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    I need some help. I hope and expect we will soon see a community response to this dangerous time we find ourselves in at present. Lots of local people and organisations have been working to put a network together so the most vulnerable in our community have the support they will need. There is one group which particularly worries me. These are elderly people who have been living independently and therefore not necessarily on any list of vulnerable adults. I want to make sure these individuals are included in our efforts! Please if you know any elderly folks within my ward (Bedlington West…..Bishops Meadow, The Chesters estate, Meadowdale estate , West Lea, Red house Farm, Hazelmere, Netherton Village and Shields Road) who might not have needed help previously and were able to look after themselves but may find the current and ongoing situation difficult please let me have names and addresses. Do not post publicly but rather send me their/your names and addresses to: [email protected] or phone me on 07779983080.
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    Unfortunately I have no idea. It was installed within Facebook on my old Windows Vista Desktop PC and it still keeps it's dictionary up to date but the version/release number is not displayed anywhere. I said above it was four years ago but I think it's more like six + years as the stats show I have played over 4,000 games. When I switch on my Windows 10 PC I will see if that gives the version number. Don't hold your breath, I'm struggling to get out of bed at the moment - my diary is more like Ann Franks = Day 1 Hid - day 2 Hid - Day 3 Hid........................
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    Had to give the Scrabble up about four ago - involuntary reflex actions of the legs kept knocking the coffee table and destroying the board. Changed games and now play an online version of Scrabble = Words_With_Friends and the board stays intact.
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    Over 70s are now in home-quarantine for two weeks here (to begin with) . Dug the Scrabble and the Yatzee out yesterday. Fortunately we stocked up on wine on a w/e in Germany a couple of months ago. Also hoping for a bit of good weather (we finally got snow that stayed, a couple of weeks ago) so that I can get some gardening done without interruptions.
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    3G and myself are doing fine here in Italy. We are in the South, and are fairing far better than the poor people in Lombardy. That's not to say that it's good, we do still have many cases here, but compared to the north we are getting off very lightly. We don't go out very much at all, but do have a very large garden we can get out into. 3G hasn't been out at all since 20th March, when he decided the daily bike ride wasn't worth the €3000 euro fine if caught. The lockdown is very, very strict here. We have to carry a form with us when we (I) go out, stating exactly where we have come from, where we are going, and why. Only one person from the household can go shopping, and at our local Lidl only 10 people in the shop at any one time. I go out to do the shopping no more than once a week if I can help it. That's it then, that is how things are for us here in Italy.
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    Online Ceilidh sounds interesting! Wednesday evening is online choir night here, rock & pop - there are many strings to my fiddle! It's a bit surrealistic with a 7000 strong choir all singing at home alone. It's a full choir practice with a physical warm upp to get the adrenalin going then breathing and abdominal exercises followed by singing and rehearsing for the show we will have in the capital city sometime later in the year - virus permitting, of course. It'll be a bit different from the twice a year concert in the school hall or the occasional flash mob in the shopping centre.with a choir of forty but necessity is the mother of invention so they say. Otherwise, I'm still keeping out of mischief. Polished the wheely bin today and polishing off a bottle of wine as I write (comiserating celebrating 31 years of marriage).
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    Hi Vic We’re keeping in touch over skype/FaceTime/zoom/whatever is in fashion on any given day. There was an online Ceilidh organised by my fiancées friends and last Friday we had a group quiz night. We’re coping well so far but I miss having a garden. Both the domestic and beer types.
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    Hi Vic, I'm catching up on the D I Y duties around the house/garden although I'm having problems getting bits and pieces because most of the builders merchants will only supply the trade. My other pastimes are watching the missus hard at work , I could sit there for hours on end. 😃 We have no snow to clear here so during her allotted break we have a game of darts,...she's now beat me three nights running !🥵 On the plus side I'd just bought a new car before the current restrictions, It's doing three weeks to the gallon.
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    I have been pressing NCC for information about how council intends to tackle this viral infection threat. We now have an extraordinary all members meeting after the council’s emergency committee meets tomorrow. I hope this will give some answers to some of the questions I am getting. I have also asked about what might happen if our schools have to close, especially in respect of school meals and exams. Here is the initial response off our cabinet member for Children’s Services, for which I thank him. There is no HM Government directive YET to close our schools. This may happen in the next week or so but as it stands – they remain open. I have been involved with Children’s Services on Continuity Planning and asked for detailed plans to be put in place on some key areas of work with children. If schools are ordered to close we are developing plans for how we offer online learning portals. We are looking at how we can offer food/ meals to the most disadvantaged pupils who may be impacted over the loss of the school meals service. This detailed work includes how we can open kitchens, work with supermarkets and restaurants. We are awaiting information from the Dept. for Education on exams and how these are managed. Coms work is being prepared to manage messages over the coming week.
