had some questions about that the meeting was called over. One thing which had made it through already was my call to get the 40MPH bit of road at the bottom of Choppington Road reclassified as 30MPH. I felt it was a morning well spent but only if we see some resulting actions! LAC tonight and the chair has been in touch to say she is unwell so could I chair it. I got to Netherton Club in good time and agreed to open the meeting then hand over to the Planning chair for that part of the meeting. I had to declare an interest in the only application before us so once the planning started I left the room. Had to remind another member she had the same interest! Once the planning was over, and it took about 10 mins, we had 45mins to wait before I could restart the meeting! Daft! I reminded everyone that we were not a Hustings, we were a Local Area Council operating under Purdah so don’t try it on! Once the meeting restarted I opened with public questions and seeing as we were in Bedlington there are always some of them! Once members of the public had asked their questions and been satisfied with the responses I moved onto the agenda. We had several presentations and updates off NCC highways and local services. Good hearted meeting tonight and I allowed members of the public to ask their own questions to the officers. I might get into hot water again because of that but if I’m in charge of the meeting then members of the public can have some access! Not sure if this has been seen by many……. https://www.newspostleader.co.uk/news/local-plan-proposals-main-towns-south-east-northumberland-399418 Next meeting was the LAC chairs meeting when once again I requested more public involvement into the area LAC’s. I did this because of a specific question relating to this at our last LAC. The answer came back that public involvement was at the discretion of the chair, so at least I have some justification if needed! Several other matters were discussed and county wide community chest applications heard. I had to go back up to County Hall this afternoon to chair our area’s community chest and once again there was one application which didn’t adhere to the rules so we had to dismiss that one. Very pleased it wasn’t a Bedlington based organisation! The rest of the applications went through with just about all getting the funding they had applied for. Once again we have an underspend so an extra round in Jan/Feb was called for. Well that’s just about it for this month and as my December diary won’t be seen until January I wish all the readers of this a Merry Xmas and a very happy New Year.
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    Hello fellow Bedlingtonians I have not been on the forum of late because I have been in hospital recently for 90 days I had a knee replacement done and the specialist found I had sepsis in my left ankle and right knee so I am lucky to still be here just wanted to wish my friends on the forum Merry Christmas and a happy New Year see ya lads
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    Hi This is my father he was a overman down the 3/4drift tally number 453 ..locker row 4 bottom ..All ways seen him on the Golden mile before going down the pit . I worked with him had the locker above him . All ways looked after the lads that worked for him .. Great fellow everytime I when to see him at home he give me a job to do then watched me do it .Once an Overman all ways an Overman ..Dad xx
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    Well if nothing else at least it’s good to see the Front Street nice and busy today.
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    It is a difficult decision should a family member have to move into a care home because of dementia. I would recommend that you first visit the home and ask questions to reassure yourself that the home has 'expert care'. If you become a Dementia Friend it will aid your understanding of the illness and may assist you to decide what you need to consider. My mother had dementia and my mother-in-law now has dementia. With support, people with dementia can and do take an active role in life. https://www.dementiafriends.org.uk/register-digital-friend
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    Hello Brian, nice to see you are back and and hopefully on the mend! like a few of us that 'age' thing is catching up, CL, HPW and myself are a few who are, and families are going through "the golden" years, life changing! We got another foot of snow last night and -10c I was wondering if you would like some to help cool off! We are not sure yet where we will be spending our Christmas but would like to wish you and our forum friends a very Merry Christmas and a healthy 2020 Vic & Dot
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    Hi Alan, gaan through a rough patch, please nivvor think that aav deserted!... (mebbe AWOL!!.. heh heh!) Noo! When a was a pit Deputy, a was in charge of John Bennett, and Gordon,and Dicky, his two Brothers. We all worked doon the Three Quarter seam.. among seawaata n clarts and bad roof stone.. as time went by, after seven years as a Deputy/Overman, I went back into the NUM, as a Composite man, and funnily enough, both John and Gordon WENT onto Deputy work.. John eventually became an Overman, the man who was in overall charge of the face, or the whole seam, but only responsible for Coal Production. The Deputy was solely responsible for the Safety, Health, and Welfare of the men under his charge, and directly responsible to Her Majesty's Government Inspectorate of Mines and Quarries. Not even the Manager had that responsibilty.. no-one except the Deputy..! Anyway, Gordon was our Deputy when I took these pit photos, he was down in another part of the seam, or I would have had him on the pics as well.. he was a great guy.. gud worker.. nice natured.. helped us all thi time... lost a lot of sweat every day... he used to say, it was thi beer coming oot of him! I haven't seen any of them for years.
