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    Another great turnout from the Bedlington folk showing their respect.
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    Start of August and already loads to get through. I thought this was going to be quiet because it seems most people still choose August for their holiday time. I went through the suggestions off constituents for the Pothole Fund and sent my three suggestions off. There could well be another two rounds for this funding so I have a good start for them too. I have asked questions about our weed killing programme because some residents are mentioning this as a problem and I have seen weeds in the most unusual places which have just been left. It doesn’t leave a great impression. I have already asked the Town Council to think about getting the weeds around their new litter bins killed off but they said NCC were doing it? I was told NCC don’t do weed killing themselves but I know they were unhappy with the contractor who was doing this job. So let’s see the real tale from the horse’s mouth and maybe even think about some way to get my ward done properly! I have also responded to the Local Transport Plan. This once again gives me three suggestions as to any highways and transport problems in my ward. I have a list of all suggestions residents have written to council about over the last year and good to see the three I was thinking about well represented. First is to look at traffic calming measures on the road through Nedderton Village. This has been a problem for 30 years I know of and I favour physical traffic calming measures. Second suggestion is around the problems of parking at the top of Link Avenue. The cars parked up on that road are being hit by cars using the junction to turn around. We need to take the parked cars out of the equation and it’s also something which I looked at for residents there already. Third suggestions is to look holistically at the parking problems at school time along Bishops Meadow, Deanery Street, Westmoreland and Cumberland Avenues, Ridge Villas and the start of Netherton lane from the COOP to the CLUB. These might be several areas but there is a single root cause, school time traffic. It needs to be resolved as a whole issue rather than just displace one or two problems areas. I have sent those suggestions in too. My surgery was pretty busy this month with one after another resident coming in to highlight their concerns and ask for them to be reconciled. As I left another three got me in the corridor so all in all a very busy surgery! It took me well over half a day to speak to and message the people I needed to get to so I could try and do something about what I had been asked about last night. Some were simple others not so……. I hope most people who came to see me can see the direct response to their queries and concerns which has mostly been done immediately by our (NCC) service arm. Excellent response off them for most things! Town Council meeting tonight and here is the update I gave: • Mentioned the meeting we had with Arch at last update…..we now have a proper press release which I made public. • Thanks Christine for doing the necessary at the Westlea Play area and picking up that broken glass. • Asked for the major road works on the B1331 next to the COOP to be done in summer hols. • Had meetings with Arch about constituent’s problems…..very helpful! • Various new initiatives for our LAC, first one being a pot hole fund. • Another, new Community Chest scheme, please tell any groups you know about to apply….. • Also I was trying to get Bedlington as a venue for these Lac’s or at least our proper share. After many blind alleys we now have a Bedlington venue…….Netherton Club. • Also chasing up on the time taken for an ambulance to get to my ward! • Haven’t let the 500 house application go unchecked either. Asked about the S106 funding or lack of it and I have now been told planners have asked for leisure, highways, sport and educational contributions. I have asked to see the paperwork! It is now designated to come back to strategic planning……. • Fighting the decision about not carrying forward unused Councillor small scheme funding. • I have put forward three suggestions for the pot hole funding, these are: • Ridge Terrace, Nedderton and the bottom of Choppington road, all areas identified by residents. • I have also submitted my three proposals for the Local Transport Plan, again all identified by residents. These are, speeding issues and traffic calming measures through Nedderton, parking issues at the top of Link Avenue and a holistic view about traffic problems at school times especially around Netherton lane, Ridge Villas, Bishops Meadow and Deanery Street, Westmorland and Cumberland Avenues. • I have also had meetings about the NCC weed killing programme and it has commenced under NCC in my ward the very next day! • Well done for the recent events in the Town, the Picnic, Bedlington Live and the Carnival. Not to sit back I have challenged the Cabinet about this Smalls Scheme money. They decided re-elected members can get that funding rolled over however new members/councillors can’t? Don’t quite see any logic in that decision, the money has been allocated and budgeted for and in point of fact its only money residents have paid in anyway, so why anyone wants to stop them getting their fair share????? My opening shot was that it looks mean spirited and unjustified. For my ward its almost £20K, so well worth fighting for! I have also had to get in touch with the police again today. Seems some kids had a hell of a night ripping off door mirrors along Netherton Lane but they were apprehended. So I need to find out what has happened exactly and what the cops are doing about it. I did get a reply off the police straightaway and it was reassuring that they have arrested 4 suspects but obviously couldn’t discuss a live investigation. However it would seem we have a bit of an impasse as I’m representing residents who are sick of this type of behaviour from the same place, while the police are more intent on the good work done by such places! That’s indisputable but there has to be some responsibility taken somewhere doesn’t there or if not isn’t that exactly the wrong message to instill? I contacted residents who had reported the incident to me and told them it was being dealt with seriously. I also had a neighbour dispute referred to me. It was referred by the MP’s office? Seems he can’t get involved in these types of disputes but somehow I can. I have absolutely no jurisdiction but the problem is that everyone still sees these houses and estates as being council owned and they aren’t anymore! It’s like coming to me with a faulty pair of jeans you bought at M&S’s. I did phone up the social landlord and made some enquiries about this problem. I got some answers and reported back to the constituent, hopefully they can progress their own line of action now. While I was on to the social landlord I had another problem which I had reported to them on behalf of another resident some time ago, two months to be exact! I was told this had been resolved now. Not so sure about that I think the lady in question would have let me know, still fingers crossed. I have been trying to sort out the panel for our Local Area Council community chest so it can be up and running as soon as we get applications in. I have agreed a letter with the chair of the LAC and the officer in charge of the community chest. This will go out suggesting the panel is made up of 3 Labour members, 2 Conservative members and an Independent member. This should give maximum representation of the electors in our area. That done time to have another go at another cabinet member about my Smalls Scheme! In had to get in touch with this cabinet member because of his portfolio anyway so while I was onto him…… I had a very interesting meeting with a developer about the possibility of a Bedlington Sports Centre. This was very positive, so much so I need to get some extra information so he can cast a slide rule over the project and come to a decision! With a bit of luck there might be something to present to the Town Council soon! I have been chasing up that information and have finally been put in touch with the right person to give me the answers I need. Well it seems the Town Council are coming up with their own costed leisure centre proposal. Should I drop my line of enquiry or carry on and develop it………think I’ll carry on. I have also been chasing some information for another constituent and this again might well produce real tangible benefits for residents here so I wasn’t willing to take being put off! Been to a Bedlington Forum meeting tonight and Brian the chair was too unwell to attend. Russell the deputy stood in and did a fine job! I answered most of the questions directed towards NCC and Bill took them for his