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  1. From the album: Netherton/Nedderton old photos

    These three brothers receiving certificates spent their entire working lives at Netherton Colliery.

    © Copyright ©2008 Carole Sage. All rights reserved.

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  2. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    This photo shows the coal washer that was in use at the Doctor Pit until the 1940’s. The waste material from this washer formed the pit heaps around the Doctor Pit (now rehabilitated and covered in trees.) This was a fantastic adventure playground for the kids in the area. There was what would be known today as a BMX track – we called it a “scrambler track”. Sliding down the heaps on a piece of conveyor belt or corrugated iron sheet was also popular. Much of the heap was still burning so you had to make sure you didn’t end up falling into a section that was still smouldering. Health and Safety was not such a big thing then and you had to carry out your own risk assessment before heading out to the heaps! There was also a pedestrian tunnel went under the heaps and railway line known as the “cundy” and this could be a bit scary for a kid.
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