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  1. I have sometimes seen it written that the Bedlington Terrier was bred by miners and taken underground. I have seen no evidence for this. Most of the early breeders were stone masons, the equivalent of our bricklayers. Ainsley and James Anderson were masons,as were several others. William Clarke was a farmer,and one or two others were farm labourers. No miners. The stone masons probably worked together on various sites.j
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  2. Thank you. Yes,I already have this information. There are probably other letters or articles somewhere,that have not been published anywhere yet,but which would give more information about the breed. John Stoker's letter was an especially interesting letter,giving first hand information about the early breeders and their dogs. I have tracked Joe Ainsley down - he moved from Bedlington after marrying. Woodhorn has the burial records,but they are closed until January. I hope to find his last resting place precisely when Woodhorn reopens.Ned Cotes is buried in St Cuthberts - there is a memorial t
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