ward. One thing which was a bit unsettling was the police report. Seems we are soon to see our cops amalgamate with Ashington and parts of Morpeth; it was stated as in the parliamentary constituency of Wansbeck, which will inevitably result in a much reduced presence in Bedlington because Ashington is always much busier for our local cops! This didn’t sound right when it was explained on the night and in retrospect looks even worse for us in Bedlington because I can easily see a situation where there is no immediate cover for us in Bedlington. Hate to say it but once again Ashington is benefitting directly from Bedlington’s needs being ignored, this time as far as delegated police officers go. There is no other conclusion any right minded person can reach. Planning site visit this morning at Seaton Sluice. Old care home being proposed to be demolished and a brand new facility created. We walked around the site and I asked several questions which will help me make my mind up at the planning meeting tomorrow. Again I had access to another cabinet member and lobbied him about this underspent smalls scheme monies. He was very well aware of my intent so the others must have been talking! He did seem to sympathise and accepted that I will be fighting this in whatever way I can on behalf of my constituents! In fact he made a perfectly sensible suggestion…….let’s call this day one now and stop rollovers in future! That will do me……it would get my ward another £20K now! Speaking of small’s scheme I have agreed, along with the other Bedlington councillors, to put £2K into the upgrades at the War Memorial. When I was Mayor I bought two WW1 commemorative seats for exactly this project but to fit them we needed a new path and that took ages to get agreements on. The idea was to make a contemplative seating area behind the War Memorial. As NCC councillors we have now agreed to pay for that new path so Remembrance Day should be shown to be even more aesthetically pleasing and something the Townsfolk unquestionably respect and identify with. I had a meeting with Leading Link about putting on another access to democracy debate. The last one I did as Mayor and explained what a Town Council did. This one would take the Kirklees’s example as a marker and try to get the young people fired up about active citizenship and the way democracy, or rather its access routes, needs to change to engage more of our younger people as we go forward. This would lead onto the democracy week NCC hold where young people are invited up to County Hall to see how it works. Tonight we had our LAC meeting but it was only the planning section. With half of the members away on holiday I thought this would be over pretty quickly as we only had one application to hear. Wrong! We had an objector and her councillor speaking against the application and the owner of the property speaking for. Once the officer made the case the speakers were heard. Questions came next then the debate. We were asked for a recommendation and I had no problem proposing acceptance. Christine seconded it and we then had the debate. I gave all my reasons for deciding the proposal should go ahead and most members seemed to agree. We had heard about the possibility of Napoleonic Tunnels running under the site, this from the objecting councillor! This then took over the meeting with questions about “what if” and “suppose……” It was suggested that I change my proposal from accepting the recommendation to include some further conditions about the possibility of these tunnels. I refused saying I read the NCC archaeologist’s report and they make no mention of these supposed tunnels so I wasn’t going to have any knee jerk reactions to this supposition, my proposal stood. There is a condition contained which states if anything of archaeological merit is found then………..that was good enough for me. In the end the planning was granted by a unanimous vote. Once again I then ‘spoke’ to another cabinet member, this time the Deputy Leader about this money I’m after for my ward! He said they were taking it seriously and I will be contacted soon. I also spoke to the head of Planning and asked her to nudge one of her colleagues because I have sent two or three emails with concerns one of my residents has and as yet I have had no reply. Got back home in time to see the News Post Leader had printed my reply to a letter last week about the Dam at Humford. Someone was having a go saying the new councillors needed to step up to the plate, get to know about it and voice their concerns about this project. Hmm, my reply was that I had been to meetings about the project and was at the public presentation by the proposer but coming out on one side or the other would preclude me from voting as a planning committee member when the project came in front of us, if it ever does. So maybe not a case of not stepping up to the plate maybe a case of keeping one’s powder dry! As it stands we have 3 Bedlington councillors on planning and we are all aware of this project and local feeling. Well just got an email from NCC telling me what my smalls scheme allowance is and its reset back to this year only! Well that’s me told……….not! I now need to see what other buttons I can press! I don’t see why we should lose out just because the last councillor didn’t know what was needed and didn’t spend his allowance! The quiet word I had with the head of planning seems to have worked as I now have several emails replying to the questions I submitted on a resident’s behalf. These I can now send on. I now have to get onto several departments within NCC and seek out yet more answers to questions raised by constituents. Had to go and see one of my constituents about a problem he had outside his house. After this meeting I had to request a meeting with one of the NCC managers who I am in almost daily contact with! This will be easy or extremely difficult to sort out! I also asked about the puffin crossing which is due to go in beside the COOP on the B1331. I wanted to know and pass on the timescale or it. While I was onto highways I asked about the traffic survey which is to be carried out in Netherton Village. I have been asked to go up to County Hall for a meeting with the business chair! I should be getting answers back to my enquiries of last week because it was a bank holiday yesterday and everyone had a long weekend. Well apart from me and the weekend workers! I do have several more questions to ask now though! The puffin crossing next to the COOP is to be started during the October half term, hopefully that will minimise traffic disruption. I had asked for it to be done during the summer holidays but the paperwork couldn’t be done in time? Had the meeting with the NCC Business Chair and I think I can describe it as a full and frank exchange of views! I think both of us are in no doubt about where each of us stand on several issues and time will tell how sincere each of us are. This month’s Diary and the start of next month’s diary will inevitably be somewhat curtailed due to the fact that my Internet supplier seems to have switched me off half way through August! I have made efforts to at least describe what happened in the last 2 weeks.
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    I’ve recently spent a couple of weeks wandering about in the Cotswolds and was delighted in several towns and villages to find FREE walking tours available. Guided by a member of the local history society, groups of 2 to 20 people are shown points of historical interest and the history of the town is briefly related. The walks were 1-2 hours. The experience was both interesting and enjoyable. In some larger towns the tour took place up to 4 times a day, while in smaller towns it was only once a day. It was free because it encouraged visitors to the town and in small towns (timed as it was directly before or after lunch) it brought income to pubs, tea-rooms and restaurants. These towns and villages were places no larger than Bedlington and in many cases, though interesting in their history, had not as much to offer as Bedlington. Could it be something for Bedlington? I’m not suggesting every day, but perhaps a couple of times during the summer? Or even an autumn or winter walk, perhaps with pleasant lighting in places.
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    I first met Mr Lavery after leaving school and joined a Y.O.P. (Youth opportunities Programme) at Ashington Technical College. Then I started work at Lynemouth Colliery with said Mr Lavery, then got my mining craft apprenticeship with Mr Lavery, then transferred to Ellington Colliery with Mr Lavery, then went to a Ashington Colliery training centre with Mr Lavery, then spent nearly five years at Ashington Technical College mining department with Mr Lavery. Yes you could say I know Mr Lavery very well! I wouldn't trust him as far as I could kick him!
