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    One thing I am concerned with is the upkeep of the cut between the Market Tavern and the old Johnson's shoe shop (Now Fireplaces). To draw people through it needs to be inviting. Hopefully a positive development here will help raise the standards of surrounding areas.
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    Best thing we've seen come to Bedlington for a Generation.
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    Hi Eggy. I'm just sharing the news as it is available. There is no further info from Active Northumberland. I'll update the article if I hear more.
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    More than compensated for by the pre-Brexit exchange rate!
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    Was it the Blyth News or the Chronicle that font-paged the artist's concept of the redeveloped Bedlington Town Centre one exciting evening circa 1964? Whichever, I really think someone should make a start on it - whilst the children of the people who marvelled at that brave new Bedlington are still around!
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    It hasn't taken the Red Army too long to start the Development of the new Kremlin that is going into a neighbouring town.
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    It is all taking far too long. Delay of years and just maybe we are being 'fobbed ' off with the competition and name game. The local elections will be interesting.
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    You must have missed my visit last year then!
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    Which generation would that be?
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    Shame they couldn't spell Lidl properly in the opening credit . They spelled it Lidil
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    It'll be a big improvement on what we've got though Andy does make a fair point regarding to 'the cut'. I particularly like the idea of many small retail units - that their use is flexible gets a tick in the margin. I think it could encourage visitors to the area.
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    ..and not too many strides from the Post Office for mail order! If only I was 50 years younger!
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    The cabinet for Fibre Optic Internet could not actually be any closer to the building without touching it.
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    Andy the link in your post does take you to the Active Northumberland site but the Sporting Club of Bedlington still shows :- SPORTING CLUB BEDLINGTON - OPENING SOON ACTIVE NORTHUMBERLAND LEISURE CENTRES SPORTING CLUB BEDLINGTON - OPENING SOON - there is a list of opening times for all the other centers but nothing for the Sporting Club of Bedlington. Not that I have any intention of taking part in any activities I was just checking to see if there was any info on the site about the swimming facilities that were promised. Many members on the Facebook groups have often complained about the lack of sporting facilities and I would have added the link on those sites IF the site was showing a timetable of events and opening times. At the moment this link would just frustrate and wind the members up more.
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