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  1. A very nice read! Written 1955 - 1959. I base that on two statements in the book: 1.The rateable value for the Urban District for 1955 is published on page 21. I'd suggest that was the most recent information available at the time of writing. 2. The Old Hall, mentioned as being well worth a visit on page 10, was demolished 1959.
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  2. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) I'm working on gathering info to go with these photos but everyone please feel free to comment if you have any insight. I also have a private album here with other family photos from Lairds House and elsewhere around Bedlington going back to 1893 that I'll move over to public albums once I've sorted through them for any with public interest.
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  3. Just caught up,better late than never! Jimmy Nichol was the biggest lad in the class then,it seems,and by 1960,he was the biggest Coalfiller at Choppington High Pit,and his looks have never changed! He was a commanding figure among the men,I saw him a few years ago at Amble boot sale,this may have been 50 years after the High Pit closed in 1965,and he was STILL a big canny fella ,very sociable,and easy to get on with!! Some folk nivvor change! When a moved to West Terrace in Stakeford,in 1970,me Nybors a couple of doors alang,were the Yeouart Family. Mr and Mrs Yeouart had a Family of Nine,if a remember correctly,and Mr Yeouart,and his Sons,were aal in the Ashington Male Voice Choir. On a Saturday night,they used to come home from the Roughton Club,owa the road,tanked up,put tha arms aroond each other's shoulders,in a circle,and launch into song,Acapella,Barbershop style,and they Harmonised beautifully ! A was ,and still am,a teetotaller,and a used ti stand just inside me yard gate,and watch them,and listen in awe,as a musician mesel',at the skill of aal these tipsy big fellas,singing with such tone and feeling,and exactly on pitch...for being a wee bit owa the top wi the beer!! Aa was only 24 yrs aad at the time,and they aal seemed like aad men,but in reality,with life's perspective,they might have only been in their late 30's or 40's !!
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  4. 28th June 2021 N Cambois beach (Brown’s Farm) happy dog and dolphins sightings this morning 😁x
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  5. I have to agree Alan,you do a terrific job on this site, stories, pictures etc etc. Very well done mate. Hopefully your health improves. I have never lived in Belington since we moved in 71 after my stint in forces. However,I do get a great of pleasure looking up on gallery and reading what people have put on the site. It brings back some lovely memories which I enjoy and I do miss the quiet and peaceful walks down the woods behind where we lived. Enjoy your weekend. JimR
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  6. Haha @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)! Not as young as that but keen to take up the baton. Thick as a brick and computer semi-illiterate, would need guidance and probably technical support. I now have an iPad plus iPhone, please don’t say I need a computer; however I am prepared to bite the IT bullet if necessary. I think history is what brings us to where we are now and mustn’t be lost otherwise we’ll just keep going around in circles 😁🌈xx
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  7. I just do what's available each day - normally on what notifications via email is received from Facebook groups and this community group. I just hope we get more members interested in keeping the histiry of the town recorded. The albums have been created over the last 5 years. I do keep copies of the photos that others posted online on my Desk Top PC's as it makes access easier. None of my family were born and bred in Bedlington so it's down to members of this group to carry on updating the albums. We rely on the youngins - so over to you @lilbill15 I should add that if I was younger, and fitter, I wouldn't be in the house every night doing this - I would be out on the town
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  8. Cheers @Andy Millne - I'll have to stop reacting - for today🙂
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  9. Just browsing came across this photo. I'm on it, here's a list of names starting back row left to right. 1 Billy Middleton. 2 John Crawford (me). 3 Jacky Coils. 4 John Revely. 5 Jimmy Nichol. 6 Jimmy Crisp. 7 Burnett Brown. 8 Jack McNair. 9 Brian Besford. 10. Rowland Watson. Middle Row left to right. 11 Brian Jenkinson. 12 Peter Aries. 13 Fenick Yeowart. 14 John Green. 15 Eta Johnson. 16 Ivy Bolton or Bowden (not sure surname). 17 Thelma Cracket. 18 Jim Turnbull. 19 Jimmy Neal. 20 Billy Emery. Front row left to right 21 Betty Cavendish. 22 Sylvia ? Jobson. 23 Audrey ?. 24 Una Rough. 25 Margaret Watson. 26 Sylvia Carr. 27 Ann Simm. 28 Ann Saint. 29 Leah Middleton. 30 Maureen Robson.
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