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    Happy New Year to all me Marra's on this great forum! Noo! Canny Lass,ahem,[cough cough!],me being a clean-living lad,who nivvor smoked ,nivvor drank,nivvor gammelled,a can HONESTLY say....aam 0 on the shaggy dog scale!....except aam buggaad wi aad age in me bones!! My New Year's Resolution..[same as last year but broke it for domestic reasons..]...Aam determined ti get oot more on me Bike,since this time last year,a did 40-odd miles,and that was gaan for MOT, and CBT!!! Aav written it on me calendar as weel as me second resolution,and that is ti try and write more of me book,which a started in 2009!! Aav been advised by a published Author who me Wife and me met doon Cammis a few days ago,a luvly friendly aad Lady caaled Mary Bowmaker,who has three books on Amazon,and is busy wi a fourth book. She was enthusiastic when a telt her a was writing me life story from a wee bairn,growing up from the late1940's,ti aal me experiences doon the coalmines. SO!...it's here in black n white!...we'll see hoo things gaan at yem! Aal thi best folks!
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    July 2018. 2nd of July and straight into the thick of it again. Full council had been changed and was now on today. Plenty of things to go through on the agenda plus two questions I had submitted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tIDjcTsPrM The first one was pretty straightforward with the portfolio holder promising to get me and the other members the contact details for the right people within the various social landlord businesses, especially the largest ones. My second question wasn’t so accommodating. This was the one about the safe drive in’s and drop offs at new schools and having been told there was one included in the new school we at the strategic planning had passed for Loansdean then on further inspection been told we were not allowed to have them, I was somewhat mystified. Well after asking my question the portfolio holder told me on one hand there was such a facility in this new school and in the next breath told me why they couldn’t be included? So when asked if I had a supplementary question my only response was that my original question stood. Clear as mud! I also question the Leader about the £20M a year we have been promised as part of the Devolution Deal. It was £30M a year as far as I understood? He assured me no it was £20M. I have since looked back and both the BBC and ITV reported it originally as a £30M a year deal. I can only assume it changed when the 7 members became 3! Next day it was back up to county hall, first for the community chest panel, which I chair, and then later for a strategic planning meeting. I had been around most of the community groups in my area telling them to apply for the NCC community chest funding and out of 8 applications 6 were from my area! We had just started when the fire alarm went off and everyone had to leave the building. After 40 minutes waiting outside we decided to hold the meeting somewhat apart from everyone else but under the shade of the trees. Couple of problems with two applications but nothing that couldn’t be straightened out. Still feel troubled by the lack of applications and we still have quite a wedge to award out at our last session in September! Next came the planning meeting and yet more houses on the lists. The Alnwick Gardens came up and while I fully supported the project I did ask if better and two way signage could be introduced to show visitors where the Town centre was so those traders might get a lift. I also questioned the business plan which sees the need to turn the attractions into 2 days stays yet only allows for 3 hr parking? I had also made the case for using this to boost our demand for road improvements on the main A1. Another application came through for houses in Amble and in rounding up the application just before the vote I said out of the 1300 houses I have had to give outline planning to in Amble this scheme looked the most needed and sustainable. It has a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom houses, is adjacent to a modern estate, is getting new bus stops etc and the ‘developer’ is a social enterprise, so a not for profit group! Next up came a site visit for the planning side of our LAC. This was at a stables in Seaton Valley. Really pleased I checked Google maps before I set off. Only 4 of us turned up, myself, Russ, Bill and Christine the chair of the LAC. Once again the 3 Bedlington councillors turned up to discharge their duty yet none from the immediate vicinity! We were taken around and shown the application then it was a very quick dash up to County Hall for the Economic Strategy presentation. Again I was shocked to see only one opposition member had turned up for what is really one of the most fundamental and important policies we as a county council have to put together. The meeting was led by our Economic Strategy officer and there was a good smattering of cabinet members present as well as the Leader and Business Chair. I listened to the proposed changes to our strategy which are being introduced and got the chance to ask questions. I asked what was the definition of these much heralded “better jobs” which we seem to be chasing. I questioned whether it was just down to salary because job satisfaction must have to play a part and some people will feel they have great jobs but not necessarily the highest paid ones. That point was conceded. My second question related to two points in the presentation, one about our area not being a high wage earning area and another about affordable housing. Again I stated this affordable term we are using for housing is in no way accurate, in reality it only means less expensive! I said until we relate local salaries into the affordable nature of our housing then we are doing our people a disservice. I also related the question directly at the Leader saying that if and when we start our social house building programme we have to make it really affordable, and that would be the dictionary definition, in terms of sales and rent for our indigenous young people. My third point was about job creation and it was nice to hear an officer repeat almost word for word what I had said to her previously about the potential our smallest business have in terms of job creation if we can get them to develop to their potential. I said I thought we should start to look at this aging population which we as a county have going on and is forecast to grow even more so in the future. Maybe there are lots of retired people who still want to do something and could well be interested in starting or restarting businesses if we went out and asked? That raised some eyebrows. I had already pressed the point that real sustainable regeneration doesn’t happen because someone wants it to happen in a certain area. It’s about time we realised that and looked at the natural assets each area has which can be exploited to everyone’s benefit instead of seeing the same places get one regeneration package after another, most of which are destined to fail because the simple lessons haven’t been learnt! At the end of the presentation I spoke to the officer at length about these community partnerships which are a central plank in the new policy. I pressed him about how open the authority would be if places came together and presented viable business plans. He said he knew exactly what I was saying and any area would get a full and fair hearing. In my view this is the best chance Bedlington has to see a successor to the Market Place regeneration currently in place. It is certainly something I will be pushing for. This week is the LAC and I have several unanswered questions relating to the last LAC! The LAC once again took place At Netherton Social Club and even getting their early there were no parking places left! I had a feeling all these cars were there for one thing! The planning meeting commenced at 4.30pm as advertised and there were two items which needed to be addressed. The first one was the retrospective permission for the stables and there was plenty of opposition. For my part I listened to all the arguments but most were not planning matters so I had to discount those. The legitimate ones were answered by the officers and we then had it to decide. I proposed acceptance, seeing as no one else was going to risk the wrath of the audience, and this was duly seconded by another member. That meant I had to sum up and doing so countered most if not all of the weak planning arguments which had been presented. The vote came next and it was passed by a majority, with some members voting with their hearts not their heads! The second and even more contentious application came next. This concerned a small parcel of land which the owner wanted to turn into caravan storage. This had actually come to us last year and we had turned it down for two reasons, one overdevelopment of the land and two the impact it might have on the road infrastructure where it was. In my opinion the owner had addressed both issues in this current application. I still thought it a bad idea but couldn’t see any planning reasons to turn it down and I said so. I was certainly not the most popular person in the room then! The vote came and again it was turned down by all the other members, in my case I abstained saying I didn’t like it but couldn’t find legitimate reasons to actually vote it down. I think the owner has been given a gold plated appeal and I would expect to see caravans on there before a year is out. Of course everyone else thought it was a great decision but the wry smile I got off our planners told me differently! One thing was did strike me was the bare faced playing to the audience done by a couple of members. Now I know it’s hard not to address the audience but we are just supposed to address the committee. Watching members quite openly fawn over and almost flatter the audience was a bit queasy and I know how the planners must have felt. After the planning was over and about 80 people trouped out we had our normal LAC. I was very happy to give out presentation plaques again on behalf of the LAC Community Chest. Groups were there to receive them and there are more to come! The main meeting started and several questions from the audience. Some were answered, one or two deemed to have already been answered. The main part of the meeting was to receive an update about the Local Plan. We were taken through various aspects and all my questions were answered, as were others. I