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  1. Cheers @James - I will let Esme know about the Shiney Row house numbering☺️. I left Bedlington on the 5th of January 1969, to start work in London on the 7th January. Only came home for a long weekend in the summer of 1969 and I never heard anything about Women in Love - it was only about 5 or 6 years ago when stumbled across info online about the 'A' pit staging some scenes for the film :-
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  2. Shiney Row was numbered the other way; No 1 Shiney Row was nearest Glebe Row and No 49 was nearest the Doctor Pit. After making the Bedlington Miners Picnic in 1960, Ken Russell came back to Bedlington to film some scenes at Bedlington A colliery (The Aad pit) for his 1969 movie “Women in Love”.
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