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    Big shout out to a company with a big heart.I was asked on Tuesday if I could try and help as one of our schools was running out of hygiene supplies. At work on Wednesday I went to see the factory manager. After explaining the situation his reaction…………..”if we have it take what you need!” Hats off Sir you are a gentleman.Left work with a car full of supplies! The company………..Greggs! One of our biggest local companies helping our small community! When this is over we will remember…………….
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    Offend - never. I remember when our youngest was born, a Tuesday tea time, I was in such a hurry to get to the pub as we had a darts match that evening I forgot to phone, from the hospital, the in laws to let them know they had another grandchild. Only remembered when i was half way to the pub so I had to stop the car, find a phone box and ring them. By the time I got to the pub the match had started - and I had been replaced.
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    Not that they are in isolation but nice that I'm allowed in to get her settled into her new home, still without phone, TV or any communications, Yes this may change at anytime and could last a long time. This way I'm still making many of her meals, and doing much of the housework. Dot is the only recent resident. Yes there is still some compassion amongst this chaos. Stay healthy everyone.
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    Heppell's @Vic Patterson not mine 😉 but cropped my postcard collection.
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    So what is everyone finding to do during this unwanted winter break? CL has given some insight to what she is finding to do, the rules vary from place to place and we all have to follow them, our latest rules have just come into play and now I can't visit Dot, but I'm hoping to set up FaceTime, that will help pass some time. Much of my time is still spent moving snow still, but I'm getting to work on my old vehicles, and inside trying some wood carving. Cooking and baking is still low priority, but is improving. Another fun project I'm doing is colourizing old family photos, what a difference, brings life to them. Hope you are all keeping safe, (and out of trouble!) Vic
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    Forgot to mention: I will Survive is the first song on the programme. Great choice, given the situation we're in just now.
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    It would be nice to hear from a few others how you're all getting along in these strange times. Italy, I understand is very hard hit. How's things with you 3g and Ex Bedlingtonian? Bryan, how are you coping way down under? And Eggy are you able to get out of bed yet? HPW, aa hevn't hord nowt from ye for ages. Hoo ye deein? Generally speaking how is the Bedlington/Northumberland area for cases of COVID-19? We are informed of the numbers country by country but a bit more local info would be appreciated. Also, sorry to hear your visits to Dot have been put on hold, Vic but it's for the best. Better to be apart for a short while rather than forever.
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    The corona virus (Covid 19) Is a novel zoonotic virus - Presently that means no one knows what it can or can't do, in respect of lethality. The Gov.UK is far too SUPERFICIAL by far in this case. The 1918 H1N1 Should be more of a REMINDER FOR EVERYONE CONCERNED (Spanish Flu). - WEB PAGE OF Gov.UK SHOULD HAVE BUT DIDN'T POST IN THIS SPACE - Give people the full & correct information. That what the UK.Gov - Daily Coronavirus Misinformation UD's - Most of the UK Population bought the ''Chocolate-Brexit-Teapot'' They don't need a kettle from the same BADJ to find out they are of no use. There's no known cure for Novel Covid 19 & it continues to mutate!!! Sunday, 2020-April-05 8:20 AM () The NOVEL corona virus - Covid 19 an Gov.UK.doc I felt so aghast at the lack of information on the Gov.UK site, I posted the above message. Spuggy!!! PS. Yes I do have knowledge of Zoonosis & Zoonotic Virus disease. Das Bundes-Seuchengesetz vom 18. Juli 1961 war ein Gesetz zur Verhütung und Bekämpfung übertragbarer Krankheiten beim Menschen. ''The Federal Epidemics & Pandemics Law of 18th July 1961 to Prevent & Contain the Spread of Contagious Disease in Humans'' This was included in the Master Studies i sat in Berlin in the 1980's - & I still have vivid memories of what could or can even be possible. Zweck des Gesetzes ist es, übertragbaren Krankheiten vorzubeugen, Infektionen frühzeitig zu erkennen und ihre Weiterverbreitung zu verhindern (§ 1 Abs. 1 IfSG). Dabei ist unerheblich, welcher Art die Infektion ist und auf welchem Wege die Infektion erfolgen kann. Vorgängerregelung war das Reichsseuchengesetz aus den Jahr 1900. Das BSeuchG wurde am 1. Januar 2001 durch das Gesetz zur Verhütung und Bekämpfung von Infektionskrankheiten beim Menschen (Infektionsschutzgesetz) abgelöst, nachdem das gesamte, im Wesentlichen aus den 1950er und 1960er Jahren stammende Seuchenrecht umfassend novelliert werden sollte. 