was particularly happy to hear my view that ‘Bedlington was now full of new house builds’ was generally agreed with by officers. I also asked about house design. One being some sort of Northumbrian vernacular and the other forcing new houses to be of better standards as far as future proofing and basic stuff like insulation went. Again they were generally accepted. The meeting closed about 7.45pm and I had to run to catch another community one. This week all members were invited to a presentation about Devolution. I went up to County Hall to take part and again mainly cabinet members and admin councillors. Again one opposition member and another independent from the West of the county. One Conservative councillor came in and sat down next to me jokingly saying he didn’t mind sitting next to the troublemaker. I said I consider that a badge of honour given that it was mainly cabinet members! So we were taken through the presentation and I have to say while I still do support the intent some of the detail is far from worked out. Well according to some of the answers I got back anyway. At least I was able to get a better understanding about how this will work and the functions it will contain. I even suggested making Bedlington the central plank in the economic policy for commercial development and job creation. I also spoke about the potential Cambois and North Blyth offer in terms of river usage and developing the potential of the Enterprise Zone. My only reservation was that if the Tripartite authority are looking to expand port facilities will Newcastle and North Tyneside somehow out vote us arguing for investments for the River Blyth. I was assured no because our offer is vastly different from theirs. I honestly hope that is the case. I do think this is something which we might exploit and I will be thinking up ways to put in some suggestions regarding future develop and investment into Bedlington. I went up to the Local Plan presentation held in Bedlington and was slightly bemused when the officer told me the two main topics which people had been asking about. One was the possible Golf Club development and the other the Town Centre regeneration project. I said one I didn’t know anything about because I have kept my distance as I sit on a planning committee and the other I hadn’t heard anything untoward or anything which had been changed. I was surprised when I was told the detailed planning would go in by September with a start date of January next year. That’s wasn’t something I understood to be happening but before I could get the answers off the people who would have them, I needed I had to get over the weekend at work. Unsurprisingly social media here is alight with claims and counter claims for each of those subjects and whilst I can’t get involved with one I can certainly get involved with the other! After the weekend I made some calls and had some meetings lined up to check out what exactly was going on with our Town Centre regeneration. I was assured it was proceeding as planned and that whilst an act of God couldn’t be foreseen everything being equal we will see work start very soon. I explained why I was concerned, and a lot of people in the Town too and there doesn’t seem any rhyme or reason for the planners to have told people there was a long delay? That’s being checked out. I am of the opinion that it’s still a sound goer and whilst there are several reserved matters to be attended to which may incur a slight delay, it will certainly not be months and months. I do have to say I find it a bit strange when people are questioning the exact day, hour and second this development will commence when for the last 50 years we have had nothing like it for the Town. It’s almost like Schadenfreude to some and even though they might have a political reason not to want this to happen surly supporting it for the greater good is the right thing to do? I completely understand why people are hesitant and some even doubting Thomas’s because we have been ‘misled’ for so many years in the past but I hope when this does start and people can see real action they get behind it en masses and prove Bedlington can have a successful development of this type.
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    Merry Christmas one and all
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    Right conclusion Eggy, but I'm a little confused as to how you got there! We took an archaic system (hereditary peers who gave their time for free) and replaced it with a system which encouraged cronyism on an unprecedented scale, then called it progress. Next time we need to a lot less gullible, and a lot more aware of the self-rewarding games our elites get up to! I'm told about thirty of these lords-a-voting enjoy fat EU pensions which are contractually tied to doing nothing which the EU even mildly disapproves of - yet, have any of them declared this fact?
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    A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She reduced altitude and spotted a man below. She descended a bit more and shouted: “‘Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago but I don’t know where I am”. The man below replied “You’re in a hot air balloon hovering approximately 30 feet above the ground. You’re between 40 and 41 degrees north latitude and between 59 and 60 degrees west longitude”. “You must be a technician.” said the balloonist. “I am” replied the man “how did you know?” “Well,” answered the balloonist, “everything you have told me is probably technically correct, but I’ve no idea what to make of your information and the fact is, I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help at all. If anything, you’ve delayed my trip with your talk.” The man below responded, “You must be in management”. “I am” replied the balloonist, “but how did you know?” “Well,” said the man “you don’t know where you are or where you’re going. You have risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise, which you’ve no idea how to keep, and you expect people beneath you to solve your problems. The fact is you are in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but now, somehow, it’s my fault!
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    Brilliant initiative to improve our town.
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    With so many people unhappy with the state of our streets and open spaces a group has come together to see just what can be done to help. They are holding an open public meeting at the Bedlington Community Centre on Front Street next Wednesday 4th May at 6.00pm. If you are concerned about the way our Town looks at times and want to actually do something about it please come along. You may already do a bit of litter picking in your particular area, if so we would like to hear about that too so we can make a map of the areas residents are already helping out with and areas which might need some sort of concerted community effort to get back into a good state.
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    Just wondering if anybody else has had enough of the youth disorder in the Bedlington Area? I'm in the Meadowdale Farm area of the town and over the last 2 years had nothing but problems with youths aged 12-16 constantly banging on the door, kicking the panels of the garge in and then standing on the corner of the street "egging" us on with insults and threatening to burn the house down. When chased they disappear across the spare ground behind Featherstone Grove onto the back path that passes Meadowdale Middle School and usually make their escape to join the crowds milling around outside Moby's fish and chip shop for protection and to hide. Some may say it's just a case of "Knocky-Door-Ginger" and ignore it but after 1 year of trying to deal with it ourselves followed by 1 year of getting the police involved (called 6 times during the last 8 months alone) we've just about had enough! Friday 30th October was the latest incident. Garage door panel kicked in, door bell hammered and ran off again. This resulted in my 5yr old crying and upset once more and the police arriving too late to catch them. A house in the next close was targeted(they have also been having the same problems) and their car had been vandalised. When confornting the youths outside Moby's about it within 30 mins of it happening(the incident took place at approx 9:15pm) they said a group had passed them and told them all they were going to wreck cars and have a chase and deliberately went down that "back path" towards our estate. Without going into great detail here, the running theme seems to be that they all go to St.Benet Biscops school and there seems to be something going on that crosses a few of the years(years 9,10 and 11) and they see it as fun to deliberately target certain houses to get a reaction!!....well they do....it's got my 5yr old frightened to go to bed now incase the "bad boys" come back. I'm certainly not saying that it's all those kids that go to that particular school of course but it's just that everytime i ask those kids who have seen them run off...they say they are from that school and in those years but can't give their names/nicknames..obviously scared of comeback. Police involved but as we all know they have limited effect. St.Benet Biscops say it's out of school hours...not their problem. Have tried ignoring them so they get bored and give up....hasn't worked! Been warned off dealing with it myself by the police as i'll get into trouble. Can't afford to move, so we can't even give them their moment of triumph! Whats next eh? Totally at a loss what to do and now me, my wife and family are just wondering when it's going to kick off again! In the meantime, i'll continue to pass the large groups hanging around and continue to wonder if it's them. They know my address, make of car and me by sight now....there's no way to try and catch them! I know what i'd love to do to them if i do manage to get them...but can't say on this public forum.....i'm sure you understand.. Usually the trouble happens when the schools break up for holiday or any weekend night. I've even had to cancel 70th birthday drinks for my own father on a night out to respond to a call from my wife who had ignored a few problems that evening before eventually calling me. Anybody got any idea's before it escalates even further? Help appreciated before i call in a few favours and get into trouble myself. PS- Just for the record, to my knowledge we haven't "crossed" anybody in anyway whatsoever!
