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    Following last week’s Annual Meeting of the Town at West Bedlington Community Centre, there was some criticism on social media that residents had not been made aware of this event, (despite it being on their website for 3 weeks prior, in the newsletter and shared on Facebook.) On Tuesday it is the turn of East Bedlington Parish Council to hold their Annual Assembly. In order to try and divert any future criticism that no-one knew, I am attaching the agenda for this meeting below for your information. Last year there were no residents from East Bedlington in attendance. This is your opportunity to find out what is happening in your area, meet and ask questions of your local Councillors and raise issues concerning your local community. Discussions with your local representatives can often prove to be more informative than relying solely on social media. At the end of this meeting there will be light refreshments. Hope to see you all there.
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    @Tonyp I saw your comment (on the other topic - New coal mine in Cumberland) and as I am often on the Durham Mining Museum (DMM) site I checked the list of Names of those killed at this colliery and your granda, Joe Curley, is not in the list. I know the DMM is ran by volunteers and although I would expect they have access to the old colliery records it does appear that they also rely on updates from the general public. I don't think anyone who was killed in that industry whilst doing their job should be forgotten. You should get in touch with them to update their records. This is the link to the 'D' index of pits :- http://www.dmm.org.uk/colliery/index_d.htm And this is the link to the DMM Contact Details page :- http://www.dmm.org.uk/misc/contact.htm
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