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    Alan,after signing off,a just caught the post above with Eddie Oliver's Photo. A first met Eddie in 1971 when a went on to Deputy -Work at Bates. Eddie was part of a face team on 84's Coalface at the Beaumont Seam. From day one,we got on weel with one another,considering that I was posted on the Face just as the Overtime Ban was coming into force prior to the 1972 Miner's Strike..and a lot of the men had their hooks into the Deputies. When the face teams became awkward to work with,and kept stopping coalwork deliberately,to strengthen the point that they could win the strike,Eddie was one of only a few who remained really pleasant to work with . As time went by,and I went back onto the N.U.M.,Eddie went onto Deputy Work,then HE was in charge of me sometimes..a complete role-reversal!! I cannot find a single wrong word to say about Eddie, a lovely Smiley,gud-natured fella,and I will say this to Bethany ,you were blessed to have had such a lovely Grandad. He was a pleasure to work with. R.I.P. Eddie Oliver. Bill.
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