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    Hi Folks! If you need a haircut,go to Todd's Barbers at the top-end,which was formerly run by Alan and John. You get a gud haircut,with a gud crack from Leanne,who now run's the shop,and the shop itself is a mine of interest..[no pun intended!] Aal thi best wishes to her and hope she is there for many a year!!
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    August 2019. Second of August and I have a meeting with WBTC about the Local Transport Plan trying to get some real benefits out of it for all our residents. What a refreshing change to talk to Town councillors and other county councillors about schemes which address concerns residents have raised and the only thing on the agenda was improving the current situation. We went through all the concerns and suggestions which residents had sent in to NCC highways and settled on the ones which hadn’t already been addressed or were in the process of being addressed with a view to support them. Strategic planning today and going into county hall for the meeting I chatted to other members of the committee who all asked me to curtail any objections or suggestions I had. Looks like I’m being blamed for the meetings overrunning, ha ha! I did have to declare interests in two of the agenda items, as did another member, because Ascent Homes were the applicant and they are a division of Advance. First application was about new school facilities within Haydon Bridge High School. This is a maintained school so NCC was the applicant. After the presentation by the planning officer and as there were no speakers we went into members questions. Seems I was the only member to have some questions about this and I could almost hear an audible groan! I said while I had no problem with the school extension I did have a problem with the fact that we were cutting down 44 trees, which to me seemed an inordinate amount, with zero mitigation? I went on and said we have just declared a climate emergency and here we are ripping out the lungs of that area, we can and should be doing better! I pointed out that there was already a condition in the application which specifies “agreed landscaping” and I suggested we insert the need for replacements for the trees lost. To add insult to injury some of the trees are to be cut down to provide more parking spaces! The rest of the members agreed with my comments so at proposal and vote we included this “aimed” condition. The legal officer suggested allowing the exact wording to be delegated to the chair and lead planning officer which I agreed but insisted it had to feature mitigation for the lost trees! The application passed unanimously. Next up was a varyco to a plan for an extension to Kyloe House at Netherton Park. Again this passed unanimously. I then had to leave as did another member while they heard the Ascent applications. I had a meeting with the head of Active Northumberland. We talked about the proposal I made at the last full council meeting about giving our armed forces veterans free access to our leisure centres. I did get a reply and it was quite thorough in explaining what discounts veterans can apply for now. I said I did understand the constraints imposed on Active but made a further proposal that any armed forces veterans injured in the line of duty get free access to our leisure centres. That seemed to fit in with the aims of a charitable company such as Active is. That proposal is going to their next board meeting and would at least be a step in the right direction of recognising service to country! Two steps forward and one back as usual. Phone call today off Bernicia telling me the table I acquired for a group of residents is causing a problem? I was asked for help in tidying up a communal area within a block of flats in my ward and I got them some hanging baskets, thanks Brenda, and paid for the compost and hanging brackets myself. They also wanted a table so they could sit outside in the summer once the area had been cleaned up. So I asked around and one of my contacts within NCC came up with a suitable table with integral seating. I even got them to deliver it and helped get it into place. Seems one of the residents has complained about it and I now had to have a meeting with the Bernicia officer. She did understand what was being attempted and we tried to get it sited in a couple of other places but the resident wouldn’t have it. So it now has to come out! This reminds me of the green at Red House Farm where I worked with a resident group to turn it into a kiddies football pitch and gardens. Again one resident complained and that kicked the whole project into the long grass! Maybe when people complain about things not being done they might like to consider the stuff going on in the background and the real reasons for the associated unrealised projects! Well the Bedlington Regeneration meeting finally took place yesterday after many months of trying to get one sorted. I didn’t like the make up anyway with supposedly 3 members from WBTC and 3 from EBPC which I said would unbalance the group and mean very parochial items were forwarded instead of strategic aspirations for the Town as whole. It was said by one member that NCC should be doing everything but as the officer who lead the meeting explained that isn’t how this would operate the people present would have to do it all but they would get administrative backing off NCC. We did discuss the Town Centre development of course and as the chair of Advance sat next to me and we had the regen officer from Advance too they gave an update on the current position. The 2hr meeting overran by 30 mins and I had a chance to speak to the officers who had led it. I know what I took away from this meeting and told them so. Busy few days as I keep up the pressure for the traffic improvements at Netherton and outside Hartford Home Farm. They have been paid for and I’m wondering why we haven’t seen them installed as yet! Had a meeting with our manager for local services and as usual took him around my ward showing him the problems and concerns residents have contacted me about. I also had a couple of suggestions about improvements at the West Lea cemetery and again they have been well received but I now have to get the rest of NCC departments on board. The problem is most of the people I need to speak to are on holiday at the moment so a couple of weeks before I can progress them. Well all the posts for the new interactive speed signs have been installed, just the signs to be fitted and by the mail I have received off Highways that happens next week, once the concrete has hardened. I have been invited to go up to Hadston today and take a look at their sports centre. This is a smallish centre catering for local need and I have been told there are ideas there which might well translate well into one for Bedlington. Open to all and any ideas so a trip up there is called for. I did go up to Hadston and met with Active Northumberland officers who showed me around and told me how they manage this centre. Few lesson there for making a small sports centre sustainable, something which we have to get right if we are to have any hope of getting one in Bedlington. At last Christine Taylor the chair of West Bedlington Town Council has called a meeting to try get a Friends of group for West Lea cemetery. Lets hope we get a good turn out. Its not about doing what we expect the council to do its about keeping up the pressure so they know what we feel is important and trying to get even more done there than what’s currently being done. Well done Chris. Just had a reply off my question about needing planning permission for one of my projects. Seems its not needed so I can at last progress this one. Just had the first meeting about forming a Friends of West Lea Cemetery. About 20 people turned up and some interesting suggestions, now to get it formalised and see what we can do. There is already a list of actions and more to come by the sound of it. Great start!
