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    No I don't have a period type hat but my friend has a Biggles type helmet with goggles, I very occasionally use a hat but these are what I use.
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    Alan, The truck is in a tent style garage at the side of my house, unheated. The car is in my attached garage, heated. The ambulance belongs to my doctor and it is in his heated garage, He also has a 1915 touring he moved to another garage for the winter, I think his wife wanted an indoor space for the winter! I drive the car quite often but not in the rain!
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    Best Covid therapy ever, getting down and "fixing stuff " oil and grease everywhere, finding muscles you forgot existed! then the pleasure of achievement! I've just replaced the rear axles and added a couple of period safety features, very rewarding at the end of the day. White racing suit, naturally only way to show the oil and grease1
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    That photo is a couple of years old and it was stripped down to the minimum requirements for transport to one of the compulsory inspections of welding, joints etc. Unfortunately, not a lot has been done the past two years as the epilepsi which followed the head injury meant he could not use welding equipment. Since four weeks ago he's epilepsi free and no longer treated so he'll be back into it as soon as covid-19 allows. The bodywork is aluminium and the 'nose-cone' is complete. I think I may be getting the uypholstery jobs! We have wonderful hats and goggles to match and OH also has a white racing suit (how practical is that, I ask you)! I'll see if I can get him to model them for you.
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    Not a mechanic but what I call a 'chronic tinkerer'. He takes everything apart just to see how it works. But, he is an engineer who worked mostly with design of cargo and passenger handling requisites on boats - ramps, hoistable decks, container stacking systems - that sort of thing.
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    Well stocked up om split peas since my last visit to Blighty but thanks anyway! ...and, this may sound strange, but my all-time favpourite stottie filling is Fried pork sausage - split in half lengthways - and orange marmalade! It was also one of my father's favourites to take down the pit in his 'bait'.
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    Cheers Vic - have you also got the 'head gear' from that era? I've never been into cars. As long as it gets me from A to B I'm happy.☺️ I was asking as one grandson's partners dad has half a dozen older cars that he and his son have restored. Can't remember what make and model they all are but they have taken the storage of them rather serious. When they had their house built they added on a spare house shell - heated. That shell of a house is where they keep the cars.
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    I started restoring Matilda 2006, just a rusty shell but that was the fun time, now I need another project, I do get to work on another T, 1917 Ambulance, The first project was Lizzie with my late brother, a 1926 Grain truck, its all in the chase!
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