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    AND IT HAS!..THIS IS JUST THE START!! A friend of mine saw aboot 6000 people waakin alang the sea front between Whitley Bay and Tynemooth on Sunday..nae social distancing..lots of groups of young'uns of between six ti twenty in number. They are literally killing people as if they put a gun or knife to the innocent folks who are obeying the law. Folk are calling the Govt,aam not politically motivated at aal but it's common sense..it's NOT the Govt,it is the rebels and the ignorant among us,if there was a deep pit in the pavement,and ye said ti them divvent step inti that hole,wad they disobey and faal inti the hole.? Rant owa!! [but Justified aa think!] Apart from aal that,a hope we aal have a better year than we had last yeor!!
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    And me - but what can anyone do🙂. Shopping anywhere has never been for me. My wife would drag me around numerous shops in Newcastle, looking for the best buy, and would often end up back at the first shop to buy what she was after.🙃 I was always first shop and - "that will do me" and then try and convince her to go and play .
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