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    Heh heh!..apologies to all,for digressing..this forum and aal ye folks are like a was sitting at yem,and a just get carried away! Pete,we first started to practice at the Wharton Arms,as we had all just gotten togitha,ti form a group. We were aal young,no group experience,no proper gear,as aa just explained,and we had to learn as we went alang. One of the other lads knew a lass who was a canny singer,[Sandy Shaw/Cilla Black style],and we agreed to give her a try.She played three or four "bookings"...as we caaled them in them days....not "Gigs"...[which a think came from yankeeland and soonds poncy as hell ti me....!],but wor Bass player and her got together,and were married within a few months...at short notice. The poor lass died a few years ago,much too early in life,as did wor Singer,who a mentioned in the above posts,but this was in later life,and still much too young to die. Once we got a bit experience,and a bit better..[proper!] gear,we changed practice venue to a place which no longer exists... ...the place was pulled doon ti put a new road through...but aa digress.....! ....just ti keep ye in touch wi Geordieland/Northumbrian/Bedltn dialect,Pete ,ye spell nivvor,like "nivvor" Hoo did ye knaa we practiced there Pete,aam ashamed ti say aav forgotten ya sornyem,after we met doon thon Fornace Bank woods orlier in thi yeor... Can ye mind the big fella who ran the Wharton,Pete,he was a giant of a man caaled Derek,it was kind of him ti let a bunch o yung kids mek a racket and chase customers oot!..whey, a say "Kids",we were aal working men,two of us were pitmen,aa was just eyteen ya- -raad-ish..!..[ ye grew up quick doon thon deep black hole...ye had ti stand on ya aan two feet...!] Noo aam just torned 75 last month,and a still plonk on wi arthritic fingers and hands,and wrists...but it's as much fun noo,as it was 60 yrs ago when a forst larn't thi guitar mesel. Cheers Bill. ps..aam still puzzled as ti hoo Pete remembered wor nyem!
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    Sorry folks. Working on it but it might be offline for a couple of weeks.
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    I usually stop and have a pint......love the place
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    Our very own Mr Lavery getting a bit wound up by Boris.
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    There are also 3 full page promotional pages for the Development of Morpeth, Active Northumberland and How Arch Works.....I wonder who pays for these as it may woo the undecided Northumberland voters in the run up to an election.
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    Exclusive: Chancellor Philip Hammond took personal stake in food technology company months before it won share of £560,000 Government contract The opposition are going to play this one for all it is worth. Hammond was always a dumb choice for Chancellor. In the old "honourable" days this would have been an instant resignation matter, but they will try to ride it out.
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    OK ... that promised website is up and running here: http://www.westridgeschool.com If anybody has some other photos that I could use on the siteplease let me know.
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    Thanks Sharky, Everything that happens is a joint effort by the residents . There are a few things planned for next year and hopefully they will come off. Many people will tell you what the estate was like prior to the residents group being set up . Life in Burnside has improved considerably.
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    I was born in no 2 Old Hall in 1948. My father, a putter in the Dr pit, kept pigs at the bottom of the gardens ( fields really). Would bring pigs up to the Yard on Thurday night and kept in the old coal houses till saturday morning when Hay the Butcher would oversea the slaughter while mother was in the house with the wireless turned up full.. Couldnt go anywhere in the house without seeing a side of salted pork hanging up encased in white muslin.He later kept Rabbits, over 100 of them, again, for the table. Chicken was a luxury, way beyond our affordability. How times change, Brian T.
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    Apart from a short guided tour, early 60s, a short distance into the Dr. Pit, probably with a chocolate bar in me pocket, never ate underground but always found the stories and the reasoning behind sarnie fillings interesting and amusing. Extracts from some of the members comments on the sixtownships site :- Mick Riley :- Used eat mine on the kist next to a transformer - Geoff Glass :- Used to sometimes eat mine sitting on transformer Nancy Luke :- Dad always had his jam sandwiches ,cheese attracted the rats lol.x Bill Engles :- My Dad (Joe Engles, Ellington) always took something for his Gallower too. Margaret Vare :- they had bread n jam .......they say it was the only thing that had any taste down the pit .... Pam Farquhar :- My grandad Tyler used to take an extra jam sandwich doon the pit and bring it back for me mam when she was a little girl she said it tasted lovely x Doreen Armstrong :- My dad used to take sugar on bread when he worked down the pit (for a short time in his life) because he said everything tasted the same down there!. Lawrence Whitfield :- I've had my bait in worse places than that so have most miners.The paper wrapping the sandwiches would be used to hold the bread as you ate it,you never knew where those hands had been!, It was a flask of tea I'm my day but that had its hazards,uncovered the top would get covered in coal dust or even worse,shit fleas.I didn't mind swallowing the dust but I drew the line at the fleas. John Dawson :- Lawrence if i had no paper held me sarnie on the corner and threw the corner bit away on the belt. Seen some throw food on the ground and you know they generated the deadly and termed "Shit Fly" Had to sit with my lamp out as if it was on it attracted them to you. Mind you must have swallowed many accidentally too. Lawrence Whitfield :- As long as we didn't know it was ok,it was awful if one of the little buggers got up your nose though a good pinch of Singletons snuff helped get it down again.Once the snuff got dried up in your locker it would blow a safe door off. Lawrence Whitfield :- One bloke down Lynemouth never carried bait or water,he would sneak a drink out of someone else's bottle as it hung on a dog in a prop.In the end the blokes got fed up & laced the water with Epsom Salts,they reckon the result was spectacular.. Rob Hardy :- Had to sit in tub sometimes to have bate cos it was too wet to sit Malcolm Common :- I remember at Burradon as you got out of the cage at the Bensham Seam Inset somebody had chalked on one of the Girders " Your'e late Your'e Late your much too late Geordie Johnson's snatched your bait " also when walking into a flat you would see the little bait parcels wrapped up and hung up from the centre of the arch girders with cap wire in an attempt to to prevent mice getting into jacket pockets and eating your bait while you were on the face. ------------------------------------------------------------------ and I'm sure HPW will explain any pit terminology, like Kist - A chest or the Deputies' office underground often used as an assembly point for men to find out where they will be working ?
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    A very pretty young speech therapist was getting absolutely nowhere with her Stammer’s Action Group. She had tried every technique in the book, but still they stammered and stuttered. Finally, totally exasperated, she said: “If any of you can tell me where you were born, without stuttering, I will have wild and passionate sex with you until your muscles ache and your eyes water." The Englishman immediately piped up: “B-b-b-b-b-b-b-irmingham," he said. “That's no use, Trevor" said the speech therapist, "Who's next?" The Scotsman raised his hand and blurted out: “G-g-g-g-g-g-gl-lasgow." “That’s no better either, Hamish." “Now, how about you, Paddy?” The Irishman took a deep breath, counted to 5 and eventually blurted out: “London.” “Brilliant, Paddy!” said the speech therapist and she immediately set about living up to her promise. After 15 minutes of exceptionally steamy sex, the couple paused for breath and Paddy said: “ …. d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-erry".