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    Bedlington Juniors about 1964
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    Hi to all and thanks for allowing me to join the group. I was born and raised at “ the station” and share a lot of the same memories as others that I have read about on this site. I am currently living in cheshire and being retired have decided to try my hand at building a model railway as a hobby. I am hoping to recreate some of my childhood memories by building the model based on Bedlington railway station and surrounding area as it was in the 1950’s. While doing some research I have seen some great photos on this site and others that will help towards this. The one photo that I’ve not found yet is a photo of the front (roadside) entrance to the station taken before the centre section was removed. If anyone has a copy of one that I could use or knows where I might find one it would be greatly appreciated, Cheers, Steve
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    Somewhat ironic in that the Brexit Party saved him from the chop. Perhaps he should look at his own performance rather than blame everything on Brexit.
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    @Vic Patterson :- and Ian Lavery's result :- https://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/news/politics/general-election-2019-labour-party-chairman-ian-lavery-survives-recount-retain-his-wansbeck-seat-1340129
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    @Vic Patterson - if you haven't already seen it, check this out :- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50767123
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    Recently came across this Network and I had a good feeling when I gave stuff away rather than taking it to the local tip. The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 5,319 groups with 9,202,164 members around the world, and next door to you. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and neighborhoods. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers. https://www.freecycle.org/
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    Ashington, Cramlington and Morpeth appear to have a branch. Bedlington would have to have a volunteer moderator to start I believe. https://www.freecycle.org/browse/UK/North East
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    Thanks for the reply,links and photos Alan, I had seen some of them but not all. As you said no photos taken from the front entrance but hopefully one will turn up eventually. I was up north earlier this year and spent an enjoyable couple of hours walking from the Bedlington north signal box down to the black bridge and back taking some measurements etc and seeing how it looks today.
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    I am told it was around 1973 when the footbridge was removed. Never seen any photos of it being demolished.
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    Hi Malcolm, This may be too deep or controversial. Who does or should a Bedlington Independent Councillor advise us on to vote on for the best interests of Bedlington in a General election?
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    @Steve D - if you haven't already viewed it the http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/sites.shtml has quite a few images of the station http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/b/bedlington/index.shtml - but none from the front. However there are still a couple of images showing the front and Google Street view is also a good way of having a look :-
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    Don't know of any of my relatives that have been diagnosed with dementia but I see the local care homes say there have expert care for people with dementia : - Barchester Meadow Park Care Home Choppington Road, Bedlington NE22 6LA https://www.carehome.co.uk/carehome.cfm/searchazref/10004525MEAB Hartford Court Care Home Cumbrian Road, Cramlington NE23 1DA https://www.carehome.co.uk/carehome.cfm/searchazref/70331
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    If you check the likes of TripAdvisor you will no doubt come across the best things to do in Bedlington however who in the town would agree with their suggestions. Perhaps we can suggest things that we should preserve for the town. i.e. 1. Bedlington History Society 2. Bedlington Community Centre 3. Bedlington Social Club 4. Bedlington.Co.UK 5. Bedlington Library
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    @Jr6468 I remember those places well - it was January 1969 when I first left Bedlington, for London. Leaving behind The Prince of Wales & The Wallaw (had already closed as a cinema) - The Clayton Ballroom & Skating - The Domino - Humford open air swimming baths (think it was already closed or on the verge of closing by then) - the YMCA & Moscadinni's (for the Station teenagers, Bacci's for the Top End teenagers) etc.
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    I find it difficult to name my favourite Christmas Songs/Records as there are so many. I will start with this as I believe whatever age you are it is never too late to believe in Father Christmas.
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    Duncan,I had just come to this page after switching my laptop on,and after posting the light-hearted bantering comment above,went looking for the photo you seemed to be referring to,in your comment above. So I went back one page,and saw the photo's of Geordie,and the comment by Alan Edgar,informing us here on the forum,of George's passing. After reminiscing about him,then seeing this sad news,brought me down,and all I can say is I am sorry for you and your family,and if Florence is still with us,then please pass my condolences to her. I will private message you if I can Duncan. R.I.P. Ju-Jitzu Geordie ,a smashing fella.