2001 January 01st. updated & now covered by Das deutsche Infektionsschutzgesetz (IfSG) My humble advice, mask your mouth & nose, it doesn't hurt & it does more to prevent the spread, than by having no cover. There are so many modern scarfs available, or dig out 'Dad's Balaclava'! If you have Champagne in the cellar, drink it. . . This is not a joke!!! I think my last Post was a joke on me ''Corbyn will Prevail'' He had the chance to bring the country (as is) together! Until the Labour Party Conference in Brighton (That was) & a more than obvious show of hands vote stitch up, a piece of advice Mr. JC-Trotzy, beware of 'Eispickel' I'll try to elucidate & Breakdown on the 'Chocolate-Brexit-Teapot' That has divided the country & families for good, it was never necessary, as you will surely find out with the chocolate kettle, in the prevailing not too distant future. Britannia Unchained: Global Lessons for Growth and Prosperity! A political book written by several British Conservative Party MPs and released on 13 September 2012. Its authors present a treatise, arguing that Britain should adopt a different and radical approach to business and economics or risk "an inevitable slide into mediocrity". They call (DISGUISE) & hide themselves as the FRG & ERG subsidised by your Tax money. What is the ERG & which Tory MPs are members of Boris Johnson's Brexit Parliament? Also find out about 'Perfidious Albion'' on ''SPEED''?
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    Tonyp's earlier post about the vile Worthington E muck got me thinking about a challenge ... That impressive list of boozers elsewhere on this thread could be complimented by naming the breweries that owned them; I know that it'll be impossible to do it for many of them 'cos the old fellas that supped in them are long gone but I'll make a start. The Railway Tavern = Vaux (that vile Mackem stuff) I suppose the Clubs were a type of 'free house' so were able to sell stuff other that Federation Ales. I know there was a Cameron pub (that Smoggie stuff) but can't recall the name of the pub and of course loads of Scottish & Newcastle ones (Blue Star). Go on ... you've got nowt else to do with your time at the moment.
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    #StaySafe & #StayatHome Bedlington. ♥️
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    Always wet your toothbrush folks.
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    Had to wet the brush to rub it in............. I was still getting a little bottle of milk or orange juice at school at the time! One thing I do remember........quite a few kids used to pass out at assembly and I asked my old man why? "Poor buggars haven't got enough to eat!". Nostalgia isn't always rose tinted!
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    Home quarantine, days 6-10: Keeping the home-fires burning in 2022. There are two more behind me. #Winning at social isolation!
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    Was this it??????
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    h Hells bells Canny lass......I almost remember that. Little round tin with pink powder in........
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    Anybody remember a capaign in infant schools in the early 1950s to promote good hygiene? Or maybe it was just Netherton? At the infant school we all had to have a toilet bag with a soap (in a proper soap box), a toothbrush and toothpaste (Gibbs dentifrice - small round tin with a pink block of something that tasted like Germolene ointment), a comb and a face flannel. These bags hung on our coat pegs and during the morning we were lined up at the few sinks to take turns at being instructed in their use. Now's a good time to bring a bit of that back - the soap and hand-washing. Good on ya Greggs! How about a few pasties for the nursing staff of the area.
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    Thanks for the tip! I had a look at this in the app store but there are several different versions. Which one do you have? Mind you, we have a third dimension to the game here. We have the English version of the game and we toss a coin to decide which language we use for the game. It can be very interesting as the most common letter in English is E but here it's A so there aren't enough A:s to go round if we choose his language. Also, his language has three more letters so the O:s and the A:s have to double up for the missing letters. It doesn't help that Y is a vowel here, either but it does make it a lot more fun!