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    Haha! Here's the COP-21 logo ... And here's the Comedy Central logo ...
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    Get the kettle on! You'll be needing a cup of tea. This might just be a wee bit long. First of all I give my apologies to Mawer. His name was Allen - not Alan, as I previously wrote. Having now read the complete work I think we have to knock any ideas of the Venerable Bede's involvment on the head. Sorry Maggie! Firstly, it wasn't only he who had the name Bede. It appears to have been quite a common name at the time. Secondly, -ing would appear to be purely genitive in function and monks didn't own anything. Thirdly, as Bede entered the monastery at the age of seven he was unlikely to have set up any homestead and place names of the era were topographical or denoted ownership. Mawer's work is a tough read, not least because of the compositor's interpretation of the original work, which was almost certainly hand written. I give you a synopsis of the relevant points: Mawer, in discussing the -ington names of Northumberland, refers to an article on the early settlement of Northumbria written by one Dr. Woolacott. This appeared in the Geographical Journal (year of publication unknown to me). According to Woolacott the effects of the glacial period had a great bearing on the location of early settlements. Glacial surface deposits, he claimed, lay thickest "along the washes" and "on higher ground escarpments rise like islands from beneath the superficial deposits ". In Northumbria especially, this had considerable influence in determining the location of minor settlements as it was easy to obtain water in these places. With reference to Topley (no information as to who Topley may be) he says that the Northumbrian villages with -ing "are old settlements and either stand on sand and gravel hillocks lying on the boulder clay, or on exposures of sandstone which rise above the uniform level of the surface formations. A large number of the pit villages, which are in many cases merely enlargements of the ancient settlements belong to the latter class". Mawer tested this theory by completing a fresh survey of the topography. The theory, he said, "would appear to hold good for Acklington, Bedlington, Cramlington" and half a dozen other named places. All were situated on high ground where the geology of the area favoured the occurance of springs. However, this could not be applied to Choppington, he said, as it had a nearby stream from which water could be obtained. Taking all the evidence into consideration Mawer concluded that this theory was proved, at least for East Northumberland, where the number of -ington names on this type of ground was far too large to be due to pure coincidence. As for the genitive (posessive) nature of -ing Mawer names three different types: -inga - genitive plural, -ingas - genitive singular and , by far the most common - simple -ing. Various theories, ranging from number of syllables in the personal name to loss of inflectional suffixes have been put forward to explain the differences but all have subsequently been rejected in favour of one Professor Moorman's explanation that -ing denotes posession. According to Mawer the theory has been "confirmed beyond a doubt" by the examination of Old English evidence. Such place names, he says, are simply the farm, clearing or whatever it may be, of or belonging to a man bearing a certain name. So, there we have it. If you fancy wading through the whole book you'll find it at: http://archive.org/stream/cu31924028042996/cu31924028042996 djvu.txt
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    To associate the good people of Clacton with the BNP is a slur and not worth of you Tony. Remember this was a solid Labour seat until new focus-group driven Labour took to the stage. Also remember that immigrants are supporting and joining UKIP, working for the party and even offering themselves as candidates. UKIP isn't anti-immigrant, it's anti uncontrolled immigration. How do you explain that Labour only held on by a whisker in Middleton, one of the safest Labour seats in the country? And they needed skulduggery even to manage those 600 votes. Only 300 more Labour switchers and that would be it for Miliband's cosy career (which is slated to end up in a Blair-like EU ambassador role, trousering millions more of people's money for doing precisely nowt!). The smooth operators who control New Labour won't face up to the social problems they have created. Miliband "forgets" to mention immigration in a hour-plus long speech. He also "forgets" the weasel words he wrote about the deficit Gordon Brown created. Then he doesn't even mention the EU, because he has no intention of doing anything about that either. People want government that faces up to issues, not sweeps them under the carpet. A government that listens. None of the establishment parties have been listening for a very long time.
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    Small business's in this town and others are faced with astronomical overheads, what with greedy landlords and greedy cooncils, who seem to think just because you want to open a shop, they have the right to fleece you because you must have money to want to open a shop in the first place! Wrong! Many people just want to earn an honest crust and don't have aspirations of grandeur. Is it any wonder that many fail within the first year? I worked for somebody who had a shop on the front street, over a grand a month in rent plus electric plus insurance plus cooncil rates plus wages and had to deliver a fair price to the public, and a cooncil he had to fight because he had the audacity to want to put a sign up on the front of his shop, no such problems for Tesco there, eh! People need help to open a shop so that they can pay their bills and to be able to offer a fair price for their goods as well as being able to live! This help should not stop with new business's but should include existing business's also. If we want to shop in Bedlington for all our needs then we should be encouraging people to set up, not pricing them out of the market before they even start! But there again we've got Tesco Haven't WE so WHY BOTHER :dribble: :blink:
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    Right Monsta I got absolutely drenched getting these for you, my vishus terrier hopes you appreciate it. Enjoy :dribble: :dribble:
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    Your carefully chosen words have not gone unnoticed TPurvis! Let us correct you on a few matters! I know fine well where you live, just as you took the liberty of zooming in on our property on Google as you mentioned, we also checked things out! The power of the Internet eh? 1) All the kids' Snowmen in the entire cul-de-sac were knocked over causing a lot of distress to all of our children on what should have been a very happy New Years Day. I've talked to 2 other neighbours who would have liked to "get our hands on them"! One of these neighbours has also been victims of anti-social behaviour at the same time and are willing to go to police if things kick off again. So, the fact you were told one snowman was foolishly knocked over takes me back to my previous posting, saying that you, as a parent, will not get the truth! 2)You know fine well, that in my earlier postings on the matter, i mentioned that one of the 15yr olds stood on my doorstep in a threatening behaviour and i told him, in no uncertain terms to get off as he decided to take a good look in my house while he was doing it. Your comments about threatening 15yr olds being "underhand" does not hold sway in this instance as one of them was the aggressor and on my doorstep at the time. The officer attending said she told his parents she did not have a problem with the fact i asked him to get leave ok! 3)"We seem to have some trouble children and adults on this estate"...as only trouble with kids have been mentioned on these postings by various contributors, i take offence if you are taring me with the same brush as these kids! 4)"Lets hope this matter ends and it does not continue in any way shape or form, because i can guarantee, any legal issues will cause more problems to an adult than a child."...the matter was ended until you decided to raise it all up again TPurvis....and don't threaten me!! The last incident was 5 months ago! What's happened since then? Have you eventually found out off your kids who they have been involved with? Just so happened to come across these postings by chance? Or is it due to you finally finding some balls 5 months later and decided to find out whats been happening around your estate? Listen, Fact:- last incident involved 4 kids but only 2 of them caused the problem Fact:- one of kids that didn't do anything was one of your sons!..didn't do anything "comprende"? Fact:- I was threatened on my own doorstep with my wife 3 yards away by one of the two kids involved by his snearing, being nose-nose and leaning forward and glancing around inside the entrance to my house! Fact:- These kids, after several warnings at school by the police liaison officers, still decided to come round and cause trouble, culminating in one of them getting a behaviour order. I don't even know why you've decided to get involved if your kids have not been in trouble? Every parent wants to protect their children and their reputation but somehow, you seem misguided here and taken it on yourself to go on a mission of some sort. I've protected by young children by calling the police at every incident as it occured. I will continue to do so, if there are any further problems. Your guarded threats about "legal action being issued causing more problems to an adult than a child" again, does not make sense as if your kid has not been involved? Are you acting on behalf of the other kids' parents or something? If your kids are not known to the police, why have you come on this forum with this line of questioning? Everybody reading this thread, and i've asked a few, are wondering why after 5 months has a parent of someone who was not directly involved and (i'm guessing, not questioned by the police), has come on here, raised this subject again and caused further distress to my wife, who, like me thought all our troubles were over? Your guarded comments and carefully chosen words we find threatening TPurvis. Instead of placing adverts for cleaners and gardeners on the site, why don't you do it yourself? You may even find it theraputic!
