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  2. From the album: Preserving the Past

    Also in the picture Fourgee and his big sister. Location is likely Front Street West (help - someone?). Date is probably around Christmas 1984.

    © bedlington.co.uk (all rights reserved)

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  3. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    Pit Heap behind Beech Grove – Coffin Chapel on right.
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  4. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    This shows the new washer that was constructed at the Aad pit in the 1940’s to treat coal from both Bedlington A and the Doctor Pit. The heap produced from this washer was landscaped and is now Gallagher Park.
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  5. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    This photo shows the coal washer that was in use at the Doctor Pit until the 1940’s. The waste material from this washer formed the pit heaps around the Doctor Pit (now rehabilitated and covered in trees.) This was a fantastic adventure playground for the kids in the area. There was what would be known today as a BMX track – we called it a “scrambler track”. Sliding down the heaps on a piece of conveyor belt or corrugated iron sheet was also popular. Much of the heap was still burning so you had to make sure you didn’t end up falling into a section that was still smouldering. Health and Safety
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  6. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    The Mechanic’s pitch looks a bit waterlogged!
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  7. From the album: Doctor Pit and Rows

    Picnic day in the 1960’s with the Dr Pit headgear in the background.
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  8. From the album: KING

    Me and Mam - visiting Shiney Row, this was around 1960.
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  9. From the album: Local Football

    Names on back Herron Wellard Barnfather Foster Spratt Charlton Nicholson Jackson Trewick Walton Winn
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  10. Back Row left to right. Melvin Robson, Keith Whitehead, Neave Tweddle, Toni Saulite, Stewart Inchmore, Geoff Whiteman, Frank Whittle, john Donohoe, Terry Hawkins Middle Row left to right. Anita Gibson, Bett Sellars, Val Kidd, Patricia Brown (married to Derek Johnstone), Micheal Turner, John Harris, Yvonne Turner, Elaine Markie, Maureen Dennison, Arlene Dodds Second Row left to right. Wendy Lachs, Evelyn Alder, Dorothy Marshall, Pat Hall, Mona Temperley, Gillian Burns, Pauline Greener, Maureen Jenkinson, Lorraine Straker Front Row left to right. Jim Spratt, Stewart Snowball, Melv
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  11. From the album: Bedlington Grammar School

    Photo from No 24 Elizabeth Rawling (Bedlington remembered Facebook group) and names remembered by No 26 Ann Carr and No 3 Bill Mcgeorge (Barrington Facebook group)
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  12. From the album: KING

    Whitley Memorial School football team around 1931-32. Ronnie King back row.
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  13. From the album: KING

    Council School - some of the family are on this but not certain which ones.
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  14. From the album: KING

    My Grandad Jack Hay - middle row third from right. He worked at Doctor Pit and lived at 26 Shiney Row retiring to 8 Centenary Cottages. Not sure when this was taken but think it will have been in the 50's or 60's.

    © ok

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  15. From the album: Bedlington Station 1st School

    Photo from Andy Brown - Bygone Bedlington Facebook group & names from Andy Brown and Judith Rutherford.
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  16. From the album: Bedlington Village School

    Village school plaque - photo by Foxy just before they started the demolition of the school.
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  17. From the album: Relatives

    Grandparents joe & Peggy Curley & great uncle frank & Peggy heron
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  18. From the album: Old photos

    Question for the history buffs were was terrier plate works?????.
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  19. From the album: Old photos

    My granda back row 3rd right HPW may know the rest
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  20. From the album: The North East in the 1960s

    Juvenile Jazz Band at Falstone Show in 1968.

    © Copyright ©2011 Carole Sage. All rights reserved.

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  21. From the album: Bedlington Miners Picnic 1950s (Bigger Photos)

    The Northumberland Miners' Picnic, with the Bedlington Doctor Pit banner paraded.
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  22. From the album: Bedlington & Netherton Old Photo`s

    The photograph Was taken On 19th July 1919 during Bedlingtons Peace Celebrations following World War 1. "Bedlington celebrated the Peace on Saturday by entertaining the school children, the aged people over sixty, and all ex-servicemen to tea and sports. The children and ex-servicemen assembled in the Market Place at 1.30pm where they sang the National Anthem, and Councillor J. Caine, J.P., addressed those assembled. A procession was then formed, and headed by the Netherton Silver Prize Band, marched to the field for sports, the field being kindly granted by E. Gray, for the purpose, a fairly
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  23. From the album: Bedlington Miners Picnic 1950s (Bigger Photos)

    Unidentified women making a speech at Atlee Park, Bedlington. nd. [c.1950]
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  24. From the album: Miners Picnics 1960s - 1980s

    Bedlington Miners Picnic, July 1974.
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  25. From the album: Netherton/Nedderton old photos

    Netherton residents on a day trip to the Kyles of Bute, early on during the Second World War. It must have been a very long day out. Thank you to the Picture Editor of the Evening Chronicle for giving permission for use of this photograph.

    © Picture courtesy of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle.

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