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    Hi Duncan,welcome to this excellent forum! If you are talking about Ju-Jitzu Geordie,then you have come to the right place! I was transferred to Bates pit in 1971,from Bedlington A pit,when it closed,and the Manager Mr Fenwick,[an old friendly fella who was my Manager at Choppington High Pit,in 1959],asked me and Alan Dixon to go onto the next Deputy's course,which we did. We were both sent to Bates,and Alan was posted up in the Plessey seam,while I was posted to the Beaumont seam. As time went by,plans were laid out to drift down to the 3/4 seam. My first impressions of Geordie,[he was also a Deputy ],was that he was a cocky bugger,always laughing and carrying on,but sometimes a wee bit sarcastic to us two young Deputies...we were still green,dinna forget...I was only 27 yrs old. Anyway,after 7 years, Alan and me both packed Deputy work in,and Alan went to Ellington,and got set straight on back in the NUM. Aa waanted ti stay at Bates,and Mr Hindmarsh,and both the NUM,and NACOS,agreed that I could be accepted back into the NUM at Bates..previously unheard of! Aa went onti Composite work doon thi drift,and by then,aroond 1978-ish,maybe a wee bit later,Geordie became Owaman in charge of me and me Marra's,as we won oot aal the new roadways and coalfaces. Geordie was the fairest guy you could meet,if ye worked doon theor,then ye shud knaa thi score aboot yardages,and paypoints....nae botha if ye dinna knaa. When ye settle a bargain wi thi Manager,we'll say 20 yards a week advance,from the start of the bargain..or Cyevil,that is ya starting point for bonus. Ye got paid for ivry increment of a yard after that. Noo let's say we got 25 yards advance one week,a gud week,cos the belts were gannin aal shift,and nae delays,like the juice being off or a bust cable. We wud ask Geordie ti just book 23 yards in for us,and keep two yards back,in case we had a bad start the following week. The next week might be disastrous..bust cable, waata teeming in,bad stone,slaa progress,ownly 18 yards advance,Geordie wud book 20 yards in,[which included the two yards we held back the week before],and that,at least paid us,we didn't loss owt. If we were working for wor summer holiday pay for the following week,and even if we had 22 yards advance,we naturally waanted a gud pay for wa holidays,so we wud ask Geordie ti haad the tape back,[his 50-yard cloth tape measure],and put us a couple of extra yards in,on paper,ti pay us weel!! Not strictly allowed!..but Geordie trusted us,as we trusted him,and he knew that after the hols were owa,we wud give him the two yards back,even if we put wasell's "in debt",[paid wasell's short],but which we knew we wud mek up thi following week. We got on really weel wi Geordie,and he was weel-liked,but he wadn't knaa hoo much at the time,cos as ye knaa ,we pitman were witty sods,and ye had ti stand on ya aan two feet or be trodden on!! Aa got on really weel wi Flo,when she worked at the Garage aroond the Haaf-Moon....many moons ago!! Aye,Geordie helped us oot that many times,we had a lot ti thank him for! Cheers Duncan!...ye just crossed swords wi Bill thi gud taaka...and if Geordie was here noo,he'd be saying.."that bugga's toungue nivvor stops..."!! A canna mind ye being doon the drift,Duncan,or did ye hae a daft nickname like mine...."Wilma"![or HPW..to you,my friend!]
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    Hi Pete, Yes the deer are still regular visitors, (even though our bylaws prevent us from feeding them) 🙄 and the lakes have enough ice for fishing 🐟
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    Whers the snow on the site
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    Thank you for the information Alan!
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    Brian, its good to hear your on the mend, I was wondering were you had got to as you have not been on for some time but that explains it. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Will you be having a barbaque on Christmas day? Vic, it sounds like its mighty cold over there so no barbaque for you unfortunately. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Have you seen many deer this winter?
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    @Leah - you may have noticed many posts about bates Colliery from @HIGH PIT WILMA. Normally Highpit Wilma is on ths group weekly but I see he hasn't visited since the 24th on November but I am sure when he does, and if he knows your granda he will update you. There is a Facebook group - Friends Of Bates Colliery - where there are a few ex Bates Colliery workers that occasionally add photos and we share many photos between the two groups. The facebook group is a 'Closed' group so you would have to join if you wanted to browse through the photos on that group. This is a link to that group :- https://www.facebook.com/groups/batescolliery/ There is also a Bates Colliery Photo Album within the Gallery on this group. The album is under Galley>Places Gallery>Bates Pit by High Pit Wilma - this is a link to the album :-
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    Charlotte-Rose 'rang the bell recently' so thanks to all who supported her through her treatment.☺️
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    @HIGH PIT WILMA - posted on the Friends of Bates Colliery Facebook group by Trevor Gregg : - ' Here is a photo I took from the top of the No 3 Shaft Headgear on a cold but beautiful winters day' Trevor didn't specify a date.
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