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    but who do we vote for?????? load of crap through door but no substance? I come from a long line of labour voter's but really can't decide who to vote for? We work hard n we struggle and I know a few on dole with 2 kids same as us got more than what we have to live on? so, if you work, and on low wage, the system makes you worse off than on the dole? if u an alcoholic or depressed etc.. u get disability, but if like my other half u epileptic n got arthritis but work ya !*[email protected]# off 2 feed ya family, you aint entitled 2 any disability payments! If u work 16 hours u get free school dinners, milk, trips, music lessons etc.. but if u workin full time on same wage u get nowt? so is labour looking after the working class? NO! will camerons lot? NO! Will the Liberals? NO! Will any of the local MP's do owt for bedders? NO! ANGRY.COM!!! Cameron said MPs are the slaves n we the masters. but they do not care about any of us!This country has gone 2 pot - nanny state, people better off on dole, crime, the nhs ..... an endless list! rant rant rant...... we all could do so about the state of this country... but who can we vote for to sort it out????
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    I`ve found a mention of Storey`s Buildings here http://www.sixtownships.org.uk/choppington-stories.html But, it doesn`t really explain where Storey`s buildings actually were. If they were where the Queens pub used to be, i have a photo which is from 1900. The pub on the left is the Anvil Inn. I`m not sure if the building on the right is the Queens (before it moved to where the Anvil is). It`s quite possible that those buildings on the right are Storey`s Buildings? Another photo from 1912
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    I go to Tesco and Netto as I don't drive. I do have to travel every week or so for things I can't buy in these stores. The trouble with Tesco is, they get stuff in you use and then they delete it! you ask and they say they will get it back in...it scarecly happens! I don't think Asda pans out any cheaper than Tesco or Netto - it's just the lack of variety!The library could do with an update, and what goes on in the community centre? we never hear of anything? And my kids use the parks!
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    15 years ago I had a letter in the News Post leader proposing passport controls on Stakeford Bridge and people thought I was daft! We now need then on the Morpeth road to County Hall! This whole 'Unitary Authority' thingamajig has handicapped us even further and not just for the reason's Merlin mentions. It is supposed to bring decision making closer to the localities but in reality it has made an Authority which has always been described as being too remote by government inspectors even more so. It would be easier to find the 'Holy Grail' than it is to access officers! I wouldn't care but just over 50,000 people voted for this option, single tier, while over 60,000 people voted for a 2 tier system, what did we get, oh yes the democratic option, single tier???????? This has been imposed by central government against the wishes of the majority of the people who took part in the referendum so the noun to be used does begin with a 'D' but it isn't democracy! We have lost a whole swathe of our elected representatives, maybe not a bad thing considering the costs involved but, and seen services centralised in what for my money is little to do with service delivery but more to do with county balancing its own deplorable budget state. We now have a handful of parish councils who oversee the flotsam and jetsam of services councils provide. Anything with a real budget has disappeared into the hallowed halls of county. As an example we have just seen the decision to close our libraries deferred (that word again!) yet at the same time a new state of the art library opened in Haltwhistle? It would seem cuts in services in one part of the county are paying towards upgrades in another, hardly the level playing field we have been promised even just considering the population figures of each! Another example is in the area of leisure facilities. I know the hard work and dedication it took to get the money for this feasibility study into recreational facilities in Bedlington yet we see Ashington is to get one handed to them on a plate. The cynic in me would suggest mass demonstrations just before an election might just be a lesson we need to learn! Could we have had something else, yes. We should have reintroduced the old Shire boundaries and ran along the lines of the old BUDC, one council for the whole Shire. We have the infrastructure in place, we own, or did own, the council offices on Front Street, no need to use the community centre Merlin we have a bespoke suite of offices. We could have contracted the major services off county, health, education, fire, police etc, yet kept most of the day to day stuff and made our own decisions about the way we would like to see our own area develop. Local decisions made by locally accountable people not by faceless autocrats in the warrens of county hall! Come the revolution brothers and sisters, first against the wall.............
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    Now look Miss Vic, Camille whatever your now name is . I tell you what, the next time it snows I'll round up all the unfortunate people on housing benefit or any benefits for that matter and we'll beat a track to your door,and tugging our forelocks bowing and scraping we'll clear your drive and roads wherever you want to go, since its real money you pay! Snobby B***H. What goes round comes round! Some day you will appreciate the benefit system. I don't wish it on anybody but, to you lady I hope it comes round and quick!
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    Stephen, Not trying to be too pedantic but the figure you mentioned of 78K is supposed to represent the SUBSIDY cost not running costs. I presume that is what must be put into the pot once any contributions from the centre itself are eaten up? I would therefore assume we are being told even your figures are not the true running costs? Without an independent audit or the figures released to the public at large I don't see why we should just accept what looks like arbitrary calculations?
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    You MUST do the Heritage Trail! Print out this PDF and take it with you. They are available from the Council Offices, I think, but that's not always open. Bedlington CA Leaflet p.2.pdf The Ogles were a big family, somewhat aristocratic, who had large amounts of land in and around Bedlington. From the middle ages they had tower houses in both Bedlington and Choppington. Unfortunately they are long gone. Kirkley Hall, another home is still in existence but now an agricultural college. There is a village, Ogle, which bears their name just outside of Morpeth.
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    This dog found at Boumarsund by Lindsay Davison. The dog is now with Robson and Prescott Veterinary Surgeons - 38 Staithes Ln, Morpeth NE61 1TD - 01670 512275
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