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    Sorry Eggy! I was being facetious and making light of a very serious subject. Sorry if I offended. Of course there's a risk, not just to the baby but to all in the delivery suite, mother-to-be and midwives included. But giving birth, for quite a lot of people can be a very frightening experience - akin to dying alone. So, if one person can sit with the dying it seems reasonable that one person can sit with a woman in labour. I remember the time when fathers weren't allowed in the delivery suite. I also remember the time when their presence began to be allowed. They were not welcomed by many midwives who deemed them to be 'in the way'. However, ante-natal care has come a long way since then with many fathers-to-be attending pre-birthing classes with their partner. They receive an education there that makes them a valuable asset in the delivery suite, comforting, encouraging and assisting with prophylactic breathing techniques - time consuming work previously the duty of the midwife. Effectively they can release another midwife for more important things, maybe another birth occurring simultaneously. Then there's the experience itself to consider. For many it may be the only birth they can be part of. One child families, voluntarily or otherwise, are quite common. There's no re-run, no second chance. The risk of cross infection is minimal in a delivery suite as everybody, including the birthing partner, dad, mum, sister, best friend or doolah, is gowned- and scrubbed up and the air is changed every few minutes. Better than in a side ward or a four-bedder on the ward.
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    I have photo of Dr Pit football team of 1943/44 which beat Blyth Spartans in the Cup. Happy to make copy and send to you if you wish.
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    Home quarantine, day 3: Finally had time to give the cupboard under the stairs a good going through! I've been threatening to do it for ages! . Even had a chat to my other half. Seems like quite a nice guy! #Winning at social isolation! At government level: New law passed today, allowing primary and junior schools to be closed if required. Non-compulsory education establishments, uIniversities and high-scchools, already closed.
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    Same here. As from yesterday only one person for palliative care cases; one person seeing the critically ill ,and the one I can't understand - Birthing Partner allowed to be present at the birth. I wonder if they will be testing the birthing partners for Carona virus or just letting them cough onto the new born. Yesterday - North Tyneside/Rake Lane Hosp at the daily visiting slot - 14:30 to 16:00 - the wards went quiet.
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    Home quarantine, day 2: It's amazing how much you can get done when life isn't getting in the way. By' life', I mean going to the gym, singing in a choir, a bit of retail therapy, fika (going out for a coffee), night classes, a bit more retail therapy, popping out to visit someone, someone popping in for a 'quick' visit, going to the dentist (won't be missing that). Today we cleaned our windows! All 16 of them inside, outside and even inbetween (our windows have four sides). Would have taken a week normally.
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    Of old maps to judge, the PO moved from its location between the King's Arms and The Mason's Arms on Front Street West 1860-61. However, while I can remember it in more recent times once again on Front Street West, I can't remember when it moved there. ... and when the family was completed and the pram no longer used for transport of other household essentials the under-carriage made a great bogey! Two sets of wheels, three planks of wood: one long, two short and a bit of your mother's clothes line for the steering and the dragging it back up hills. Am I right in thinking we also called that a trambone?
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    I noticed the post office location behind the people when did it move further up the street? The pram! the transport of the day, we have seen them full of bairns, yes top and tail or full of groceries, or a combination of both, even seen a bag of coal but not at the same time as the bairn. Parked at the front door, hat, mitts and harness on while mom got her housework done! different era. Did anyone see a dad push a pram in those days? (no prams in the club I suppose)
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    @Canny lass - on the Northumberland communities site is a document from the Parson & White Trade Directory - 1827 - and it lists :- The Free Masons, Ralph Oliver. https://communities.northumberland.gov.uk/004894.htm https://communities.northumberland.gov.uk/Communities.htm = all the towns it covers.
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    I was guessing at the 1940's based on the ciggi machine and that pram. Googled the ciggi vending machine history but didn't find anything to put a specific period/decade they were introduced into the UK - gave up after 30 mins I must have used the ciggi vending machines in the 1960's but preferred to visit the local Co-op, at the Oval shops, and get 10 JC, cos that's what me mam smoked and the bloke in the Co-op assumed I was just getting them for her. Don't have any photos from the 1940's of me, or my two older brothers, in a pram so no idea what we spent our first years in. As the three of us were born in consecutive years and I can't imagine my family having a twin pram etc I do wonder how me mam got to the shops! There again me grannie had nine children, between 1920 & 1937, so I would guess they had to learn to walk early and the youngest one had the pram. Or would they 'top-and tail' in an old pram?
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    Nice one, even looks period correct from when she lived there, around '49 '50, thank you Foxy.
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    Next event at Plessey Woods...............
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