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    Hi Ian. This was taken at The Old Vicarage next to St Cuthberts Church. I am the other person in the photo . Threegee is my father. If my memory is correct your grandparents lived at the top of Attlee bank but @threegee will know best.
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    Dear All, Thanks so much for the updates. The photo with Christina is lovely, I’ve saved it along with some of the other images that have been posted on the website for my family albums. If this was taken in ‘84, then yes, absolutely we must have flown over from Oman to visit Granny and Gramps. I hadn’t physically taken up residence in Newcastle until around ‘86. I was at school at NPS in Jesmond until I was around 9 years old, at which point I was sent to the boarding school my Dad (Roger) and his brothers Michael and Gavin (both sadly deceased now) attended in Pitlochry in Scotland. It is lovely to be in touch after all these years, I’ll send this photo to my Dad and tell him about this correspondence. Best Wishes, Ian
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    Hi threegee, It’s Ian here. Thank you so much for uploading this photo. I think I can just make out my Mum in the background behind Grandad. I’m sorry I haven’t been on here in years. I was grateful that the Sustrans charity commemorated the memory of my Grandad with a statue. I was fortunate enough to attend the unveiling of it several years ago along with some of my family members. I was very grateful that the community not only proposed a memorial to him, but that they also showed up when his statue was officially unveiled. I still have family in Northumberland, so I hope to visit again in the future. Thanks again for the kind words and for posting this lovely photo. Best Wishes, Ian
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