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    Sorry a little bit off topic HPW but you mention having your wedding on 8mm but never seeing it, my dad bought a Cine camera just for my wedding it was 9.5mm, the Co-op put a film in it for him then developed it, we never had any means to view it, recently I sent it away to be converted to MPEG, it came back on a USB and CD, it's not the best quality but great seeing our wedding, 57 years later, only problem is its reversed! my carnation (and Doreen) are on the wrong side, I first noticed as my BMW (Isetta bubble car!) the numbers are backwards. The company are busy redoing it. Charles's 1931 Morris is also on it. We went on to get standard 8 and super 8 cine cameras, and I have made my own conversion to VHS then DVD, the kids all have copies.
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    List of forthcoming bands posted by Michelle Branigan - Facebook Bygone Bedlington group with the comment :- Michelle Brannigan I can remember every weekend coming across to the Dominoe, when Bedlington was 'THE' place to be entertained in South East Northumberland. We now have the fantastic music venue Platform 1, which is rocking every Friday night with live music. Like and follow the page to keep track of what bands are coming up. #supportlivemusic#Bedlingtonsnumberonenightspothttps://www.facebook.com/platform1musicvenue/
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    Hi all. New member - very interesting and informative thread. Does anyone know the small fenced-off Coal Board site on the south bank of the river between Humford Mill and Plessey Woods? It’s near the top of the bank, and there’s an entrance door and a half-visible fan of a few feet in diameter. Presumably it’s a ventilation fan and its machinery. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera on me when I saw it, but it’s just north of the Hartford part of Cramlington, so would it likely be related to the Hartford (or possibly Plessey) mine? It’s not easily accessible - I came across it while on a walk to see how far the footpath goes on the south bank after the steppingstones at Humford. The path soon becomes blocked by fallen trees, overgrown bushes, etc, and is quite dangerous at a couple of points, with steep muddy drops to the river!
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    A bit late for catching up!..but if you kind folks like a bit of Country and Western,I'd strongly recommend you go out and buy "Soul of the West" by Singer/Songwriter Clint Bradley. Clint hails from the New Forest area in Kent[?],and has been around the music business for decades,with his band "The BlueCats". There is the odd note where he sounds like Johnny Cash,then the next he sounds like Roy Orbison..then Jim Reeves..not intentionally,he has such a vocal range,and quality of tone,that comments from places like Nashville etc,cannot believe he is an Englishman...he sounds better than a lot of so-called Nashville Country music these days..[Nashville not producing Artists like those in days gone by...sad to say!] My Son,Darren Allison,[Music Producer/Engineer],mixed and co-produced the album,and so it's natural that I would like the world to hear it,but even if that wasn't the case,I would still be singing it's praises for what is a fine collection of original songs. There are no studio tricks or magic on this CD,..no dreaded Auto-tune!!,no Pedal-Steel,..just Clint,Vocals, Guitar,and Harmonica...Dave Luke on Lead Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin,Miss Connie Everard on Accoustic Double Bass,Nick Evans on good old Dobro Guitar,Danny Kelly on rums and Percussion,Darren Allison on Drums,Percussion,Mandolin,and Rhythm Guitar,Quentin Hutchinson on French Horn. Clint's last Album "Riding after Midnight",was heavily featured on Paddy McDee's late night show for several weeks,he played a different track each week..and received a good response from his listeners,and this new one has a big write-up and a great review in this month's edition of "Country Music People"..and was number 6 in the Country music charts. Sym,I never knew you were a Stones Fan!!..I had the great pleasure of playing all their tracks,both singles,and all their album tracks,as they were just coming into the charts..when I was just a skittering young Ched wi' a snotty beak! Initial stage fright soon gave way to ecstasy playing "Little Red Rooster","You can make it if you try","If you need Me","The Last Time"..and everything else in between,that they released till we broke in 1966...it was a fantastic time to be a Lead Guitarist in a Group!
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    A bit slow of catching up,Alan,but DID at last! Thanks!
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    Eric was originally from Shop Row and went to Barrington CP school same time as me - 1953 to 1960. Bedlington Station secondary modern school - 1960 -1965. 'A pit when he left school but then went out with, and married a Bebside lass - Kathleen Popely and moved to Bebside. I think the first house he lived in at Cowpen was the street just past the Sydney Arms pub = Cowpen Road. No idea where he moved to after that. Union Street is where the old Wallaw cinema ( now Wetherspoons) used to be. Going down Union Street, passing Wetgerspoons on your right the mural is just a 'gud hockle' up the road on the left.
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    I used to live at 11 Gladstone Terrace in the 50's before moving to Australia in 1960. I remember the shed and roundabout in the background. The "Parky" was Mr Elliott and lived at no.10. He was indeed more interested in his bowling green and gardens than the playground . Still, we had some great times there.
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