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  1. "Mr Todd!" He was deputy head of house (Hadrian)miss Ramshaw was head they were quite a good team I left in 1977 anyway a funny story about Mr Todd. I remember standing at the wall he came up to me I was wearing red & White Dr Martens, he looked me up & down & said are you a clown 🤡 boy basically he sent me home to change my shoes. Looking back on it now he was 100% right super photo that's made me smile with affection 👍🏻
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  2. Hi Tony, great story. I'll remind him of that when I see him on Friday.
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  4. I got to know Fred Todd at Bedlington High School in the early 80's. He was teaching Technical Drawimg, metalwork and Motor Vehicle Studies. I am friends with him now. He is now 86 and still going strong. Really nice guy.
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  5. Image posted by Dennis Reygate - Bygone Bedlingon group.
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