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  1. @Malcolm Robinson. LIKE +++! I was up there just before 7 this morning, soo peaceful and good for the soul. I visited Marsh Heslop’s grave while I was there, just to say hello, you’re missed Bonny lass and read the very moving messages left at her grave by her nearest and dearest. I confess I shed a few tears: this world has lost the little rainbow 🌈 which was Marsha. Adding to your list of the living residents of WestLea cemetery, not seen but heard in the evenings tawny owls, visible if you stand still long enough wrens and you’ll hear the little twittering flurries of goldfinches as they bustle about in the hedges. Our place in this life is put firmly into perspective by a visit to the resting places of our dead and, you’re absolutely right Malcolm, the young’ us should be guided to recognise that our own short span of time on Earth should be valued, used well and is ultimately brief in comparison to the bigger picture. The message being ‘don’t waste a single day and stop racing around making lots of noise, because you’re a long time dead . Spend your time wisely“ The Mexicans and the Japanese set aside special times to respect and revere their dead forbears: please Bedlington Council don’t put up a blockade to spiritually healthy meandering through this beautiful space! (However I do recognise that the a******s on dirt bikes do cause a lot of disruption and irritation- instead of closing access maybe just make it only accessible on foot? Regards RoseanneRainbow 😁🌈xxR
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  2. Back in 1960 Ken Russell made a remarkable film about mining in Northumberland called The Bedlington Miners' Picnic. John Gibson was a Bedlington miner in the 1960's working down the pit and making a decent living. He was also the real life star of a Ken Russell documentary film - The Bedlington Miners' Picnic in 1960. One of the photos taken was of John Gibson, of Bedlington, going work, at Pegswood Colliery, on his bike along Shiney Row. With one photo Ken Russell posted he added some info saying the miner was - 'on his way back home from his shift' but my view is that the miner is cycling out of Shiney Row, onto the main raid, to make his way to Pegswood Colliery. This is the photo, with the Dr Pit in the background, with some of the info that went with the photo :-
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